• BioWare’s Dragon Age: Origins Free Until October 14th

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    Dragon Age: Origins, the excellent action-RPG that put Bioware on the map, is now free on Origin, but only until October 14th. The game normally will set you back $14.99, and as it is one of my favourite RPGs to date, getting it for free is a deal that’s hard to pass up. The game allows you to play as and interact with a number of memorable characters, and even romance some of t ...

  • Get Dragon Age: Origins Free on PC Right Now

    Attack of the Fanboy - - 2 readers - EA has made Dragon Age: Origins available for free on PC as part of their Origin service’s On the House program. This program gives players the entire game completely free, with no time or other limiting factors at all. To get the game you just need to visit the Origin store page for Dragon Age: Origins and add it to your account. From that moment on you will always have access to the game.
  • EA giving out Dragon Age: Origins for free to Origin users

    Brutal Gamer - - 1 readers - In a marketing move for the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition, EA has announced that Dragon Age: Origins will be their “Game on the House” until October 14th. Anyone can get this game, as long as you create an Origin account and register the game with it. This is frankly too good of a deal to pass up for anyone who missed out on DA:O the first time around.

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  • Have You Played… Crusader – No Remorse

    …, and several doses of the old ultraviolence. Some of the trickier rooms are puzzles in need of a solution rather than the application of instinctive, reactive combat, but part of the game’s brilliance is that it disguises its true nature so well. Even when you’re replaying a section for the twentieth time, you’ll feel as if you’re starring in an 18 certificate sci-fi slaughterfest that’s sort of how I imagine Verhoeven would have made The Rocketeer. …

    Adam Smith - Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Crusader -
  • One Of EA's Best Games Is Old, But Also Free

    … moreRead on If that sounds like something you might want to check out, starting today the game is free on Origin. Even if it doesn't sound like something you'd want to check out, you may as well anyway, just so you can see Weasel with your own eyes. …

    Luke Plunkett - Kotaku -

  • Dragon Age: Origins Now Free Download Until Oct. 14

    …You can now get the standard edition of BioWare and EA’s RPG Dragon Age: Origins for free on Origin. Just head on over to the official website and download it (regular price $19.99), but hurry, as the freebie is only good until October 14. Related: BioWare Brings Cooperative Multiplayer to Dragon Age: Inquisition Source: Origin The post Dragon Age: Origins Now Free Download Until Oct. 14 appeared first on Gaming Cypher.…

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  • EA giving out Dragon Age: Origins for free to Origin users

    … with morally-grey witches, DA:O is right up your alley. Of note; while the base game itself is free, the DLC and Awakening expansion are not. I’d advise playing the game first and then seeing if you enjoy it enough to play the DLC. There is plenty of quality DLC in this game (The Darkspawn Chronicles and Witch Hunt especially), and Awakening is a full-length…

    1 readers - Brutal Gamer - Dragon Age -
  • Get Dragon Age: Origins Free on PC Right Now

    … putting a decent effort together to satisfy customers. Past entries in the On the House program have been Wing Commander III and Battlefield 3. While they might not completely stack up against the excellent offerings from Sony’s Playstation Plus Instant Game Collection, with On the House you don’t have to maintain a paid subscription to keep access…

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  • Bejeweled 3 for the PC/Mac for free via Origin

    …Some people absolutely despise Origin, but every now and then, they do something that makes me smile. And that’s offering a game for free. Not a demo, not a trial, but the full game for free. Right now, if you have Origin, you can download Bejeweled 3 for free. Previous titles that have been on the “on the house” offer include Battlefield 3, Sims…

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