• First Look: Real World Skeletons Trailer

    … Here’s your first look at the upcoming Real World Skeletons trailer which debuts on Tuesday December 16 at 10 PM on MTV: Get More: MTV Shows…

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  • Game of Thrones “Iron from Ice” episode Teaser Trailer

    …: A Telltale Games Series – Teaser Trailer If you want more info about this upcoming game, you can read this post over at the official Playstation Blog! Are you excited about this release? As a fan who watched the show, and a gamer who has pretty much played all of TellTale Games, I’m REALLY hyped for it! This entry was posted on Tuesday, November 25th, 2014 and is filed under Game of Thrones, Media, Previews. You can follow any responses to this entry through RSS 2.0. … 1 readers -
  • Hands on with Block N Load, Jagex’s New Multiplayer Shooter

    … So yesterday Jagex finally unveiled Block N Load to the world, a brand new multiplayer shooter with an intense crafting focus as well as explosive first person shooter action, it’s a game that seems to combine so many different elements from so many different games, that it’s insanely complex but at the same time super fun. n3rdabl3…

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  • New trailer for Tales of Zestiria

    … excited for this release! Any of you interested in the Tales Of series? And while we’re at it, did you purchase Tales Of Hearts R on the Vita last week? Source: Tweet Written by: Ceidz - Owner / Website Manager / Contributing Editor NAMCO Bandai Games This entry was posted on Wednesday, November 19th, 2014 and is filed under Media, Previews, PS3, PS3 software, PSN, Tales of Zestiria. You can follow any responses to this entry through RSS 2.0. … 2 readers -
  • Project Nimbus Preview – A Fast Paced Mecha Blast

    … Project Nimbus is the upcoming mecha based action game from GameCrafterTeam and Kiss Ltd. Quite often, PC gamers in general are left behind when it comes to more console-esque video games, in particular, when it comes to fast-paced action games that require a bit more directional control. A game franchise that fits this bill is the Armored Core…

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  • New Nanuet Arcade Boasts 4150 Square Feet of Games

    … Nanuet Arcade For those of you looking for a new arcade to call your home, look no further than this little road trip to the outskirts of NYC, up in Nanuet, NY! This beautiful arcade with an industrial bridge and tunnel vibe is housed in a 4150 square foot location with 24 foot high ceilings. For those of you who plan on staying for hours…

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  • First Look: Halo 5 multiplayer is an intriguing and controversial departure

    … The Master Chief Collection isn't just an opportunity to revisit the giddy days of Halo's youth, back when cutscene dialogue animations consisted of excitable chin-jiggles, and the concept of a game about "modern warfare" seemed enticing. It's an opportunity to watch those glory days smash against what Halo will become, like Brute Shot…

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  • Bunneh3000′s Impressions of the Evolve Alpha

    … the interaction shown in this Alpha. While the banter between characters is cool, it makes you wonder if a kind of story mode of some sort is planned. Here’s to hoping there is a bit more or else Evolve could see the same Titanfall effect. About the Author Bunneh3000 A gamer since the days of Texas Instruments PCs with cartidges, I embody…

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  • Hands-on with Overwatch: Blizzard's shock shooter offers a brand new universe

    …, according to Blizzard, are rough guides on how best to use each character, but every Overwatch agent in the game has a power that's unique to them and it's all a matter of using them in the most effective way while tallying up with the style of play that best suits. If you're a seasoned run-and-gun player, you'd probably opt for the Offence class…

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  • So what do we know about Blizzard’s Overwatch?

    … While Overwatch came out of no where and yes we know that bits of it are from the now scraped “Titan” project it seems that the title has been for the most part received really well. This is quite suprising since no one outside of those at Blizzcon have had hands on with the title, but I suppose that’s the magic and power that Blizzard possesses…

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  • Hulk Hogan unboxes WWE 2K15 Hulkamania Edition

    … Hollywood Hulk Hogan POP! Vinyl from Funko, a piece of the mat from Hulk Hogan’s appearance on RAW in March of this past year, the codes for Hogan, Hollywood Hogan, Surfer Sting and Crow Sting, a personally autographed picture of Hulk Hogan and a copy of the game. WWE 2K15 is out now for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and November 18th for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. …

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