• 15 More Obscure RPGs We Wish Had Sequels

    …Following last week's List of 7 Obscure RPGs I Wish Had Sequels, there were so many incredible suggestions from Kotaku readers that we're doing it again. I had a dream last night that I watched a secret Stanley Kubrick film that hadn't been…Read moreRead on The list below includes RPGs and action RPGs readers wanted sequels for. It references…

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  • Freeware Garden: SanctuaryRPG

    … Describing SanctuaryRPG as a huge, hilarious and most honorable devourer of free time would be an understatement. Also, a rather vague statement too, as this freeware beauty also happens to be a proper, full-fledged text-based RPG with some terrific ASCII illustrations and outrageous bosses, that lets you fantasize about being anything from…

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  • Wasteland 2 Could Be The Proper Next Act For Fallout

    … "There was this one moment in Fallout 3, when I came across a prisoner at some raider camp," I said. "She was still tied up, but all the raiders were gone. Maybe they were dead or something, I don't know. The game gave me a choice: I could take her supplies and leave her there, or set her free." Read more…

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  • There Are Way Too Many Indie RPGs

    … Today a reader sent me an e-mail about this new contest for RPG Maker games, and I wish I had time to play them all. Read more…

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  • Feature Friday: Five horrible X-Men games, and a beg for one that delivers

    … This past week we’ve been posting a bunch of X-Men related stuff, most of it having to do with the Death of Wolverine storyline in the comics. It got us to thinking though; where are all the good X-Men games? Brought up by new BG arrival and big time X-Men fan Kiri, it seems like there are just no good X-games anywhere as of late. For a while…

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  • The 20 Most WTF Magical Items in Dungeons & Dragons

    … Every Dungeons & Dragons character seeks magical items for their abilities. But some wizards aren't interested in making powerful relics; they're interested in making nonsense, because they're crazy, or things that will screw your character over, because they're jerks. The result? These ridiculous artifacts from D&D's golden days. Read…

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  • It's Hard To Believe This Is An Indie RPG

    … This is Shiness, an upcoming role-playing game by a team of independent French developers. It looks... phenomenal. This could certainly pass for a big-budget JRPG. Read more…

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  • The Game About Being A Jew I Needed In High School

    …Bullying takes many different forms. It was the worst for me when it came under the guise of friendship. I had just entered ninth grade at a prestigious private school in New Jersey. This was a place of unimaginable wealth, the kind of school my mother had fought to get me and my brother to ever since our father had left the two of us stranded…

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