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  • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Review

    … During a season packed with major game releases, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is a title that is almost sure to fly under most people’s radar. Unfortunately, those who pass on Toad’s first major outing are missing out on one hell of a treasure hunt. Check out my full review in the video below. It’s Time for Adventure Captain Toad: Treasure…

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  • Giana Sisters Director’s Cut Review

    … to offer, and with Giana Sisters: Director’s Cut you’ll be spoiled for choice with all the options available. From the sadistic ultra-hardcore mode that will reset the game back to level one after every death, to the time attack mode that encourages you to beat the clock, you won’t run out of reasons to come back to Twisted Dreams for quite some time. The article Giana Sisters Director’s Cut Review belongs to Worlds Factory. …

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  • Wot I Think: Deadnaut

    … By Adam Smith on December 19th, 2014 at 5:00 pm. There was one very good Alien game this year and in Deadnaut, we almost had another. While Isolation acts as a straight sequel, pitting a Ripley against a familiar creature in a familiar place, Deadnaut is about the horror of the unknown. With no license and no restraints, it is free to populate…

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  • Game of Thrones: Episode One - Iron From Ice (PS4) - Review

    … and returns to the family's seat at Ironwrath. As might be expected, the narrative utilises The Game of Thrones' multiple perspectives; the episode is played through five different characters, each action affecting House Forrester. This gives a microcosmic effect to each decision, and each conversation brings multiple risks and rewards. Being Westeros…

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  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Shinji Ikari Raising Project Volume 15 (Comic) Review

    … style, the Shinji Ikari Raising Project is filled to the brim with fan-service – and they manage to do it all with style. Stylish, but without any class in any shape or form, mind you. From topless shots of the various female protagonists to subtle girl on girl action, to simply finding an excuse to draw the female characters changing, this comic has…

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  • Wot I Think: Metal Gear Solid V – Ground Zeroes

    … way from the camp’s fringes to the inner compound involves a hundred small decisions rather than a straight choice of route, with the terrain’s richness creating diversions everywhere. The reason this works is that GZ significantly reworks the Metal Gear control scheme, enormously refining and streamlining a moveset that felt a little baroque…

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  • The Wii U “Five” (Ep49): Watch Dogs (Review)

    … The Wii U “Five” (Ep49): Watch Dogs (Review) — I tweeted that if I received 50 RTs on a tweet about Watch Dogs for the Wii U, I’d buy it. As you can see, I ate the bullet on this one. I sacrificed my money to Ubisoft for you, but does this mean you should do the same? Fine, if I hit 50 RTs, I'll buy Watch Dogs on Wii U and review it. *knows…

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  • The Most Ridiculous PC Monitor I Have Ever Used

    … I got not one, but two monitors from LG for review last week. One was a specialised gaming monitor. The other was a lot more fun. The gaming monitor, the LG 24GM77 (catchy!), made a lot of boasts, and included a lot of "gaming" features like promises to reduce response time, but I'll be honest, I didn't notice anything looking any smoother…

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  • PN Review: GetClose: A game for RIVALS

    … Trevor Gould On December 16, 2014 Review Overview It wasn't for us, but the right group in a goofy mood could elevate this from a mildly amusing curiosity into some short lived entertainment - so long as they can overlook a host of concerns. GetClose is one of those titles easier understood with a controller…

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  • PN Review: Talking Phrasebook – 7 Languages

    … This new translation app isn’t overly comprehensive, but rather is designed to offer language assistance in a variety of applicable situations. Talking Phrasebook functions exactly as advertised, meaning it’s worth a look for those in the market for a program such as this. It didn’t leave the best first impression however. I began…

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  • Wot I Think: The Dream Machine Chapter 5

    … this organ thief might be, as well as puzzle his way through the video-game-like confusion of Willard’s mind. All the games so far have played as very welcomely traditional point and click adventures. Inventory items, dialogue choices, and plenty of tricksy puzzles, are combined with some really surprisingly good writing. I say “surprisingly…

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  • Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Review – Super Smashing Great

    So, if you’ve bought Super Smash Bros. on your 3DS, and somehow haven’t been keeping track of Nintendo’s news about the game, you might be wondering why the Wii U version is equally worth your time to its handheld counterpart; because the gameplay is technically identical between both versions. Well, if you’re into Smash’s unique style of gameplay the 3DS version is obviously very nice.

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  • One Of The Best Mobile Adventures Of The Year Is An Amazon Exclusive

    … offering. It just happens to be a Kindle Fire exclusive. In the past I've been hesitant to talk about Amazon-exclusive games. Hell, I had to make a new app review icon for this article, because I'd never seriously considered the Fire serious contender to traditional Android tablets and iPads. That's starting to change. In a recent interview, vice…

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