• Pewdiepie Plays The First 18 Minutes of ‘Alien: Isolation’

    Published at Game Rant - 43 readers

    Even before we found out that his videos earn him a $4 million salary, it was pretty clear that Swedish Let’s Player Felix Kjellberg AKA PewDiePie was the king of YouTube gaming personalities. With over 31 million subscribers (and counting), PewDiePie’s power for promoting games has garnered him early access to upcoming titles on more than one occasion, and the latest title to f ...

  • Tetris is Getting Turned into an “Epic Sci-Fi” Movie

    Published at n3rdabl3 - 9 readers

    According to The Wall Street Journal classic video game Tetris is getting turned into a movie, but not just any movie, according to Threshold Entertainment’s CEO Larry Kasanof it’ll be a “very big, epic sci-fi movie.” If you’re wondering how the hell that’s possible, welcome to the club. The Wall Street Journal this week are reporting that Threshold Entertainment, the studio beh ...

  • Destiny: What to do when you're at max level

    Shacknews - - 17 readers - Destiny: What to do when you're at max level By Nathaniel Hohl, Sep 29, 2014 4:00pm PDT Despite developer Bungie's insistence to the contrary, the company's new online sci-fi shooter Destiny can, for all intents and purposes, be considered a massively multiplayer online game. Like any good MMO, Destiny's appeal doesn't run out once a player reaches the maximum character level of 20.
  • Uncharted 4 “Stuff” Being Shown Off “Very Soon,” Says Naughty Dog Co-President

    PlayStation LifeStyle - - 9 readers - To help promote Naughty Dog’s 30th anniversary art show going until October 12 and the release of The Art of Naughty Dog on October 14, Co-President Evan Wells sat down with GameCrate to discuss, what else, Naughty Dog. Beginning his work with the studio on Crash 3, Wells looked back on the Crash Bandicoot franchise – which Naughty Dog no longer has the rights to – and answered ...
  • Adventure Pick: A Golden Wake (Grundislav Games, Wadjet Eye Games) - - 9 readers - Recent Posts Adventure Pick: A Golden Wake (Grundislav Games, Wadjet Eye Games) -October 13, 2014 2:30 AM Preview: Soup tycoon survival sandbox Nom Nom Galaxy -October 11, 2014 7:00 AM Free Steam keys for Ethan: Meteor Hunter, The Bridge, Fist of Awesome -October 10, 2014 6:32 PM Team Indie released for Windows and Mac -October 10, 2014 5:30 AM Horror Pick: Silence of the Sleep (Jesse Makkonen) -.

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  • Civilization V is free on Steam right now

    …, upon first gla...moreDedicated Civilization IV players really missed the espionage and religion mechanics that were left out of Civ V. Not only are these two beloved systems being brought back in with Gods & Kings, but they are being reworked...more I have been working on a review for the upcoming sci-fi strategy game Sid Meier's Civilization…

    5 readers - Steven Hansen - destructoid - Civilization -
  • The 100 Season One (DVD) Review

    …The 100 Season One (DVD) Review Our planet may not be as dead as they think in this complete first season release. Earth is uninhabitable for many years and with those on the ground dead the surviving humans are left orbiting the planet on the ‘Ark’. A refuge in space made up of all the space stations and technology up there today joined together…

    2 readers - Ted Stokes - Brutal Gamer -

  • Confessional: I make up my own stories for games

    …So here is a dumb thing I do: I make up my own stories in games. No, I'm not just talking about RPGs like Fallout or Skyrim where the entire point is to go out and make your own mark on the world. I'm talking about just about every kind of game. Action titles that already have stories, multiplayer shooters where there shouldn't even be a narrative…

    1 readers - destructoid -
  • Review: The Art of Alien: Isolation

    Alien: Isolation has received a lot of praise over its faithful recreation of the original film's lo-fi take on science fiction. "Truckers in space" was the aesthetic director Ridley Scott set out to capture and the decks and corridors of the shipping vessel Nostromo defined a sci-fi art style for 35 years.

    3 readers - Alasdair Duncan - destructoid - Alien: Isolation -
  • iOS Pick: three-lane dodge 'em up SUPERHYPER is low-fi bliss

    …Recent Posts iOS Pick: three-lane dodge 'em up SUPERHYPER is low-fi bliss -October 16, 2014 9:10 PM Freeware Pick: BloodSpace (Kayabros & Amon26) -October 16, 2014 1:00 PM Gabriel Knight Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition Released -October 16, 2014 3:00 AM Red Cobra mixing SHMUP and metroidvania genres, is really kind of beautiful…

    6 readers - Anthony Swinnich - -
  • NPD: Destiny tops US software as hardware sales soar

    … of Destiny. Here's the top-10 software titles (physical sales only) in US for September 2014: 1) Destiny (XBO, PS4, 360, PS3) 2) Madden NFL 15 (360, PS4, PS3, XBO) 3) FIFA 15 (PS4, 360, PS3, XBO, Wii, Vita, 3DS) 4) Super Smash Bros. (3DS) 5) Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor (PS4, XBO, PC) 6) NHL 15 (PS4, XBO, 360, PS3) 7) Minecraft (360, PS3) 8) The Sims 4 (PC) 9) Disney Infinity 2.0 (360, PS3, Wii U, PS4, XBO) 10) Diablo III: Reaper of Souls (PS4, 360, PS3, XBO, PC)…

    5 readers - CVG - Destiny -

  • Giant Murderous Martian Cockroaches are Coming to the 3DS

    … of the terraformers – a giant hyper-evolved bipedal cockroach – battling the character, Michelle. If I were to guess, the image looks to be more of a cutscene or a QTE event rather than actual gameplay. The game is being developed by Furyu and a teaser site for the game is up. Hopefully the game won't be as blatantly censored as the anime is. Terra Formars…

    2 readers - Toshi Nakamura - Kotaku -
  • Hot Toys T-800: The Kotaku Review

    …Having done Terminator 2 a while back, Hot Toys have turned their exposed, blood-covered robot eyes towards James Cameron's original sci-fi classic. What they've come up with will not stop until your wallet is dead. WHAT YOU GET IN THE BOX The figure, an extra head, some hands, a pair of sunglasses, a base and four weapons. WHAT I LIKED…

    2 readers - Luke Plunkett - Kotaku -
  • REVIEW / Albedo: Eyes From Outer Space (PC)

    … escape from the basement? Will you ever be reunited with your pizza? All those questions and more will answered as you play: ALBEDO: EYES FROM OUTER SPACE! This game rules. If you want to feel like the hero of a 1960’s sci-fi film, here’s your chance. Albedo: Eyes From Outer Space has it all. Aliens, guns, explosions, UFOs, challenging puzzles…

    4 readers - That VideoGame Blog - Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space -

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