• Point Perfect: Rage and Cursors

      After years of neglect and self-hatred, Mavis Beacon, of typist teaching fame, decided to grow a mohawk, dye it green and donned her studded leather jacket. She stole the Doc Brown’s Delorian before the 90’s ended, went through dimensions to a time where the 80’s were the space-age and began her conquest. Now she has returned to wreak havoc on mousepads worldwide, and the effect is devastating.

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  • Shadow Protocol, Super-Techno Euro Spy

    … I am generally not a fan of mobile games, but some devs have really been killing it lately. Seriously. First I discovered Henry Sorren and his horror series, then there is Goodnight Games and this remarkably sweet piece of iOS entertainment. I grew up playing games where stealth was a challenge and not a super-power, and this game just feeds…

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  • Clockwork Empires, Wondrous Melange of Steampunk Insanity and Bugs

    … It should come as no surprise, since this game is currently in early-access, that Gaslamp Games‘ latest title is buggy, broken and incomplete as fuck. That being said, it is the most fun that I have ever had with a game this broken, and at some points I am having a hard time telling what is broken and what is actually supposed to be happening…

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  • The Ultimate Breakdown of How People Watch Porn Online

    … If there are any two things that define the tech-minded modern millennial, they are his operating system and his porn preferences. Fortunately for our inquiring minds, our data-crunching friends over at Pornhub have to access to both. As with the browser battle that came before, we asked the Pornhub Insights team to at how each operating…

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  • Would you pay $800 for a Xbox One?

    … China’s getting the Xbox One this September, but Chinese press says it’s going to come at a HEFTY price. According to, when they took a look at Microsoft’s Xbox page for China, the price was listed at 4999 RMB– roughly 800 USD. And to think, Americans complained about the $499 Xbox One Kinect bundle. Though media all over China is citing…

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