• RIP Douglas E. Smith, Creator Of Lode Runner

    … On September 7, the video game world lost one of its early greats, with Douglas E. Smith passing away at the age of 53. Smith is most famous for being the creator of Lode Runner, a classic 1983 PC puzzle game - ported to numerous systems, including the Famicom, as you can see - that he designed while studying architecture. …

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  • Curve planning on more 3DS support

    …Coming from an interview with Crave Studios... Yes! This is the plan, anyway. The 3DS is a tricky console. A ton of us at Curve own a 3DS and we love it, but when it comes to developing games it’s a bit trickier. Many of our games started out on PC and are designed for fast systems with tons of resources. We have to go back to the drawing board…

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  • WhatsApp – Is it helpful in business activities?

    … WhatsApp is a cellular phone application which means that you can send free of charge messages to your friends no matter the device there’re using. The greatest thing with this application is the truth that it will be cross-platform. This means that if you are using devices that use android system in them, you can still contact with your friends…

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  • Darth Vader: NBA Superstar?

    … Who could have guessed that in between choking dudes and fighting his kids Darth Vader would find the time to be a video game baller. This clip, by MkEliteWorksX, shows exactly why PC gamers get so interested in major sports games appearing on the platform: mods. Not only does Vader make an appearance in this game - played on a giant Star Wars-branded court - but so too do Chewie, Yoda and Darth Maul, among others. …

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  • Xbox One to XBOOK ONE: Custom-built Xbox One laptop out now

    … of the acrylic. You can watch a video showcasing the XBOOK ONE below: Interested? You can find a plethora of extra details at Zarick’s official XBOOK ONE website. What are your thoughts on the Zarick’s XBOOK ONE? Would you buy one, or would you prefer to build (or get someone to build) a full-fledged gaming PC instead? Let us know in the comments…

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  • The Week In Games: Small And Creepy

    … Studios in Kickbeat, making its new-gen debut, and damn if I won't be playing the hell out of the next Naruto game. What's on your shopping list this week? Tuesday, September 16 Fairy Fencer F | PS3Cooking Mama 5 | 3DSTheatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call | 3DS Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution | PS3/Xbox 360/PCAnomaly 2 | PS4Air…

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  • Curve Studios planning more 3DS support

    … console. A ton of us at Curve own a 3DS and we love it, but when it comes to developing games it’s a bit trickier. Many of our games started out on PC and are designed for fast systems with tons of resources. We have to go back to the drawing board if we want to make them on the 3DS, and in the past we’ve not always wanted to do that. However, we…

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  • PvP shark-'em-up Depth swims closer to a November release on Steam

    … for valuable treasure while at the same time fending off the attacks of player-controlled Great White sharks. I've had this one in my sights for a while, but after seeing the latest gruesome trailer, I'm pretty sure the game has officially earned a spot on my Must Have list. Depth is currently scheduled for release on the PC this November. If you'd like to find out more about it, you can check out the game's Steam page, or visit the title's official website here. Read more...…

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  • ESRB - last week's updates

    …, battling alien creatures and alien-possessed humans. Characters use machine guns, grenades, rocket launchers, and pistols to deplete enemies' health meters. Aliens are depicted slashing at humans with claws or shooting at them from large robots. When characters are close, they can use a knife to slash at aliens; splashes of red blood briefly appear during these combat animations. Link …

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  • New releases for September 15-21

    … New releases for September 15-21 By Ozzie Mejia, Sep 14, 2014 8:00am PDT We now live in a post-Destiny world and that means there's a bit of a lull between now and October. That's not to say there aren't games worth keeping an eye on, though. Wasteland 2 will make its way to PC this week, as will Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call…

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  • WeChat is much more than just a messenger app

    … When you decide to use the WeChat app, you decide to use all the features of the app, and the features are well known of being quite amazing. The WeChat app is very popular amongst its users and many people just love how it works. The app can be downloaded onto your device and also is compatible with to be installed on your PC. Similar apps…

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  • “Don’t Shoot” In New Alien: Isolation Trailer

    … things from it, and with Aliens: Colonial Marines a distant memory we can look forward to playing Isolation on PS3, Xbox 360, PC, PS4 and Xbox One arriving in the UK October 7th Share your thought in the comments section. What do you think of Alien: Isolation? Also don’t forget to check out the other #HowWillYouSurvive video just below! …

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