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Pikmin 3 (ピクミン3, Pikumin Surī) is a real-time strategy video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Wii U video game console. It is the sequel to Pikmin 2 (2004) and was first released in Japan on July 13, 2013 and then in all other regions the following month. Game designer Shigeru Miyamoto first announced Pikmin 3 on July 16, 2008 as a game for the Wii console, later stating at E3 2011 that its development had transitioned to Wii U. Pikmin 3 retains the gameplay elements introduced in previous Pikmin games and adds new features, including new playable characters and Pikmin types, Off-TV Play, and downloadable content.
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    • Nintendo Confirms No New Mario Game Coming 2015

      Nintendo Confirms No New Mario Game Coming 2015 I have some sad news to share, unfortunately. Nintendo of America's director of product marketing has officially confirmed that there will not be a new Mario game releasing for this year of 2015. This was confirmed by Bill Trinen through a recent interview: "We don't always put out a new version of an existing ...

      Tyler James Thompson/ Wii U Plaza- 3 readers -
    • 2015: The year Nintendo comes out fighting

      The third year in a console’s life is usually a jubilant one. By now the console will be well established, with a user base large enough to attract studios large and small, not to mention having a sizeable enough market share for publishers to take a gamble by releasing niche titles. This isn’t quite the case with the Wii U however.

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  • Various maintenances planned for January 12

    …This comes from the NeoGAF maintenance thread... Dungeons & Dragons : Chronicles of Mystara, Pikmin 3, Wii U Chat, Zen Pinball 2 (Wii U - online play and leaderboards) + AiRace Speed, AiRace Xeno, Cut the Rope : Triple Treat, Mario Golf : World Tour (3DS - online play and leaderboards) on Monday, January 12: Europe: 10.30PM to 3AM (Monday > Tuesday) UK: 9.30PM to 2AM (Monday > Tuesday) North America (East): 4.30PM to 9PM North America (West): 1.30PM to 6PM Japan: 6.30AM to 11AM (Tuesday) Link Source: NeoGAF …

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  • Iconoclasts creator imagines a Daisy focused 2D action game

    … it. Nintendo has made a point to focus on playable women characters in their Wii U games over the past few years. The latest Smash Bros. has a lot of new women on the roster (including Wendy O. Koopa, my spirit animal), Pikmin 3 has Brittany, Super Mario 3D World has Peach and Rosalina, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker has Toadette, Bayonetta 2 has…

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  • Nintendo Claims ‘More Great Games’ Than Xbox or PlayStation

    … of quality on the handheld side. Even Platinum Games’ Wii U-exclusive Bayonetta 2 got some love; nominated for “Game of the Year” at Geoff Keighley’s The Game Awards. That’s a big change from 2013, when Wii U owners spent most of the year complaining about the lack of quality titles. While Super Mario 3D World and Pikmin 3 were both fairly popular…

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  • Super Smash Bros For Wii U Review

    … waving his magic wand. A few returning stages round off the rather expansive list too. Overall the quality on offer here is excellent and while it would have been nice to see a few more wildcard appearances (Duck Hunt and Wii Fit locations make for oddly enjoyable battlegrounds) it’s hard to complain when you have well over forty stages to tackle. So…

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  • Nintendo Projects and What We Know.

    …. They are currently working on Zelda Wii U and co-developing Majora’s Mask 3D with the help of Grezzo. A rumor of a new Zelda Handheld game is speculated. EAD Kyoto 4 Previous games: New Super Mario Bros. 2 and U as well as Pikmin 3 currently working on the title Mario Maker and is co-developing Yoshi’s Woolly World for Wii U with Good-Feel the possibility…

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  • Best Buy - Buy One, get one 40% off on Wii U games

    …Best Buy is offering a lovely Wii U games deal as part of their Cyber Monday line-up. You can buy one select Wii U game and get a second one of the list for 40% off. The games include Wii Fit U, The Wind Waker HD, DKC: Tropical Freeze, Super Mario 3D World, Pikmin 3, New Super Mario Bros. U, Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta 2! Direct link Source: Best Buy …

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