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  • The 20 Greatest Off-Road Video Games Of All Time (And Where To Get Them)

    …. Sega Rally SeriesSega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows Vista, Arcade Get the Sega Saturn original here, or the "Revo" version for PS3 here: SennaMP4: Where else are you going to get a Delta Intergrale, or even a Stratos to drive? Awesome drifting. Arcade-y and with some good physics in there. DiRT Series Xbox 360…

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  • Throwback Attack: The Sega Saturn and X-men vs Street Fighter

    …Ah, I can fondly remember playing X-men vs. Street Fighter on the Sega Saturn like it was yesterday. Come to think of it, it was yesterday. I recently went down into what I call the vault which is a box filled with games and consoles [...] The post Throwback Attack: The Sega Saturn and X-men vs Street Fighter appeared first on The Outerhaven.…

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  • UNBOXING: SEGA’s Summer 2014 Wonfest: Saturn SEGA Hard Girl Figure

    …I got pretty excited last month when SEGA of Japan announced they were finally releasing their SEGA Saturn Hard Girl Figure, the sad news came when they said they were only going to sell only 400 exclusively on this year’s Summer Wonfest at Chiba, Japan. Obviously I got sad because I don’t live there to get one, but a friend of mine does, so he…

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  • Ages of SEGA 13 – Sindbad Mystery (SG-1000)

    …, Safari Hunting, and N-Sub were almost perfect ports from the VIC Dual. The G80 is much more powerful, which makes the port of Sindbad Mystery very poor in comparison. Sindbad Mystery game was ported one more time to the SEGA Saturn, which was arcade perfect for all intents and purposes. 1983: Remembering the Outbreak of Pac Man Fever Sindbad Mystery…

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