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Rockstar Games is a multinational video game developer and publisher based in New York City, owned by Take-Two Interactive following its purchase of British video game publisher BMG Interactive. The publisher are known for the Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne, L.A. Noire, The Warriors, Bully, Manhunt, Midnight Club, State of Emergency, and Red Dead games as well the use of open world, free roaming settings in their games. It comprises studios that have been acquired and renamed as well as others that have been created internally.
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  • Media Create Sales: 1/12/15 – 1/18/15

    … Kart 8 (Nintendo, 05/29/14) – 6,915 (895,979) [PSV] Gundam Breaker 2 (Bandai Namco, 12/18/14) – 6,670 (117,899) [3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Nintendo, 11/08/12) – 6,142 (3,899,253) [PS4] Grand Theft Auto V (Rockstar Games, 12/11/14) – 6,006 (150,882) [3DS] Final Fantasy Explorers (Square Enix, 12/18/14) – 5,515 (244,319) [PS3] Grand Theft Auto V…

    Sal Romano/ Gematsu- 2 readers -
  • Media Create software sales (1/5 – 1/11) – Top 50

    … This week’s expanded Japanese software sales are as follows: 01./01. [3DS] Yo-kai Watch 2: Shin Uchi (Level 5) {2014.12.13} (¥4.968) – 74.998 / 2.322.127 (-64%) 02./02. [3DS] Pokemon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire (Pokemon Co.) {2014.11.21} (¥4.937) – 38.420 / 2.432.659 (-65%) 03./03. [3DS] Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS (Nintendo) {2014.09.13…

    Nintendo Everything- 1 readers -
  • Grand Theft Auto V PC Pre-Order Bonuses

    … Rockstar Games has announced the special pre-order bonuses when you order Grand Theft Auto V PC version, exclusively from the Rockstar Warehouse. PRE-ORDER BY 2/1/15 AND GET $1,000,000 IN-GAME PLUS A BONUS $300,000 AND A BONUS GAME Pre-order and get $1,000,000 in-game ($500,000 for Grand Theft Auto V and $500,000 for Grand Theft Auto Online…

    Nathan Stevens/ Gaming Cypher- 4 readers -

  • Bullworth Academy from Rockstar's Bully Gets an HD Makeover

    A next/current-gen homage to one of my all-time favourite games, 'Bully' (also known as 'Canis Canem Edit') by Rockstar Games. I've recreated the boys' dormitory environment in Unreal 4 to demonstrate my prop art skills as a part of my Masters degree at Sheffield Hallam University. The level closely replicates the original layout in order to maximise its recognisabilit ...

    András Neltz/ Kotaku- 4 readers -
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