• Freeware Garden: One Minute To Midnight

    … By Konstantinos Dimopoulos on October 31st, 2014 at 11:00 am. Though the trend towards more personal, almost solipsistic and usually depressing indie freeware games is a strong one, some developers do thankfully tackle matters from a more societal perspective. You know, with games like web-based RTS One Minute To Midnight for example — a game…

    1 readers - Konstantinos Dimopoulos - Rock, Paper, Shotgun -
  • Happy Halloween from Total War: Rome II

    … Sega and developer Creative Assembly have a special (and free) Halloween treat ready for Rome II players… or is it a trick? So, not only does the Halloween update (actually celebrating the festival of Lemuria) make the game spookier, but it makes it a heck of a lot harder too. For die-hard Rome II players, that should sound like a pretty big…

    Brutal Gamer - Total War: Rome II - Total War -
  • Space Rogue Is FTL x Space Rangers x Retro-Futurism

    …, and not one which wants your money. It matters less still when one of the released images is as fun as this poster: Which is almost as good as the cover image for the last game called Space Rogue, a game designed by the man who would found Looking Glass. There’s also more of this type of lovely retro sci-fi art on the development team’s ‘inspirational art’ Pinterest. …

    5 readers - Graham Smith - Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Space Rangers -
  • Kickstarter: Human Resources-An Apocalyptic RTS

    … to be comic-inspired, and the tone will be Command & Conquer meets Annihilation. There’s good reason from that; members of Uber Entertainment have worked on both of those games in the past. Other members have previously worked on games like Demigod, The Elder Scrolls Morrowind, Iron Man, and more. In a last ditch effort to rid Earth…

    2 readers - Matt Shiflet - Gamers Sphere -

  • EGX London 2014 new Total War game booth images leaked

    …A user on the NeoGAF gaming forums, Kyonashi, has leaked some intriguing images regarding the new entry into Sega/The Creative Assembly’s famed Total War franchise. Read more details and view the images in question after the break. New Total War Game EGX Booth Images Leaked Apparently, Kyonashi assisted in setting up booths for the upcoming EGX…

    61 readers - Erwin Murillo - The Gamer Headlines - Total War -
  • Battle for the Galaxy (iOS/Android) Brings Epic RTS Action On Mobile Devices

    … Battle for the Galaxy (iOS/Android) Brings Epic RTS Action On Mobile Devices Google Android, iOS, iPad, iPhone, Video Game News September 20, 2014 If you are a fan of strategy games on either iOS or Android, you’ve got to check out Battle for the Galaxy, a brand new title from New Zealand and Scotland-based developers Ninja Kiwi. The game…

    3 readers - Nine Over Ten 9/10 -
  • Eufloria, Tripadelic RTS Invasion

    …Eufloria is a game that defines some of my earliest days with indie games, and it’s far from showing its age. There are those who would have you believe that indie is a style that can be encapsulated in a game with a whacky storyline or super-artsy hand-painted backgrounds, but I call bullshit on that. You don’t have to put girls in cakes to make…

    Gamers Sphere - Invasion -
  • The New Settlers Game is part RTS, Part Co-Op Hack and Slash

    … The Settlers: Kingdoms of Anteria is the latest game in the RTS series which is now in a closed beta. But the newest and 8th iteration of the game might also be the most dramatic departure for the longtime PC series. Ubisoft have revealed a few details about the title, slated to hit early next year on the PC. At its core, Kingdoms of Anteria…

    1 readers - Nick Puleo - Co-Optimus - The Settlers -
  • 1001 Future: Civilization V

    …: Linux, Mac, PC Platform reviewed: Linux Source: We downloaded the title during a Humble Bundle. Trailer: YouTube Prequel: Sid Meiers Civilization IV Sequel: Sid Meiers Civilization VI Other 1001 title: Civilization I, Civilization II, Civilization IV 1001-Up: Graphically pleasing, modding support, strong expansions 1001-Down: A little confusing…

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  • 6 Awesome Games Based On Movies (Part 1!)

    …… Invincible, you say? Spiderman 2 I remember when my brother bought Spiderman 2 for his Xbox, the first game was terrible and neither of us were massive Spiderman fans to begin with, so I was very sceptical. Thankfully, my worries were quashed immediately, as it seemed Activision had gone to great lengths to start from scratch with the sequel. “Hey…

    2 readers - Mike Slater - Awesome Games -

  • Marina, Aqua Marina: Unknown Worlds’ Subnautica

    … onboard for something that wants to do so much with an undersea setting. That’s one area in which BioShock was weirdly unambitious. Your best bet of getting a sense of quite what it is Unknown Worlds hope to achieve is to keep an eye on their Trello-based progress tracker here. Granted, it’s primarily bits and bobs rather than out-and-out…

    4 readers - Alec Meer - Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Subnautica -
  • Strike silver! 1849: Nevada Silver expansion pack coming this month

    … with nearby settlements for resources. Done all in real-time, and against the backdrop of the dusty ol' West, 1849 quickly became one of my favorite RTS games in a while. As you can tell by the name, the Nevada Silver expansion is set in Nevada, California's angular neighbor known, of course, as the Silver State. You'll be picking away at silver…

    11 readers - IndieGames.com - Striker -

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