• This War of Mine Mac Review

      A war game where you don’t see the war, a resource management game where the resources are literally a matter of survival, and a survival game where your odds of surviving are pretty slim, This War of Mine has the usual elements you find on games, but is anything but usual. Developed by 11 bit Studios, makers of the Anomaly series, and released simultaneously for Mac, Windows ...

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    • Total War: Shogun 2 Mac Review

      Age of Empires is a great game, but if you’re more of a general rather than an economist, it doesn’t quite do the trick. But worry not, for Total War: Shogun 2 is exactly what you were looking for. Shogun 2 sticks to the Total War script, delivering real time combat with turn based tactics. As most of the Total War games available for the Mac, Feral Interactive ported Total Wa ...

      Mac Gamer HQin Reviews- 2 readers -
    • Ninjevade Game Review: A simple yet very challenging time killer with ninjas

      Details Published on Thursday, 08 January 2015 07:16 Written by AndrewH Thanks to games like Flappy Birds there has been quite the movement of games that are simple to play but extremely challenging to survive for long periods of time in. Whether it be you trying to keep a bird flying through obstacles for as long as possible or some other method of movement through hazards ...

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  • uWordsmith - review

    …This is part of an uWordsmith review from NintendoLife... uWordsmith has the foundations set in place to be a fun little game for word wranglers on the Wii U. It's friendly, easy to pick up, and can actually be fast-paced and challenging on the hardest difficulty the first several or so rounds. Regrettably, though, the drought in the game's…

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  • Family Tennis SP - review

    A portion of a NWR review... Family Tennis SP could also have benefitted from some online interactivity ...

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  • Saints Row IV Re-Elected Review – Here We Go Again (PS4)

    … Note: That this review is for the standalone Saints Row IV Re-Elected game. It does not take into account Gat Out of Hell. For thoughts on Gat Out of Hell, see Dan O.’s review here. There’s still nothing like a little Aerosmith to set the stage for the newly elected President of the United States and his friends to be abducted, get super-powers…

    Chandler Wood/ PlayStation LifeStylein Reviews- 2 readers -
  • Electronic Super Joy: Groove City - review

    …A portion of a NWR review... Electronic Super Joy: Groove City was a quite an experience. With an awesome presentation and the constant sidequests, I was entertained for the few hours it provides. The gameplay is a bit too conventional, there is a solid weight to everything and deaths barely feel cheap. You will have to deal with nasty over usage…

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  • PN Review: Citizens of Earth (Wii U)

    If Earthbound never released on the Virtual Console, Citizens of Earth would be the closest approximation to that experience. Eden Industries’ title on the Wii U and 3DS is full of funny dialogue, clever combat mechanics, and a old-school open-world gameplay. Eden adds their own flavor to turn-based jRPG battles, keeping players from simply mashing A to progress through the game.

    Matt Paxton/ Pure Nintendo- 2 readers -
  • The Sims 4: Outdoor Retreat Review

    Genre Publisher Release date Release O.S Available on Simulation Electronic Arts 31/10/2014 PC Origin Store Well, it’s finally here! The moment countless Sim fans across the world have been waiting for. After four months since its release, following a whole bunch of free (and much needed) updates, EA has rolled out the first ever paid game pack for The Sims 4.

    The Game Inquirer- 3 readers -
  • 10 Thoughts On… Parks and Recreation

    … Two more episodes of Parks and Recreation aired last night, and the second – “Leslie and Ron” – might be one of the best the series has ever produced. The first episode basically set the stage for the incredible second one. It brought Ron and Leslie’s feud to the point where their friends banded together to put an end to it. It was nice to see…

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  • Parenthood Episode 10 & 11 Review – “How Did We Get Here?” & “Let’s Go Home”

    Parenthood Episode 10 & 11 Review – “How Did We Get Here?” & “Let’s Go Home” Over the past several years, Parenthood has been one of my favorite shows. I love the ensemble cast, the family drama, the familiarity of so many of the problems these characters face. It’s one of the few dramas I watch that isn’t about a complicated anti-hero, and I love it for that.

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  • The Bachelor – Episode 3 Review – “Cool Girls and Pool Girls”

    This episode of The Bachelor was brought to you by Jimmy Kimmel, reluctantly fulfilling an ABC contract obligation! I bet he’s never been so jealous of the other late night Jimmy. Date #1 – Join The Club Chris’s first date was with Kaitlyn, a laid back dance instructor from Vancouver. Last week, I thought Kaitlyn seemed like one of the funnier and more normal contestants.

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  • PN Review: Quell: Memento

    Trevor Gould On January 23, 2015 Review Overview Quell: Memento is a worthy follow up with a few welcome improvements. I hope the next installment in the puzzle series will return those elements cut, while continuing to progress in other avenues. If you enjoyed Quell: Reflect (and I certainly did) you’ll enjoy Quell: Memento.

    Trevor Gould/ Pure Nintendo- 2 readers -
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