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  • Captain Toad Coming To US On December 5th

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    Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker was a critical and crowd favorite during the E3 Expo video game trade show in June. The game launches Dec. 5 at a suggested retail price of $39.99 and lets players take control of intrepid explorer Captain Toad as he sets off on adventures like exploring a haunted ...

  • Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- Lands in North America on December 16

    Shoryuken - - 5 readers - While we know that Arc System Work’s much anticipated Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- is launching in Japan on December 4, the North American version has had a nebulous “winter” release date for some time now. That has now changed. On a post over at the PlayStation Blog, Aksys Games’ director of production Frank “Bo” deWindt has officially announced that the highly-anticipated fighter ...

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  • Alien: Isolation DLC “Corporate Lockdown” Release Date

    … Alien: Isolation, one of the most terrifying games I’ve played, will get its first of five DLC, “Corporate Lockdown,” next week, on October 28th. Releasing for $7.99, the DLC will challenge players to compete against their friends and others for fastest times, as well as for top scores which are achieved through bonus objectives and side quests…

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  • GTA V Will Not Have A PS4/XBONE Beta Test

    … of such a frivolous oddity. I mean, why let your players make sure a game works when you can throw the case at the wall until something sticks? This one should do just fine. “If you see ads or solicitations to join a beta program, beware as this is likely some type of online phishing scam.” Rockstar Games Official Statement You heard it here…

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  • Ps4- White Console Variant for Purchase in UK this Friday

    …The Glacier White PS4 console will be available for purchase in the UK come this Friday, October 17th. See, that wasn’t very fun, was it? I just got straight to the point and you didn’t have to read any filler BS to find out the release date. There’s gotta be some mystery, you know? A challenge has to be placed; can you read the full article…

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  • Video Game Releases for the Week of 10/13/2014

    … will not play as Vault Hunters, but as Handsome Jack’s, Borderlands 2’s main villain, henchmen on Pandora’s moon Elpis. Get ready for some low-gravity combat scenarios and crazy loot hunting as Athena, Nisha, Claptrap, or Wilhelm. Be on the lookout for our review of The Pre-Sequel in the coming days. Duck Dynasty Platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4…

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  • Football Manager 2015 Release Date Has Been Announced

    … of Friends, imagine how much nitty-gritty crap must be packed into this title? Oh, right, the release date. Game’s coming out on November 7th, 2014. I feel like that should’ve come earlier. Like the end of every Soccer game I’ve ever watched. Stay frosty, readers, and keep your eyes glued to, your one-stop site for tech buzz, gaming news, and reviews for the releases that matter to YOU. The post Football Manager 2015 Release Date Has Been Announced appeared first on The Gamer Headlines. …

  • Captain Toad Launches January 9th In Europe

    … Who’s ready for adventure? Captain Toad certainly is, but he’s not the only one when Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker releases for Wii U on 9th January, with pink-pigtailed Toadette introduced as a second playable character in portions of the upcoming game. Unlike traditional video game heroes, Captain Toad and Toadette don’t have any special…

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  • Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy Coming To US On December 9th

    …Ace Attorney Trilogy Release Date: December 9th 2014. #nycc — Third Rate Minion (@thirdrateminion) October 9, 2014 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy will be coming to North America on December 9th. The news was revealed via Capcom at this week’s New York Comic Con event. We’ve yet to find out when Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy is heading to Europe, but hopefully it will arrive on the same date. phoenix wrightrelease dateus Post navigation Wii U and Nintendo 3DS news…

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