Ion Television is an American hybrid broadcast and cable/satellite television network that is owned by Ion Media Networks. The network first began broadcasting on August 31, 1998 as Pax TV, a name it used until its rebranding as i: Independent Television on July 1, 2005; the network adopted its current identity as Ion Television on January 29, 2007.As of 2013, approximately 101,373,000 American households receive Ion Television through its group of 60+ stations, as well as through distribution on cable and satellite providers (which serve as the network's only method of distribution in markets where Ion does not have an owned-and-operated station or affiliate).
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    • PAX South 2015 Day 1 Impressions: Rebel Galaxy, Serenity Forge Trio, and a Clone Named Klaus

      Day 1 of PAX South has come to a close and I spent most of the day on the show floor sampling games and drinking it all in. This the first time I’ve attended PAX and I have to say that I’m impressed by everyone attending and exhibiting. Everything about the show is all for the love of gaming. Tech to drive gaming into the future. Console gaming, PC gaming, tabletop gaming — it is all here. 10 readers -
    • PAX South 2015 Day 3 Impressions

      The final day of PAX South has come to a close and it has definitely been an adventure. I’ve met some great new gaming friends and played a lot of games. Today I want to cover a few more gems that will be a blast to play once they are released later this year. But first, in case you missed them, go back and check out my reports from Day 1 and Day 2. 4 readers -
    • Pack Your Bags For PAX South: One of the Biggest Public Gaming Conventions Hits Texas

      Any PAX event is like Disneyland for gamers. Giant booths blast music, lines for popular games seem to go on for miles, and your senses get slammed with more excitement than you can possibly process. Unfortunately, PAX South, the first of its kind, only lasts a mere 72 hours (from January 23rd to 25th)—and that’s counting after the expo hall shuts down—so there’s no possible ...

      Game Rant- 6 readers -

  • PAX South 2015 Day 2 Impressions

    … Venturing back for Day 2 of PAX South, I revisited some of the booths I had only looked upon on Day 1 for a chance at getting some hands-on impressions. Today wasn’t nearly as overwhelming despite there seeming to be a bigger crowd than yesterday. First up on my second day tour was Beyond Sol from Praxia Entertainment. Beyond Sol is a mix… 4 readers -
  • PAX South 2015: Op Supply Drop hits the con

    … In the house this weekend with a cool giveaway and some great incentives for raising a little cash for the charity group, Operation Supply Drop is ready to rock PAX South. Firstly, Operation Supply Drop is a charitable group that we’ve talked up quite a bit before here on BG. The group raises funds and drops gaming goods like consoles…

    Brutal Gamer- 4 readers -
  • PAX South 2015: Platformer Ronin plots vengeance in turn-based style

    …, of course, all will play out strategically thanks to the turn-based control system. If you’re looking for something different, this is a game that you’re going to want to keep your eye on. Check it out this weekend at PAX South in Devolver Digital’s booth (which is #1243 on the show floor) and then mark your calendars as Vengeance: Ronin hits the PC (Windows and Linux) and the Mac this Fall. VN:F [1.9.22_1171] VN:F [1.9.22_1171] …

    Brutal Gamer- 4 readers -
  • Looking back – BrutalGamer’s favorite stories from 2014

    … of the blockbuster games turned out to be. Titles like Halo: The Master Chief Collection had technical issues that prevented it from capturing the time of as many gamers as probably would have indulged if everything was pulled off without a hitch. Standing out from all of this though, is Nintendo. The company shined in 2014, with a resurgent Wii U that’s actually…

    Brutal Gamer- 2 readers -
  • PN Review: Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric

    … interact with other citizens who at times, may have a side mission for you that can reward players with power glyphs that give special abilities such as more rings from defeated enemies, bigger explosions, etc. When you’re not running, you’re jogging. Yup, jogging…in a Sonic game. I remember when reviewing Sonic Lost World, I mentioned that while Sonic…

    Pure Nintendoin Reviews- 2 readers -
  • Gaming PR: PAX Australia 2015 tickets now on sale

    …:// is the largest producer of pop culture events in the world, a full-service boutique team that has the backing and muscle of a major international events organization. ReedPOP runs events such as New York Comic Con, Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, Star Wars Celebration, Oz Comic-Con, Paris Comic Con, PAX Prime, PAX East, PAX South, Comic Con India, and more. Like this: Like Loading... …

    Gaming Admiral/ Attack On Gaming- 2 readers -
  • PN Review: Stealth Inc. 2 A Game of Clones

    … Tristan Meiman On November 4, 2014 Review Overview Full of challenging levels, an evolving story and rewarding gameplay, Stealth Inc. 2 is sure to put your problem solving skills to the test. Now this may come as a surprise to you, but during my time at PAX Prime 2014, I played a BUNCH of games. Shocking right? Everything produced…

    Pure Nintendoin Reviews- 1 readers -

  • Battlecry Hands-On Impressions – PAXAus 2014

    … Battlecry is the flagship game from Battlecry Studio and is published by Bethesda Softworks. Battlecry is a multiplayer action game that feels a lot like a brawler mixed with a hack-and-slash style game. If you can think of something like God of War mixed with Team Fortress, you’d have a similar kind of game in mind for how Battlecry looks while…

    Gaming Admiral/ Attack On Gaming- 3 readers -
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