Raccoon City

  • Here's a little more footage of the Resident Evil remaster

    …5 minutes ago - 1:15 PM on 10.01.2014 Remember that time that we all collectively contributed to the complete downfall of Raccoon City and got rewarded with some sweet costumes? You should, it was only a few days ago. Well, we're also getting rewarded with a little bit more footage of the Resident Evil remake. Let's watch Chris and Jill in their spiffy new BSAA duds as they stab zombies, shoot zombies, and do things that zombies just generally would not like happening to them.…

    Brett Makedonski - destructoid - Resident Evil -
  • Here's our Resident Evil reward for infecting Raccoon City

    …5 minutes ago - 2:00 PM on 09.26.2014 Well, we did it -- the contagion spread and now Raccoon City is 100% screwed up. Go us. As a reward for essentially just registering with Capcom's site for the upcoming Resident Evil remaster to help "spread the virus," Chris and Jill's BSAA costumes will be added to the game. The most recent city info update made me chuckle, at least: "Grasping the urgency of the situation, the BSAA deploys agents to handle the situation. Chris and Jill head into the fray!" Urgent? You don't say!…

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