Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. (SCEI) (Japanese: 株式会社ソニー・コンピュータエンタテインメント) is a Japanese multinational video game company specializing in a variety of areas in the video game industry, and is a wholly owned subsidiary and part of the Consumer Products & Services Group of Sony. The company was established on November 16, 1993 in Tokyo, Japan, prior to the launch of the original PlayStation video game system. Sony Computer Entertainment handles the research & development, production, and sales of both hardware and software for the PlayStation line of handheld and home console video game systems.
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    • PlayStation Experience 2014 keynote: all the news

      PlayStation Experience 2014 keynote: all the news Uncharted 4, Street Fighter V, Drawn to Death, and more. The PlayStation Experience keynote has come and gone. And with it, a slew of new game announcements, gameplay, and trailers. Catch it all summed up below. Gameplay and Trailers Brand New Game Announcements Previously Known Games, Now Coming to PlayStation The Bann ...

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    • Metal Slug 3 Coming to PS4 & Vita, More NEOGEO Classics on the Way

      Hi all, We’re excited that PS Experience is just around the corner, and in leading up to the show… we have an interesting poll for PlayStation Network users and fans of SNK / NEOGEO to participate in here on the official PS.Blog. Together with SCEA 3rd Party Productions, and in commemoration of next year’s 25th Anniversary of the AES & MVS, SNK PLAYMORE is very happy to ...

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    • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End 16-minute gameplay demo

      Uncharted comes to PlayStation 4. Sony Computer Entertainment and Naughty Dog debuted the first gameplay footage of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End during the PlayStation Experience opening keynote in Las Vegas. The footage sees Nathan Drake makes his way through a mountainous forest. Along the way, he comes across a dangling set of bones. He takes the pick used to hang the b ...

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  • Beyond: Two Souls dev teases “great news” next month

    … Beyond: Two Souls developer Quantic Dream has teased “great news” coming in January. “Some great news coming in January,” the developer said on Facebook. But what could this great news be? Unless it’s the announcement of a new game, it’s likely the announcement of the Beyond: Two Souls PlayStation 4 port—their worst kept secret. Read Beyond: Two…

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  • Eight minutes of Until Dawn gameplay

    … A look at the game's 'adrenaline-fueled' action sequence. Sony Computer Entertainment and Supermassive Games have released a direct-feed version of the Until Dawn demo first showcased on stage at PlayStation Experience last weekend. “We’re thrilled to show something very different to anything you’ve seen so far in Until Dawn,” executive…

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  • SEGA Nerdcast: Episode 73 (Let’s Get Localized!)

    … The magnificent Kopke joins the SEGA Nerdcast this week as we discuss all the wild SEGA news and releases last week. In this week’s show, the guys talk about: Intro Chris and Kopke watched the PlayStation Experience … Graham did not because he’s a Microsoft fanboy. Chris is also hyped about CM Punk signing with the UFC. Graham got…

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  • PlayStation 4 Is The ‘Fastest Selling Console Of All Time’

    … Not only did PlayStation Experience open with a massive gameplay reveal of Uncharted 4 but they were quick and short to get to the numbers. During the keynote speech at PlayStation Experience Shawn Layden, President and CEO at SCEA quickly shouted out that the PlayStation 4 is the “Fastest selling console of all time.” It was quite a boast…

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  • PlayStation Experience To Be An Annual Event?

    … During the opening few minutes it was clear that fans have come out in full force to support PlayStation and PlayStation Experience was there to support it’s fans back. Shawn Layden, SCEA President and CEO let slip that not only is this the “First ever” PlayStation Experience, but it is the first “annual” or inaugural PlayStation Experience…

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  • David Jaffe announces Drawn to Death for PS4

    … The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency, the studio led by God of War creator David Jaffe, and SCE San Diego Studio have announced Drawn to Death for PlayStation 4 during PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas. Watch the announcement trailer below. Read David Jaffe announces Drawn to Death for PS4 in full on Gematsu. …

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  • Tearaway: Unfolded PlayStation Experience trailer

    … © Copyright Gematsu 2008-2014. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without acknowledgment of Gematsu is prohibited. Use of this site is governed by all applicable laws. Track Exclusives Across PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, 3DS, and PS Vita Popular Games: Assassin's Creed Unity, Bloodborne…

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  • The Order: 1886 PlayStation Experience gameplay

    … A kitchen battle aboard the airship Agamemnon. Ready at Dawn debuted new footage for The Order: 1886 during PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas. The new footage is from the fifth chapter of the game, and showcases a fight set in the kitchen of an airship. “The chapter we’re showcasing is an infiltration mission inside the airship Agamemnon…

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  • Until Dawn PlayStation Experience gameplay

    … Sony Computer Entertainment and Supermassive Games debuted new footage of Until Dawn at PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas. An extended version of yesterday’s footage, the new footage shows character Samantha, played by Hayden Panettiere, faced against an attacker after just getting out of the bath. The player chooses which decisions she makes…

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  • Bloodborne unveils roguelike ‘Chalice Dungeon’

    … Bloodborne director Hidetaka Miyazaki took the stage at PlayStation Experience to introduce a new feature for the PlayStation 4 action RPG. The “Chalice Dungeon” is a new dungeon that Miyazaki describes as very much like a roguelike game in that it changes its form depending on the player. It’s a procedurally-generated and ever-changing…

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  • Free-to-play Kill Strain announced for PS4

    … SCE San Diego making new top-down multiplayer title. SCE San Diego has announced Kill Strain, a new top-down, “highly competitive” multiplayer game that will launch for PlayStation 4 within the next year. It is described as a game where enemies can quickly become your enemies. Sign-ups for the beta is available at the game’s official website. If you’re at PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas, you’ll be able to test the game in it’s pre-alpha state on the show floor. …

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  • PlayStation Experience 2014 keynote live stream

    … stuff from across [Sony’s] Worldwide Studios teams,” Naughty Dog community strategist Eric Monacelli said this week. Uncharted 4 will make its latest debut, likely gameplay and as the show’s opener. EA’s Peter Moore is confirmed to appear on stage with “presents” for PlayStation fans. David Jaffe will debut his new action game. Capcom will announce…

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