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    • King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match Final Edition Heading to Steam on December 12

      King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match Final Edition will be available on Steam starting December 12, according to an official store page recently spotted on the online retailer. Regularly hailed as one of the best titles in the classic fighting game series, King of Fighters ’98 was patched to Ultimate Match in 2008, an update that brought with it even more playable characters ...

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    • Spy Chameleon releasing December 25th on Wii U

      A few months back we posted news on this arcade puzzle-game collaboration between EnjoyUp and Unfinished Pixel, and we’re now happy to share the fast approaching release date. Next Thursday, December 25, will see the game launch on the Wii U eShop. The cost will be $4.99 (Europe 4,99€) with a 20% off promotion for European gamers already owning an Enjo ...

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    • The PS4 System Software Update v2.03 Out Now

      If you where one of the lucky ones to get the PS4 on Black Friday Or the other lucky Grand Theft Auto V limited edition PlayStation 4 Winner, about to buy the 20th anniversary PlayStation 4 and you just got done updating the system. Gamer Headlines has good news. The PS4 system update version 2.03 is OUT NOW for download. Heads-up: PS4 system software update v2.

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  • New PlayStation Store Update Games for 12/02/1014

    … Let’s gobble up the rest of the thanksgiving food we had last week and give thanks to the new games coming to the PlayStation Store on December 2nd 2014. The Crew comes zooming by with a massive open world to race and explore, check out the city’s bright lights or the good old fashion countryside and so much more. The developers have created…

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  • Star Citizen breaks $63,000,000 Through Crowdfunding

    … on kickstarter and bringing in 2 million more in the past two weeks alone. And what have you done with your month? It seems the space sim genre is far from dead, what with this the upcoming Star Citizen, the emerging Space Engineers indie title, and the ever-popular EVE Online. For all of the rehashed titles and cookie-cutter action games…

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  • The Marvellous Miss Take Sneaks Onto Steam Next Week

    … November 20th release date has popped up out of the shadows and caught me completely by surprise. I’ve had a few opportunities to play through sections of Sophia’s adventure in the last few months and for me it’s well worth a look if you’ve ever dreamed of not only being a master thief, but doing so in the kind of style that is only possible after…

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  • Battleminer release date and new video

    … If you have been looking forward to Battleminer, the wait is nearly over. Release has been confirmed for North American regions on November 20th, just over a week away. Have a look at this latest video, and share a comment if you’re thinking of downloading Battleminer when it lands on the 3DS eShop. Related posts: New Battleminer 3DS…

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  • Far Cry Blood Dragon 2 CONFIRMED… To Not Exist

    …Blood Dragon 2 isn’t coming with Far Cry 4? This makes me want to punch a nuke! Oh, Far Cry: Blood Dragon, you were the 80’s action movie I’ve been needing for so long. It’s a shame that you aren’t going all-the-way 80’s and making 10 progressively-worse sequels to yourself. On second thought, maybe it’s for the best. You heard it here first…

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  • Resident Evil Revelations 2-Possible 3rd Character Confirmed?

    … Morhaime Powertalk Shredder (with game show included). Stay frosty, readers, and keep your eyes glued to, your one-stop site for tech buzz, gaming news, and reviews for the releases that matter to YOU. The post Resident Evil Revelations 2-Possible 3rd Character Confirmed? appeared first on Gamer Headlines. …

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