Ion Television is an American hybrid broadcast and cable/satellite television network that is owned by Ion Media Networks. The network first began broadcasting on August 31, 1998 as Pax TV, a name it used until its rebranding as i: Independent Television on July 1, 2005; the network adopted its current identity as Ion Television on January 29, 2007.As of 2013, approximately 101,373,000 American households receive Ion Television through its group of 60+ stations, as well as through distribution on cable and satellite providers (which serve as the network's only method of distribution in markets where Ion does not have an owned-and-operated station or affiliate).
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    • PN Review: Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric

      Ever since Sonic’s debut into the 3D World, its always been “hit or miss” when it comes to the overall success of the blue blur. We’ve seen the good, the bad and the beyond ugly. When I first saw the reveal of Sonic Boom, mainly the character redesigns, I didn’t know what to think. Yes I know the redesign for Knuckles was…different. But I wasn’t about to judge a hedgehog by his hipster scarf.

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    • Gaming PR: PAX Australia 2015 tickets now on sale

      ‘Eff Yeah, tickets for PAXAus are now on sale. These tend to sell out quickly, so get in early. — Tuesday 2 December, 2014 – Tickets are now on sale for next year’s PAX Aus gaming festival, to be held from 30 October to 1 November, 2015 in the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. Tickets can now be purchased only through the PAX Aus website:

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  • PN Review: Stealth Inc. 2 A Game of Clones

    … Tristan Meiman On November 4, 2014 Review Overview Full of challenging levels, an evolving story and rewarding gameplay, Stealth Inc. 2 is sure to put your problem solving skills to the test. Now this may come as a surprise to you, but during my time at PAX Prime 2014, I played a BUNCH of games. Shocking right? Everything produced…

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  • Battlecry Hands-On Impressions – PAXAus 2014

    … Battlecry is the flagship game from Battlecry Studio and is published by Bethesda Softworks. Battlecry is a multiplayer action game that feels a lot like a brawler mixed with a hack-and-slash style game. If you can think of something like God of War mixed with Team Fortress, you’d have a similar kind of game in mind for how Battlecry looks…

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  • Cosplay at PAX – PAXAus 2014

    … This year at the Australian PAX, PAXAus, there was a huge turnout of cosplayers. The cosplayers present were generally gaming related, but we did see a few comic book characters and anime characters as well. What seemed to be really popular this year in cosplay was the video game series, League of Legends, with some very amazing and highly detailed cosplayers coming out to show their support and love of the game at the show. While at PAX, we took shots of a bunch of these cosplayers. See below for our gallery. – …

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  • Star Citizen is Now Part First Person Shooter

    … Cloud Imperium Games demonstrated their new fps module for Star Citizen at PAX Australia. The demo shows a team taking over a space station from some enemies. The clip focuses more on the actual fps action rather than how it necessarily fits within the larger scheme of the game. For the most part gameplay looks fairly standard for a fps…

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  • Pax Australia Day One Highlights

    … From gaming booths to panels PAX Australia brings Melbourne and gamers from all around Australia together at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre to share their passion for video games. Day one of PAX brought with it some up and coming indie games and the latest triple A titles that’s on our Christmas wish list. Highlights of the day included: Story…

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    … Gaming PR: UBISOFT® ANNOUNCES LINEUP FOR PAX AUSTRALIA 2014 Here’s what peeps can expect from Ubisoft at PAX next week. – UBISOFT® ANNOUNCES LINEUP FOR PAX AUSTRALIA 2014 Ubisoft brings international developers to Melbourne and showcases key titles with hands on opportunities SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – October 20, 2014 — Today Ubisoft announced…

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  • Best Games Of PAX Prime 2014

    … Gaming News Published on September 14th, 2014 | by gareth Best Games Of PAX Prime 2014 While covering PAX Prime 2014 we were given the chance to see a wide assortment of games from publishers large and small. Some were close to being released and others had only recently begun their production cycle. As such, we have comprised a list…

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  • Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine sells 1 million

    …. The shoot-'em-up comes by way of doujin studio Cross Eaglet, and is most notable for its eponymous swivel mechanic. The t...moreAfter checking out The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth at PAX Prime, I spent a decent chunk of time with another upcoming Nicalis project, Castle in the Darkness. It's a challenging platform-adventure PC game that feels all too app...more …

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