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  • PAX South Tickets On Sale Now

    … PAX South 2015 will take place between January 23rd and 25th 2015 in San Antonio, TX. This is the first PAX South, joining PAX Prime, PAX Australia and PAX East to become the fourth non-developer PAX. PAX stands for Penny Arcade Expo, and is put together..... The post PAX South Tickets On Sale Now appeared first on Attack of the Fanboy. …

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  • Badges for PAX South are now on sale.

    … Badges for PAX South are now on sale. Announced earlier this year, the newest Penny Arcade fan gathering will happen in San Antonio on January 23-25 of 2015. Read more... …

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  • A Behind-The Scenes Look At Kotaku

    … Have you ever wanted to watch Kotaku talk about Kotaku? "Hell yes!" you say? "I want nothing more in this world," you say? Excellent. Here's a video recording of our panel from PAX East earlier this month. We talk about games, new consoles, and what it's like to work for everyone's favorite video game website. Read more... …

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  • Was PAX East's Diversity Lounge A Success? I Asked People Who Went

    … Ubiquitous webcomic Penny Arcade's taken some rather poor stances on diversity in the past, leading some people (myself included) to avoid PAX altogether for the time being. However, PA is at least attempting to clean up its act, starting with a "Diversity Lounge" that debuted at PAX East. But did it help? Or did it only pay lip service to a much larger issue? Read more... …

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  • Watch Some Of PAX East's Coolest Games Right Here

    … The Kotaku crew spent last weekend at PAX East 2014, and we saw a whole bunch of great games. Take a look at some of the best games we saw, along with other great videos from this week on Watchlist. Read more... …

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  • This Iphone Game Tricks You Into Dancing

    … Someone recommended that I play "this weird dancing game" at PAX East. I wasn't sure what to expect when I saw people spinning around with an iphone between them, but Bounden is easily one of the most fun games I played all weekend. Read more... …

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