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  • Why I Love Xenoblade Chronicles

    … job of encouraging you to explore the areas. That’s important, because exploring is the world is a marvelously enjoyable experience — which, for the most part, is because of the visuals and music. We’ll start with the visuals: they are positively stunning. Monolith had some outdated technology with the Wii compared to other consoles, so the game…

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  • I Don’t Mind Droughts So Much These Days

    … for about a week before taking it out of my Wii U, never to be played again? Clearly there is something that games like Xenoblade and Monster Hunter can do for me, that even the most creative and surprising games can not. If I have to make a wacky analogy, let it be this one: the gaming industry is like a huge ice cream machine. Here’s the best…

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