• Fatal Frame Wii U trailer and release date for Japan

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    Nintendo Japan today presented a live stream to showcase the latest entry in the Fatal Frame survival horror franchise, including the announcement of a release date and new trailer. The latest game is called Zero: Nuregarasu no Miko (loosely translated as Fatal Frame: The B...

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  • Devil's Third - preview

    …This is part of a Devil's Third preview from NWR... Devil’s Third is nearing completion and is set to release sometime this year. With it still having most of the characteristics and content that Itagaki and Valhalla originally planned, it might appeal to players who enjoy the latest Ninja Gaiden games. One thing’s for sure: it’s adding…

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  • New Bones Season 10 Trailer Debuts At Comic-Con

    … Bones fans rejoice! The show debuted a trailer for what to expect this season at Comic-Con in San Diego. Our friends at FOX have made the trailer available below:×120.jpg…

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  • Sacred 3 Preview

    …Deep Silver and Keen Games’ upcoming Sacred 3 is due for release on August 5th in two weeks. The game is gearing up to land on retail shelves and digital distribution for PC, PS3 and the Xbox 360. One of the things I thought was pretty odd was how few previews are available for the […]…

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  • My Name Is Addiction Hands-On Preview: Oh, It Goes There

    …Not every gaming website out there likes hipster indie games; a lot of times you’ll be told what not to write about regarding certain titles. It means that you’re ultimately forsaking a large potential audience out there who may be interested in a game you would like to write about, but can’t. Nevertheless, here…

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  • Sneak Peek At Tomorrow’s Episode Of Satisfaction On USA

    … USA has always been known for producing some of the best scripted content around and their latest offering, Satisfaction debuted last week. If you missed the premiere episode, it is available to watch below: And here are FOUR sneak peeks at Thursday’s episode which airs tomorrow at 10 p.m. on USA. SNEAK PEEK – Episode 2 – Clip #1 Neil…

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  • Temple of Osiris is an unashamed celebration of old-school Lara Croft

    …Crystal Dynamics' latest isometric action game is gung-ho and proud. Although most eyes are understandably fixed on the upcoming Rise Of The Tomb Raider, it's worth bearing in mind that the sequel to last year's brilliant Tomb Raider reboot isn't the only game on the horizon to star Ms Croft. Click here to read the full article…

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  • Preview: There Came an Echo | Xbox One | PS4 | PC

    … There Came an Echo is a voice-controlled, squad-based strategy RPG that attempts to take advantage of the new Kinect sensor on the Xbox One. Created by California based Iridium Studios, There Came an Echo is the second title from the studio after Sequence, which is available now on Steam, GamersGate, and Xbox Live Indie Games. Iridium Studios…

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