• Hands On: The Curious Expedition

      By Adam Smith on November 28th, 2014 at 5:00 pm. The Curious Expedition is a breezy, bright and endearing game about small groups of explorers who head into the unknown to seek golden pyramids and other wonders, natural and man-made. There have been comparisons to FTL, which are understandable but not entirely appropriate.

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    • Impressions: Rust’s New Version

      By Matthew Cox on November 26th, 2014 at 5:00 pm. As of last month, developers Facepunch (headed by Garry Newman of Garry’s Mod fame) declared that what was previously known as ‘Experimental Mode’ is now the definitive version of Rust. It now launches by default on Steam, with an option to play on the old ‘Legacy’ servers instead if you’re not ready for change.

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  • Living your life in a Habitat – A preview worth a Thousand Generations in Orbit

    …. Unfortunately, the at-first addictive gameplay and humourous and creative space junk, cannot make up for the gameplay annoyances and flaws. Therefore, I would probably give this game a 4/10 if I was actually reviewing this preview copy. It’s a far cry from perfect, but then again, it’s by no means awful. If this game goes on sale, or you have…

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  • Deathtrap (PC) Preview

    … in all, the gothic/mystic vibe that players can experience from the overall game design are pretty good and only add to a title that’s as smart and as decently paced as Deathtrap. The characters all look great and they reminded me of the designs from Vanillaware and Atlus’ Dragon’s Crown (that’s a very good thing, if I know you Benj -ed…

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  • Amiibo impressions, as Nintendo joins the toys-to-life genre

    … A short time ago we got to play around with Nintendo’s Amiibo figures ahead of the official launch later this week. Here’s what we thought. Without a doubt, I’m pretty sure that I count as a ‘veteran’ of the toys-to-life genre that was kicked off by Activision’s Skylanders series a few years back. Not only have I played every Skylanders…

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  • Preview: Sonic Universe #70

    … A year’s worth of comic stories draws to an end in this shattering finale! This month’s Sonic Universe is out today, and Comic Book Resources has the preview pages for the end of the comic arc trilogy. In Sonic Universe #70, Knuckles and Shadow are still duking it out, and the rest of the team aren’t enough to keep Eclipse and his Dark Arms…

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  • Hands On With Hyper Light Drifter’s Combat

    … if you want to go fast, as I’ve learned through playing the game’s Kickstarter preview build. HLD was successfully Kickstarted last year, where “successfully” is a dreadful understatement. Developer Teddy Diefenbach asked for $27,000 and received $645k, meaning the game ballooned from a simple-ish hack-and-slasher inspired by Zelda to a larger…

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  • I Wish Battlefield Hardline Let Me Be a Cop ALL The Time

    Here's the first looks at Battlefield Hardline's single player gameplay with a hands on from three levels. Subscribe: And watch our other videos: Shut Up & Sit Down: Chinatown: Halo 5 Guardians behind the scenes ...

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  • Unity takes on the United in issue #12 of Valiant Comics’ super-teamup book

    … Unity is looking to grow their ranks, but The United might have something to say about that. A new day has dawned for the elite assemblage of heroes called UNITY, and, in the wake of the Armor Hunters’ invasion, the time has come to grow their ranks. Who will be the next fearless hero to join the roster of the world’s most elite superteam…

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  • Gameplay Glimpse: Nano Assault NEO-X

    … As a 1970’s B-Movie, Roundabout, developed by No Goblin, will be coming to PS4 and PS Vita in early 2015. Roundabout tasks you with driving a constantly spinning limousine as famous driver Georgio Manos. The game is about picking up…

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  • Countdown to IAAPA 2014: What To Expect

    … that will be there, generally manufacturers bring their top, most polished product to show off. In case you missed it, here is a preview of some of the video arcade content: If you also plan on attending IAAPA 2014, here is the present show layout. Based on what we have seen in the past, here is what is expected from the various companies that are generally…

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