Operation Rainfall

  • Why I Love Xenoblade Chronicles

    …Mild spoilers for Xenoblade Chronicles ahead I never did like JRPGs much. I’d tried to get into the genre before, with classics like Chrono Trigger and oddball entries like Paper Mario, but they never clicked. I understood the appeal, but found little enjoyment in them. then in 2011, Operation Rainfall formed, a movement to convince Nintendo…

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  • I Don’t Mind Droughts So Much These Days

    …. When I first played the game, it was after a few years of it being a no-show at the E3 floor, after a period of uncertainty over whether the game would ever get localized, and after the energetic Operation Rainfall movement had called for the game’s localization to North America (the game was promptly announced for localization in Europe…

    2 readers - Nintendo Enthusiast -

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