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  • The Wii U “Five” (Ep32): Pikmin 3 (Backlog Review)

    …— Were you one of the people who picked up a Wii U just for Mario Kart 8? Were you one of the people that just jumped for joy and bought Mario Kart 8 as soon as you could possibly get it? Well then, chances are you got to register your copy and get a free […] The post The Wii U “Five” (Ep32): Pikmin 3 (Backlog Review) appeared first on Mii-Gamer - Nintendo, Wii U, 3DS News, Reviews and Features..…

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  • Here’s A Video That Shows Off The New Pikmin 3 Update

    … NintenDaan has created a video which shows off the new GamePad touchscreen controls in the recently updated Pikmin 3. The latest update allows you to throw those adorable Pikmin with the Wii U GamePad touchscreen and the stylus. The update is already available for the game so go on and download it now, that is if you’re not too busy with Mario Kart 8. Filed under: Nintendo, Wii U Tagged: pikmin 3, video, wii u …

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  • Pikmin 3 Update Adds New Touchscreen Controls

    … Pikmin 3 has received a substantial update that allows much better touchscreen controls, very similar to those used in Nintendo Land’s Pikmin Adventure. The original Pikmin 3 controls were criticized on release for basically being more frustrating than necessary – and thanks to Pikmin Adventure, we knew it could have been better. The update…

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  • Stylus Control Added in Pikmin 3 Update

    … The next time you pop in Pikmin 3 (assuming you have standby updates enabled on your Wii U), you’ll be able to play using the Wii U GamePad’s stylus. A new, recently added control scheme allows players to fling pikmin, swap between characters and manage their items with the controller’s touchscreen. The game defaults to this setup…

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  • Nintendo updates Pikmin 3 for touchscreen controls

    … Nintendo has always been lauded for their support of titles well after most publishers. Case in point is today Pikmin 3 received a very substantial update that allows better touchscreen controls similar to what was used in the Pikmin Adventure game in Nintendo Land. This is one of the criticisms that was leveled at the game upon its release…

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  • Pikmin 3 Now Includes Stylus Control Option In Recent Update

    … Proof http://t.co/k0C3Cl0bRy— James Scott (@jimmyelgringito) May 29, 2014 You can now use stylus based controls in Pikmin 3 following a recent update to the adorable title. The new control scheme enables you to throw those ultra cute Pikmin using the GamePad touchscreen with the stylus. Users that wish to use the new control option can do so in the main menu. You can go and update your copy now. Thanks, George   Filed under: Nintendo, Wii U Tagged: pikmin 3, stylus …

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  • Pikmin 3 update adds “Stylus” control option

    …Pikmin 3 has been updated, and it brings about a new control option. It’s now possible to use the GamePad’s touch screen to throw Pikmin similar to the setup in Nintendo Land’s Pikmin Adventure. Thanks to Jake for the tip. Source Related Posts What’s new in NEW PLAY CONTROL! Pikmin? Club Nintendo adds Pikmin Tote Bag Smash Bros. Update – Pikmin & Olimar, Pikmin: World Map …

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  • Super Smash Brothers Update (05/14/14) – Brittany Pikmin 3 Assist Trophy

    … Here’s one of my personal favorites, the trophy of Brittany from Pikmin 3. She won’t be joining the battle, but her model and expression is well-designed. Related posts: Super Smash Brothers Update (05/07/14) – Wonder Red Assist Trophy Revealed Super Smash Brothers Update (05/02/14) – Dillon’s Rolling Western Assist Trophy Super Smash Bros. update (03/21/14) – Phosphora Assist Trophy Reveal Super Smash Bros. update (02/27/14) – Waluigi’s Assist Trophy …

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