• How To Go Beyond Level 20 In Destiny

    Published at Kotaku - 101 readers

    Destiny caps your character's progress at level 20. But if you've been playing, you've doubtless seen people with those yellow numbers by their name, showing levels of 24, 25 and above. How did they do that? The game's level cap is a soft cap, and it's possible to level beyond 20, provided you get the right equipment.

  • Destiny First Impressions – The Awoken (PS4)

    Published at PlayStation LifeStyle - 32 readers

    This is not a review. At this point I have played 11 hours of Destiny, from the moment the servers opened up, until my power sadly went out and I was forced to stop playing. In those 11 hours, I have brought my Titan to level 13, played a number of matches in the Crucible, made it to Venus in the story, and even wielded a badass sword on the moon.

  • The Must-Watch ‘Destiny’ Dance Video

    Game Rant - - 6 readers - While many players have criticized a lack of voice chat options within Destiny, there’s one way that hunters, titans and warlocks can communicate with one another at will — through the medium of dance. Anyone who has spent any time in the Tower, the social hub of Destiny in between missions, will know how popular the game’s dancing emote is.
  • Far Cry 4 could have been set in Russia or South America

    The Gamer Headlines - - 5 readers - Before Ubisoft made the final decision to set their latest open-world, first-person shooter entry into the Far Cry franchise, Far Cry 4, in the Himalayas, ideas were thrown around about possibly setting the game in decidedly different areas or environments, such as Russia and South America. Read more details after the break.
  • Expand Your Game Collection With Nintendo 3DS Winter Bonus Game Promotion in Europe

    GoNintendo - - 3 readers - ree download code for one of seven games available to all participants – full promotion details below! 11th September 2014 – With the winter season on its way, Nintendo has today announced a new promotion for Nintendo 3DS and 2DS systems, the Nintendo 3DS Winter 2014 Bonus Game Promotion, which is sure to appeal to users looking to expand their game collection in preparation for the colder months.

The latest about Russia

  • PS Plus prices risen in South Africa, other regions - report

    … changes are planned for US, other regions including Ukraine, Russia, and Turkey are said to have been affected by similar increases. Whilst multiplayer gameplay was entirely free on PS3, a PlayStation Plus subscription was made a pre-requisite for online play on PS4 since the new console launched in November 2013. Last week PlayStation boss Andrew House said he hopes to raise the game division's profit outlook for the current fiscal year following strong PS4 sales and reduced hardware manufacturing costs.…

    1 readers - CVG -
  • PlayStation Plus Price Increase For Some Territories

    … the subscription only increased in price “slightly,” as Sony’s e-mail puts it. The increase in subscription price has not been announced for North America, and Sony does not plan to raise the prices for us at the moment. Rate increases for other affected territories are also of similar value, but specifics aren’t known. Source: iAfrica via Game Informer The post PlayStation Plus Price Increase For Some Territories appeared first on Gamers Sphere.…

    Gamers Sphere -
  • Destiny DLC Content is Not on Disc Says Bungie

    …, the Winter Kell and Sepiks Prime forty times a week tends to be the gist of the Queen’s Wrath event. As such, offering players the same gear after defeating them is a bit of a cop-out too, especially when they’ve nerfed the dismantling to give ascendancy items to virtually nothing worth using. Where’s the arm and leg pieces to match the other…

    2 readers - n3rdabl3 - Destiny -

  • Destiny’s content has drastically changed within the past year

    …Destiny, Bungie’s epic, well-polished, and undoubtedly expensive online first-person shooter, has had a considerable number of criticisms thrown at it since the game’s release on September 9th. The most prominent of them being that its missions are repetitive, its story is barely there, and the fact there are Grimoire cards. According to Reddit…

    7 readers - The Gamer Headlines -
  • Destiny 'loot cave' lives on in another location

    … isn’t as easily accessible as the previous loot cave. It’s located in a higher level of Old Russia where you’ll once again have to stick around for enemies to pour out of it, which you then defeat and are rewarded with lots and lots of loot. The PS4Trophies YouTube channel, which GameInformer stumbled onto, published a video this week highlighting…

    4 readers - Shacknews - The Cave -
  • Bungie Shuts Down Destiny 'Loot Cave' Exploit

    … this Old Russia location to farm legendary loot. I attempted to do the “Loot Cave” exploit just to be sure it was gone, but the patch holds true to its word. Occasionally, there will be swarm of enemies that run out of the cave, but not in the same consistency as beforehand. For those that are unaware, this special cave was found to have…

    Co-Optimus - The Cave -
  • There's Already A New Loot Cave In Destiny

    … it on Earth, flying to the Cosmodrome in Old Russia and heading towards the Rocketyard. I spent roughly an hour here myself, racking up mostly greens, a couple of blues and even a purple engram (of course, it was a blue item after the Cryptarch was done with it). So seems about right in line my experiences with the OG Cave. Save for a few scattered greens…

    12 readers - Kotaku - The Cave -
  • Unpatched Destiny Loot Cave Discovered in Old Russia

    …Bungie may have patched Destiny to help deal with the exploiting of loot caves, but they didn’t get them all, as PS4 Trophies discovered a new treasure cave that works after the most recent fix. Located in Rocketyard in Old Russia, the above video shows you where to go, and how easy it is to gather more loot. Since this new loot cave has become so…

    49 readers - PlayStation LifeStyle - The Cave -
  • The Must-Watch ‘Destiny’ Dance Video

    … they were announcing a nerf to the fabled ‘Loot Cave’ of Old Russia, the accompanying blog post noted that the dev team found the way that players had come together to establish a winning strategy for the cave — as well as the growing legend of the farming location — was ‘inspiring and humbling’. Destiny is not without its flaws, but it’s difficult…

    6 readers - Game Rant - Destiny -

  • Interview: Victor Kislyi On Wargaming In A Single Breath

    … today and we have 16 offices all around the world from Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, East Europe, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine. Our headquarters are in Cyprus, and we’re heavily invested in America. We’ve got San Francisco publishing, Chicago, Seattle and Austin, Texas doing projects and technology. And Paris office is covering European market. After…

    Graham Smith - Rock, Paper, Shotgun -
  • Destiny (Xbox One) Review

    … a little over) a year. Honestly, if you haven’t heard about it by now, I want to live under that rock with you because you may also not have heard of Justin Bieber or Ebola outbreaks either, and that is a world I want to live in. I wasn’t a fan of Bungee’s last IP… and by “wasn’t a fan” I mean to this day it’s the only game series that I will gladly…

    1 readers - Brutal Gamer - Destiny -

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