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  • Video game urban legends

    … sought his revenge. 5. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind: jvk1166z.esp Legend has it that there is a sinister mod to The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind that could potentially drive a player insane. File jvk1166z.esp was originally thought to be a virus as it would freeze and corrupt all save game files when loaded, but it was soon discovered that it would…

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  • Smooth McGroove – Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow Pallet Town

    …Related posts: Smooth McGroove – Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow Lavender Town Smooth McGroove – Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow Team Rocket Hideout ‘Pokémon Origins’ Tells Story of First Pokémon Games, Red and Blue Smooth McGroove – Pokémon Theme Parody Feat. Dookieshed…

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  • A New World Record For Beating Pokémon Red

    …Despite being criticized for being too easy, a typical play-through of any given Pokémon game might take around 8-25 hours. The world record for Pokémon Red as of July 2014, though? One hour and fifty minutes—and you can watch the incredible run here. Read more…

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