• Cities: Skylines – Hope For Heartbroken SimCity Fans?

      By Paul Dean on December 17th, 2014 at 2:00 pm. Last year’s SimCity disappointed me. Beautifully presented, it was nevertheless cramped, buggy, and content to throw thousands of simoleons at me no matter how good or bad I was at my job. It broke my heart a tiny bit. When I heard that Colossal Order were working on Cities: Skylines, I wondered if they might just pick up the pieces.

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    • Hands On: Total War – ARENA

      By Adam Smith on December 15th, 2014 at 3:00 pm. Total War: Arena reminds me of Magicka: Wizard Wars, a game that I’m extremely fond of. Wizard Wars took the chaotic elemental combos of Magicka and directed them into a team-based multiplayer showdown. If it had simply been a team deathmatch iteration of Arrowhead’s original concept though, it wouldn’t have captured my attent ...

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  • A short stroll through Lacuna Passage

    … I've only spent a few minutes on Mars and in the space boots of Jessica Rainer, but can already tell you that Lacuna Passage is a game worth keeping an eye out for. Especially if subtle yet tense sci-fi survival simulations with a strong story element are something that sounds intriguing to you. The game and thus also the short demo I played…

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  • PlayStation Experience – Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Preview – Digital Bomb Defusal

    … to take, and with varying difficulties, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is the kind of game that could be played perpetually without repetition or memorization taking away from the fun. Those heroes in the movies? That’s going to be you and me, and if we keep talking, maybe, just maybe, nobody will explode. The post PlayStation Experience – Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Preview – Digital Bomb Defusal appeared first on PlayStation LifeStyle. …

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  • I Spent Hours Chasing Ghosts in Drift Stage

    … teaser, Sunset City. It started out with one ghost, labeled the "beginner ghost", a car just a little bit ahead of me that would handle turns and drift, but not perfectly around corners. My first time around I was nipping at its heels, just ever so slightly behind it. When we crossed the finish line, there were now two ghosts, my personal best…

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  • Magicka 2 Hands On: How To Refine Slapstick Co-Op

    … to play Magicka and we’re still seeing that as we show it to new people. For example, the game’s Fire Demons are immune to fire, of course, and healed by death magic, but they’re weak against life and frost magic. We had one player recently make lightning bolts out of frost and life energy, which was another new way to tackle the same old enemies, but we…

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  • Soul Axiom Early Access Hands-On Impressions

    … Platform: [PC via Steam] Developer: Wales Interactive Publisher: Wales Interactive Release Date: Out now (Steam Early Access) Price: $19.99 It’s not often when a first-person game comes out and it’s entirely puzzle and story based. Indie game developer Wales Interactive takes you on a mysterious sci-fi adventure where you traverse an eerie…

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  • Preview: Sonic the Hedgehog #267

    …”: part 2. SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #267 Written by: Ian Flynn Art by: Jamal Peppers, Evan Stanley, Terry Austin, John Workman, Gabriel Cassata Published by: Archie Comics Release Date: December 10, 2014 The THUNDEROUS conclusion to the latest Sonic story arc crashes to a close at LIGHTNING speed! “Ambushed!” Part Two: Sonic’s gotten himself into a hairy…

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  • Fractured Space (PC) Impressions

    …. It actually looks similar to another massive team-based space combat and exploration game, EVE Online, so while the competition is tough, giving Fractured Space its own identity will be tougher to accomplish. Not entirely impossible though, if the developers try to keep things unique and more combat driven than something like EVE, then comparisons shouldn’t…

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