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  • AirMech Arena closed beta coming soon

    … Ubisoft revealed a free to play real-time strategy called AirMech Arena shortly after the festivities of PAX East being developed by Carbon Games. Starting July 23, interested persons can start playing the closed beta. Need reminding of what AirMech Arena is all about? I admit, PAX East was a while ago, and now that E3 has come and gone…

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  • Wargame: Red Dragon (PC) Review

    … about the campaign here since I didn’t see all that much of it, but I will instead be focusing more on the actual gameplay and other… less pleasing elements. This was my facial reaction for most of my time playing the game As I said earlier, I don’t play many RTS games or strategy games in general, so if the constant flow of complicated menus…

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  • Tropico 5 Review: Island Paradise or Run Down Favella?

    … Dictatorship... Possibly one of the most questionable forms of leadership in the free world. In the Tropico series however, giving dodgy orders, growing ridiculous facial hair and smoking cigars fatter than a church candle is made a playable, if guilty, pleasure. Read more of Tropico 5 Review: Island Paradise or Run Down Favella…

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  • Stronghold Crusader 2 Release Date Announced

    … Stronghold Crusader 2, the sequel to 2002′s Stronghold Crusader is set to release on September 2nd 2014. The release date was announced today, however, no news was released regarding the release of the game’s beta, which is supposed to be sometime this summer.   If you are interested in the game, you can always check out our hands-on preview…

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  • Flockers by Team 17 on Steam Early Access

    … The famous Worms developer Team 17 has released from today its latest title Flockers on Steam, as an Early Access title.   You may experience bugs and crashes they say, but they also confirm that Flockers is already in a very playable state with twenty-five levels ready to challenge your brain, as you help a poor flock of sheep to reach…

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