• Top Rated Wings and Centers in NHL 15

    …EA Sports has released the top five rated left wingers, right wingers, and centers for NHL 15. Earlier the company revealed the highest rated goalies and defensemen. Sidney Crosby comes away as the best player in the game by three full points at 96 overall. A handful of players follow behind with 93. Left Wing Alexander Ovechkin (93), Henrik…

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  • Madden NFL 15 Complete Player Ratings for Entire League

    …Earlier this week EA Sports rolled out the player ratings in Madden NFL 15 for four divisions. The AFC and NFC East and West have now joined that group to complete the league. Check out the document with the entire league’s ratings here (the newly added divisions start at page 32). The Seahawks lead the way with the highest team rating in Madden…

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  • Top Rated Goalies and Defensemen in NHL 15

    … EA Sports has now begun the process of revealing player ratings for NHL 15. In similar fashion to Madden NFL 15, they’re doing it by showing off the top five at each position before moving on to complete rosters. The first two positions are the goalies and defensemen. The most glaring omission is probably P.K. Subban, who despite making…

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  • Top Rated Cornerbacks and Safeties in Madden NFL 15

    …The slow drip of player ratings for Madden NFL 15 is reaching its conclusion with the top five rated corners and safeties. Soon EA Sports will begin rolling out complete rosters by divisions with two expected each day. Richard Sherman joins Calvin Johnson and J.J. Watt as the 99 rated players to begin this season. The Seahawks also have…

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  • Top Rated QBs and RBs in Madden NFL 15

    … EA Sports will be stringing out Madden NFL 15 player ratings over the next two weeks. The company has now revealed the top rated quarterbacks and running backs which follow the highest rated rookies with 13 of them 78 or higher. Unfortunately “top” only means five best at each position so it wouldn’t seem like there would be a great deal…

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  • Top Rated Rookies in Madden NFL 15

    … The player rating reveals for Madden NFL 15 begin today with EA Sports releasing the top rated rookies. All those who are 78 overall and higher are noted which amounts to 13 of them. To no surprise Jadeveon Clowney tops the list but only at an 83 overall. Greg Robinson, drafted right behind him, also gets an 83. Lineman in particular are often…

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