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  • #IDARB to Include Guest Characters from Industry Friends

    … Other Ocean Interactive Collaborates with Industry Friends to Bring Guest Characters to #IDARB Double Fine, Capy Games, Team 17, Oddworld Inhabitants, and many more lend their characters to the new eSport sensation (Emeryville, CA) October 23, 2014 – Game development studio Other Ocean Interactive, in a collaborative effort with a wide…

    3 readers - Galit Gordon - Gaming Cypher - #IDARB - & Friends -
  • Do Not Play ‘Sharknado: The Video Game’

    …Sharknado: The Video Game is not a good game. In fact, it’s barely a game. It’s the type of experience one brings up when talking about horrible movie tie-ins or mobile titles created solely to cash in on bigger properties. But in the case of Sharknado, even the movie isn’t very good, which makes the whole idea of making a game around it all…

    11 readers - Anthony Taormina - Game Rant -
  • ‘Sharknado’ Movie Is Getting A Video Game

    …Not even the creators of Sharknado could have expected the creature feature to become the monster it is now. Produced on a modest budget of $2 million for the Syfy channel, the terrifying combination of extreme weather and deadly sea predators turned out to be a recipe for success. The film has become a cult hit, and has a sequel scheduled…

    12 readers - Rob Gordon - Game Rant -
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