• Review & Spoilers: DEATH of WOLVERINE #4 by Charles Soule and Steve McNiven

    Published at Inside Pulse - 214 readers

    Review & Spoilers: DEATH of WOLVERINE #4 by Charles Soule and Steve McNiven DEATH of WOLVERINE #4 (of 4) Review“History” (23 pages) bonus material (6 pages) Story by: Charles Soule Art by: Steve McNiven and Jay Leisten Colors by: Justin Ponsor Letters by: Chris Eliopoulos Cover by: Steve McNiven, Jay Leisten and Justin Ponsor Publisher: Marvel Comics Cover Price: $4.

  • Review: Marvel’s Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy #1 by Charles Soule & Oliver Nome

    Inside Pulse - - 8 readers - Review: Marvel’s Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy #1 by Charles Soule & Oliver Nome Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy #1 Written by: Charles Soule Art by: Oliver Nome Cover by: Oliver Nome & Sonia Oback Lettered by: VC’s Joe Caramagna Published by: Marvel Cover Price: $3.99 Note: This is a review of the digital version which can be found on Comixology.
  • Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments Review – Elementary! (PS3/PS4)

    PlayStation LifeStyle - - 9 readers - Ed. Note: Review was done by D’yani Wood. Due to some technical issues on the back end, this needed to be published under my byline for the time being. As soon as we get things fixed, we will update the byline accordingly. -Chandler Wood A classic work of literature can translate poorly into a video game simply because of the many nuances and tones of the story.
  • Review: Destiny | Xbox One

    Debug Design - - 7 readers - games Published on October 3rd, 2014 | by Ian Garstang Review: Destiny | Xbox One Destiny is a fickle mistress who will take you to exquisite heights in the beginning then drip feed addictive morsels to keep you coming back for more…but I love it! [Video Coming Soon] This review just has my thoughts and opinions on playing the game from level 1 to level 20.

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  • ‘Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel’ Review

    … and would be better served as a shortened expansion for the the last game. We do love how 2K Australia worked in Australian characters and catch-phrases all over-the-game. It fits surprisingly well with the general no-holds-barred style Borderlands is known for. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is available on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. We played the Xbox 360 version for review. Follow Rob on Twitter @rob_keyes. Our Rating: 3 out of 5 …

    2 readers - Rob Keyes - Game Rant - Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! - Borderlands -

  • Bayonetta 2 - review

    A portion of a Game Informer review... Creating a sequel to an already-polished game is a challenge, but Platinum Games’ approach ultimately succeeds. Bayonet ...

    2 readers - GoNintendo - Bayonetta 2 - Bayonetta -
  • A pair of reviews

    … Date: October 24, 2014October 23, 2014October 22, 2014October 21, 2014October 20, 2014October 19, 2014October 18, 2014October 17, 2014October 16, 2014…

    2 readers - GoNintendo -
  • DVD Review: The Hercules Collection

    Martin Scorsese and your old international cinema teacher will talk for days about the Neo-realism movement saving Italian cinema. While those are the movies the snobs remember, the genre that made the Italian filmmaking industry go into overdrive was the Peplum or Swords and Sandals epics. Italy had plenty of ancient ruins to put into the background of movies so it made perfect sense.

    2 readers - Joe Corey - Inside Pulse -
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Retro Movie) Review

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Retro Movie) Review Texas Chainsaw Massacre is that special kind of horror that doesn’t seem to show up any more. While many modern movies attempt to be terrifying, bloody and disturbing, quite often it doesn’t work and the end result is a badly acted, (more often than not) sex-filled mess that isn’t disturbing or enjoyable to watch.

    1 readers - Brutal Gamer -
  • The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (PC Game Review)

    … The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (PC Game Review) The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is a rare kind of game. One that only comes by once in a great while, but when it does, it’s a masterpiece. Tranquil and idyllic, The Vanishing’s setting frames a set of grisly murders (I’m just going to refer to it as The Vanishing for the rest of the review…

    1 readers - Brutal Gamer - The Vanishing of Ethan Carter -
  • Review & Spoilers for MULTIVERSITY: the JUST

    MULTIVERSITY: the JUST Review “#earthme” (40 pages) Story by: Grant Morrison Art by: Ben Oliver Colors by: Ben Oliver w/ Dan Brown Letters by: Clem Robins Covers by: Ben Oliver; Dale Eaglesham w/ Gabe Eltaeb; Eduardo Risso w/ Nathan Fairbairn; Murphy Anderson & Jack Adler; Grant Morrison Publisher: DC Comics Cover Price: $4.99 Welcome to Earth-Me.

    1 readers - Inside Pulse -
  • Wot I Think: Pike And Shot

    … By Tim Stone on October 24th, 2014 at 1:00 pm. The Sixteenth Century equivalent of a Tiger tank was called a tercio. With a crew of between 1000 and 2000 souls, it moved extremely slowly, relying on its porcupine bristle of polearms for defence and its buttresses of constantly circulating arquebusiers and musketeers for attack. To have faced…

    1 readers - Tim Stone - Rock, Paper, Shotgun -

  • Donkey Kong Land 2 - review

    …This is part of a NintendoLife review for Donkey Kong Land 2... With more levels to play through and extra items to collect Donkey Kong Land 2 is certainly a bigger game than its predecessor, however it's not quite as impressive due to being a bit too similar to Diddy's SNES outing. Luckily the varied bunch of levels and enemies ensure…

    1 readers - GoNintendo - Donkey - Donkey Kong -
  • The Legend of Korra Review

    … Welcome to the world of Avatar, a fun, frantic and fluid cel-shaded world with a few problems and lots of enemies. For full disclosure, I have been an unwaveringly loyal fan of the TV series since the very beginning. I sing Secret Tunnel when I’m happy and Little Soldier Boy when I’m not. I laugh every time anyone mentions lettuce leaves…

    1 readers - Rosh Kelly - Worlds Factory - The Legend of Korra -
  • Kill La Kill Volume 1 Review

    … Kill La Kill is quite possibly the biggest anime series to come out of Japan in the last year. The series is directed and animated by Trigger, the studio best known for being the best parts of Gainax before they split off, and, of course, creating Inferno Cop. Kill La Kill is a series that will go on to define Trigger as a studio that takes…

    1 readers - Gaming Admiral - Attack On Gaming - Volume -

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