Operation Rainfall

Operation Rainfall (shortened as oprainfall) was originally a fan campaign initially formed to persuade Nintendo of America (NOA) to localize three role-playing video games for the Wii console: Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, and Pandora's Tower. The campaign launched on June 23, 2011; and in January 2013, Xseed Games announced Pandora's Tower, the final game released in North America on April 16, 2013.As the campaign evolved over time, Operation Rainfall transformed into a community and the name of a video game news blog specialized in Japanese video games that are rendered niche in the Western market, as well as a hub for localization campaigns for other Japanese games.
Posts about Operation Rainfall
  • GOTY Revisited – Part 2

    … America until 2013. We can’t stress how lucky we are to have gotten it, as this game was always the odd one out in the Operation Rainfall trio (which was two parts epic JRPGs from acclaimed developers, one part “hey, that’s the one with chains, right?”). That said, as RPGs have become more of a niche category in the gaming world, Pandora may have…

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  • Why I Love Xenoblade Chronicles

    … Mild spoilers for Xenoblade Chronicles ahead I never did like JRPGs much. I’d tried to get into the genre before, with classics like Chrono Trigger and oddball entries like Paper Mario, but they never clicked. I understood the appeal, but found little enjoyment in them. then in 2011, Operation Rainfall formed, a movement to convince Nintendo…

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  • I Don’t Mind Droughts So Much These Days

    …. When I first played the game, it was after a few years of it being a no-show at the E3 floor, after a period of uncertainty over whether the game would ever get localized, and after the energetic Operation Rainfall movement had called for the game’s localization to North America (the game was promptly announced for localization in Europe…

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