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  • See the New Hardmode Screenshots for Terraria

    … Developer 505 Games has released new mobile hardmode screenshots for its platform sandbox game Terraria. Here is what the developer had to say, Thanks for being so patient as we work hard to finish up Hardmode for mobile. Here are a few screenshots for you to enjoy while we keep hammering away to get the update out to you all soon. Take…

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  • Xbox One – Getting Creative… With Project Spark

    … As gamers, we play all games and somehow we ALWAYS find something we want to change. Now some of us have been blessed with the patience and willpower to either learn or teach ourselves, how to tweak the little, seemingly illogical bundles of numbers and letters we call “code”  to make those changes. Sadly the rest of us probably couldn’t tell…

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  • Sony Announce LittleBigPlanet 4 For PS4

    … Sony has announced the third entry within the sandbox platformer series; LittleBigPlanet 3 will be coming to PS4 in November 2014. The reveal was accompanied with a trailer and a short 5 minute in-game demonstration of what players can expect upon release. Both videos can be seen below. Returning is Sackboy, who has gained a few extra perks…

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  • These New H1Z1 Screens Look Quite Nice

    … Sony Online Entertainment released four new screenshots for the upcoming zombie survival MMO, H1Z1 (the first one is above, the others below). Graphics looks pretty good, but that is expected thanks to the stunning Forgelight engine, already seen in Planetside 2 and Everquest Next. However, a few major websites have been posting their first…

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  • H1Z1 – Temperature, Fishing, Air Drops, No Safe Zones

    … John Smedley is once again spreading many interesting little details on H1Z1, the newly announced zombie MMO by Sony Online Entertainment. Between Reddit and Twitter, we caught the following. For starters, you will have to fend off the cold in H1Z1: we will have temperature matter in this game, so although in theory they do provide warmth…

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  • Black Desert Looks Stunning In This World Trailer

    … It’s been some time since we featured Black Desert, the upcoming sandbox MMORPG by Korean software house Pearl Abyss. After the first Closed Beta Test, the team worked in silence to improve the game for a while. Today, we bring you a new amazing trailer which shows the huge, seamless world of Black Desert, detailed with stunning graphics…

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