• EGX Hands-On: Driveclub

    Published at Brutal Gamer - 31 readers

    Another look at the delayed driving game to see what’s changed. Those of you who’ve been regular readers of this site for a while might remember that we got our first glimpse of Driveclub back at last year’s EGX show, and while we thought it was decent enough, we weren’t exactly blown away by it. What was originally slated to be a PS4 launch title was delayed just a few weeks af ...

  • Preview: A True Racing Title For The Hardcore In Project Cars

    Published at We Know Gamers - 12 readers

    Quite possibly the hardcore racing title that true fans of the genre have been waiting for! We previewed Project Cars by Bandai Namco. Vroom vrooom and earrrrrrrrgh... at least that’s what how I imagine the car engine sounds would be spelt, but no I wasn't entering a road junkie's spelling contest; instead I was recently given the opportunity to preview Bandai Namco's upcoming ...

  • Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2 Hands-On

    Worlds Factory - - 6 readers - Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2 Hands-On 05 October 2014 Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2 is a game which completely slipped under my radar, it was announced earlier this year with little fanfare and quietly released on Friday, October 3rd. Usually, games which release so quietly tend to be of low quality, but this new Pac-Man platformer was actually a pleasant surprise.
  • NBA Live 15 Preview – Back to the Hardcourt

    PlayStation LifeStyle - - 7 readers - NBA Live 14 fell short in many areas including graphics, gameplay, lack of tutorials to help get you into the game, and a mediocre entry into a Create-a-Superstar mode with lackluster customizations that offers little to get a player to feel invested into that character. It’s not hard to pile on when referring to Live ’14, but for all of its flaws, the development team sees ’14 ...
  • Heat Signature: Hands-On With The Gunpoint Follow-Up

    Rock, Paper, Shotgun - - 6 readers - By Alec Meer on October 2nd, 2014 at 7:00 pm. Important proviso – all screens and video in this piece show placeholder art. The finished Heat Signature will apparently look very different – there are some hints to its possible final appearance here, however. “I think the subtitle of the game should be ‘You Can Go Inside The Spaceships’,” jokes Heat Signature dev Tom Francis as h ...
  • Skynet Versus Cthulhu: Human Resources

    Rock, Paper, Shotgun - - 7 readers - By Adam Smith on October 2nd, 2014 at 6:00 pm. Human Resources has one of the finest elevator pitches I’ve ever heard. The Singularity comes to pass, the machines rise, and humanity awakens a host of Lovecraftian horrors on the same day. It’s a tale of duelling apocalypses. Skynet vs Cthulhu, with humanity caught in the middle.

The latest about Preview

  • The PREVIEW we WROTE about LORDS of the FALLEN

    … more like cannon fodder, doing relatively little damage and easy to dispatch with random swinging. What all this adds up to is a kind of Souls-lite combat system where the elements are the same but something’s slightly off about the rhythm. This may very well be to do with the fact that the preview build had only the first location in the game…

    2 readers - Rich Stanton - Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Lords of the Fallen -

  • Gameplay Glimpse: The Legend of Korra

    … XSEED’s larger than life ninjas just made their western Vita debut a few weeks ago with Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus. With that title behind them, the company has now officially announced the release date for Senran Kagura: Bon Appétit…

    1 readers - PSNStores - The Legend of Korra -
  • Dragon Age Inquisition’s Latest Trailer Introduces Us To The Party

    … Bioware has shared a new trailer for Dragon Age Inquisition, introducing us to the members of the Inquisition one by one. The trailer introduces us to Dorian, the Iron Bull, and Sera, but teases at the end that there are over 100 possible combinations for Inquisition members. You can get yourself acquainted with these three and learn more below. The post Dragon Age Inquisition’s Latest Trailer Introduces Us To The Party appeared first on Gaming Enthusiast. …

    2 readers - Ryan Parreno - Gaming Enthusiast - Dragon Age -
  • Next Up In Arcades From Sega: Showdown

    … fan of video games and I have been operating my own arcade, The Game Grid Arcade in West Valley City, Utah for the past six years. I joined Arcade Heroes in 2007 and took ownership of the site in 2010. Twitter -…

    2 readers - Arcade Heroes -
  • Hands On: Elegy For A Dead World

    … to encourage you to write stories or poetry. Especially if you’re someone who doesn’t consider yourself a writer. It is, in its delivery, incredibly simple. Controlling a spacesuit-wearing character, you stroll/hover along side-scrolling landscapes, prompted to write your imagined events of what have happened there. Haunting, drifting music…

    5 readers - John Walker - Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Elegy for a Dead World -
  • Broforce Preview

    … pixelated violence than you can fire a bazooka at, there’s no shortage of super-addictive game time you’ll get on this Early Access game for $15. Broforce is still a ways from hitting a commercial release, but at the rate this crew of South African indie developers are coming up with great ideas to throw into this game (the Expendabros crossover…

    5 readers - Awesome Games - Broforce -

  • Preview: A True Racing Title For The Hardcore In Project Cars

    … to preview Bandai Namco's upcoming racing title, Project Cars and give it a run around the track. Project Cars comes at a time where the racing sim area of titles is currently being headed by exclusive giants such as the Gran Turismo and Forza series', not forgetting other similar games being released this year such as Driveclub, Formula One…

    12 readers - We Know Gamers - Project CARS -
  • Majestic Nights coming to the PC soon!

    … of those various cover-ups and conspiracies. Joining him is Cal, a hapless Private Investigator who joins Cardholder on his investigations on his own volition – most of the time. The game features an interesting story spread out over 6 eventual episodes, each with their own tale to tell. Together they’ll form the web of secrets and intrigue surrounding…

    2 readers - Brutal Gamer - Majestic Nights -
  • Track Your Xbox One Preview Program Progress

    …Those of you participating in the Xbox One Preview Program have been instrumental in making Xbox One the best place to play. Beginning today, participants will be able to track their contributions via the new My stats page in the Preview Dashboard app. Preview program activities such as completing quests, surveys, quick polls, and rating updates…

    Larry Hryb - Xbox Live's Major Nelson -

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