• Rumour: Super Smash Bros Full Character Roster Apparently Leaked

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    There are many official Super Smash Bros screenshots, as provided by the game’s director Masahiro Sakurai in his daily Miiverse posts, but there are also a few screens which have unofficially leaked. According to a post on the Nsider Forums, these screenshots apparently reveal the entire character roster for the latest Smash Bros instalment on Wii U and 3DS.

  • Is Super Smash Bros Wii U Coming On November 21st?

    My Nintendo News - - 15 readers - Official smash WiiU release. — BluesDriveBuster (@GodDamnProtoman) September 12, 2014 We’ve heard a number of release dates for Super Smash Bros on the Wii U and most of those are scheduled for sometime in November ...
  • There’s A Possibility That Octodad Could Come To Wii U

    My Nintendo News - - 8 readers - Development studio Young Horses who are the developers behind the bizarre Octodad have said that they are in the deciding process of bringing the game to the Wii U. Young Horses wouldn’t offer any more information, but it would be nice if it’s on the cards ...

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  • Could Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Be Coming To Wii U?

    …Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate could be coming to the Wii U if these images are to believed. They were snapped at an event in Connichi In Germany and clearly show the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate logo next to the Wii U. This is clearly a rumour for now, but if anything is announced it’s likely to be at the Tokyo Game Show. Thanks, FBT, ThisanmU, Federico, Mario101 Filed under: Nintendo, Wii U Tagged: monster hunter 4 ultimate, rumour, wii u…

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  • Wii U And Nintendo 3DS Smash Bros To Get Additional Characters By Linking Versions?

    … that there will be additional characters in the Wii U version. Interestingly these extra characters are unlocked by linking the Nintendo 3DS version to the Wii U version. The additional characters apparently include Dixie, Ridley, Chorus Men and Mewtwo. It’s worth noting this is a rumour for now. Thanks, Ahmad Filed under: 2DS, 3DS, Nintendo, Wii U Tagged: nintendo 3ds, rumour, smash bros, wii u…

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  • Microsoft Buying Mojang For $2bn Rumour – Hmmmmmm

    …-to-play. And forcing tiny infant puppies to play it in cruel laboratory sweat-shops. The rationale for accepting the deal would be TWO BILLION DOLLARS. This isn’t the first time such rumours have surfaced, and Marcus “Notch” Persson claims to have turned down $2bn offers before. And there is obviously a strong instinctive reaction to scream…

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  • Minecraft Maker Mojang Could Be Bought Out By Microsoft

    …The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Microsoft is looking to acquire Minecraft maker Mojang. The publication says Microsoft is currently in serious talks to purchase the company and that the deal would be valued at $2 billion and could be finalised this week. If true then it’s unlikely the hit franchise would come to Wii U or 3DS. Thanks, Retrogaminglord Filed under: Microsoft, Nintendo Tagged: Microsoft, mojang, rumour…

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  • Sherlock And Watson Rumoured To Appear In The Great Ace Attorney

    … as silhouetted individuals, and possible rivals – as can be seen above. However, The Great Ace Attorney’s Watson is due to make an arrival as an 8-year-old girl. Though only a rumour, and one that should be taken with a healthy dose of skepticism for the moment, it’s not a far-fetched concept. Earlier this year, Takumi said the spin-off game would be set…

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  • Were Next Level Games Working On Metroid Prototype Before Luigi’s Mansion 2?

    …An investigative sleuth from Kyoyo Report stumbled upon some prototype artwork from the acclaimed Next Level Games. The artwork from a former employee was posted online. What’s interesting is some of the designs are from the Metroid series. Whether or not the developer worked briefly on a Metroid prototype remains be seen, but it’s certainly interesting. Thanks, Retrogaminglord Filed under: Nintendo Tagged: metroid, next level games, rumour…

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  • Russian Nintendo Site Says Nintendo Direct Possibly Coming Tomorrow

    …Russian Wii U website claims that they have insider information that a Nintendo Direct may air tomorrow evening. The site believes that it’s related to the new Nintendo 3DS XL which was unveiled last Friday. However, we do know that the device won’t be coming to the west until sometime next year. Thanks, SPYFOG Filed under: Nintendo Tagged: nintendo direct, rumour…

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  • Sakaguchi Says A New Last Story Title Would Be Up To Nintendo

    …The creator of Final Fantasy Hironobu Sakaguchi was asked by a panel at PAX whether the would create a new Last Story title for the Wii U to which he casually answered, “Ok, yeah, you talk to Nintendo.” Sakaguchi also said light-heartedly that if he did make the game he would also like it to be for Sony’s PlayStation 4. Thanks, First Filed under: Nintendo, PlayStation 4, Wii U Tagged: rumour, the last story, wii u…

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  • Rumour: Have The New Nintendo 3DS Hardware Specs Been Leaked?

    … of salt. We don’t know a whole lot about the specifications of the new Nintendo 3DS console. We know that it has an improved CPU over the previous iteration and we heard a rumour stating that the new Nintendo 3DS has double the RAM and nearly double the VRAM. Filed under: 3DS, Nintendo Tagged: new nintendo 3ds, rumour, specs…

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