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Phoenix Wright, known as Ryūichi Naruhodō (成歩堂 龍一, Naruhodō Ryūichi) in original Japanese language versions, is a fictional defense attorney in Capcom's Ace Attorney video game series. As of 2008, the series has sold 3 million copies and is Capcom's 11th best-selling series of all time. Phoenix has been featured as the main protagonist in the first three games of the series, appeared as a playable character in the fourth and appears as the main protagonist again for the fifth game. The character has also appeared in a manga adaptation of the series, a Japanese series of musicals, and crossover video games such as Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Ultimate Marvel vs.
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  • Phoenix Wright was Almost Called Roger.. Roger Wright..

    … Bear with me for a moment while I stifle my laughter! Phoenix Wright is by far a totally bad-ass name for a lawyer, and no matter what you’ve done you’ll be pretty much guaranteed to win your case if your lawyer has such an awesome name. Unfortunately Phoenix Wright is a fictional lawyer in the Ace Attorney series and won’t be able to get you…

    Aaron Richardson/ n3rdabl3- 1 readers -
  • Adorable Phoenix Wright pixel charms ⊟ Hey, it’s like the...

    … Adorable Phoenix Wright pixel charms ⊟ Hey, it’s like the designs of the cute charms that came with the Japanese version of Ace Attorney Trilogy! Only there are more of them (LOOK AT GUMSHOE) and they’re not shiny, and I think they’re not as comically enormous. NCSX has these as a set for $45.90. If only I had more keys. CHECK OUT Tiny…

    Tiny Cartridge 3DS- 2 readers -

  • Review: Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

    You got your puzzles in my trials! You got your trials in my puzzles! It is two great handheld games that play great together. Despite the name, the two protagonists and their sidekicks rarely butt heads in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. The story begins with a girl named Espella fleeing from dark beings. 2 readers -

  • Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy Coming To US On December 9th

    … Ace Attorney Trilogy Release Date: December 9th 2014. #nycc — Third Rate Minion (@thirdrateminion) October 9, 2014 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy will be coming to North America on December 9th. The news was revealed via Capcom at this week’s New York Comic Con event. We’ve yet to find out when Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy is heading to Europe, but hopefully it will arrive on the same date. phoenix wrightrelease dateus Post navigation Wii U and Nintendo 3DS news …

    My Nintendo News- 8 readers -
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