• 10 Scariest Video Game Aliens

    … that the titular Metroids were engineered to stop, we would say they’ve proven their staying power. - Giygas (Mother, Earthbound) Sure, the exact appearance/body/form/boundaries of the entity known as Giygas – the central antagonist of both Mother and Earthbound – is something of a mystery. But frankly, that’s what makes him so terrifying. Players are told…

    2 readers - Andrew Dyce - Game Rant -
  • 5 Video Game Monsters That Could Take On Godzilla

    … Now that Godzilla is set to demolish box offices the world over, there doesn’t appear to be any real threat to the gargantuan iguana’s supremacy. While monsters try to thwart the reptile in his latest movie, we’re already dreaming up some combatants from video games that could toe-to-toe with what is arguably the greatest kaiju of all time…

    1 readers - Riley Little - Game Rant - Monsters - Godzilla -
  • Resistance Trilogy’s Final Weekend is Now

    … The PlayStation 3 Resistance trilogy is celebrating its final weekend of internet existence. Insomniac Tweeted that Tuesday, April 8th is the final date for all three titles to carry their multiplayer. The developer notes Sony makes the decisions to cut off server support. Resistance was birthed as a premiere PS3 launch title, and its sequel… - Resistance -

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