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The Sega Saturn (セガサターン, Sega Satān) is a 32-bit fifth-generation video game console developed by Sega and released on November 22, 1994 in Japan, May 11, 1995 in North America and July 8, 1995 in Europe as the successor to the successful Sega Genesis. At the center of the Saturn is a dual-CPU architecture and a total of eight processors. Its games are in CD-ROM format, and its game library contains a number of arcade ports as well as original titles.Development of the Saturn began in the early 1990s. When Sega learned the full capabilities of the forthcoming Sony PlayStation in early 1994, the company decided to alter the Saturn's design to enhance its graphical capabilities.
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    • Retrospective: Panzer Dragoon Saga

      European box art Continuing the celebration of the Saturn’s 20th anniversary at the weekend, we take a look back at one of the console’s most sought-after and best-loved games (and my favourite game of all time), Panzer Dragoon Saga, and see just why this is one of the must-have games for SEGA’s under-appreciated 32-bit system.

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    • PlayStation Turns 20

      It may be December 2nd in the west, but in Japan it is December 3rd and this is important because it marks a significant anniversary for Sony PlayStation. It was 20 years ago on December 3rd, 1994 that Sony would launch that original PlayStation console in Japan, making some of us feel old right now.

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    • Let’s celebrate the Saturn’s 20th anniversary

      The SEGA Saturn doesn’t officially celebrate its 20th birthday until tomorrow, but we wanted to get the jump on everyone else filling its Facebook feed with birthday related posts, so here’s how we’re saying, “Happy birthday!” In this rather unique retrospective, SEGA Nerds’ news correspondent Belf Melfer captures an exclusive interview with the SEGA ...

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  • Happy Birthday, Sony PlayStation

    … titles were all the rage to me. When I finally got around to purchasing my PS3 (the MGS 80GB edition, of course), I didn’t realize what a wild ride I was in for. When I got back to my college apartment and hooked it up, I remember connecting to the internet – just like the Dreamcast, I thought – and downloading a game. It was Pain, it wasn’t very good…

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  • KakeXun: a game about math, the world, and the self

    … numbers to manipulate the surface of the planet. It's a being of power, and by solving math problems it can exert that power to create mountain ranges. As it creates mountains, it has the urge to create taller and taller mountains as part of its search for understanding itself and the world that is quite literally around it. Gameplay is to be divided…

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  • Movie News: The Upcoming, and the Cancelled

    … the… less than stellar launch of the two video game titles last week. Van Robichaux, one of the aforementioned writers of the upcoming movie by Sony Pictures (and a member of our very own SSMB!), provided a little update via his Facebook regarding the current status of the movie. Obviously he will be under some strict embargos at this point, but some…

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  • Community Art of the Month: October

    … Once again it is time for our Monthly section in which we gather the amazing SEGA related art the community has been doing around the web. There’s a lot of SEGA love between illustrators and artists, and we love to spread what they are doing! Remember to send to us your work or the one you find via our social networks (Twitter, Facebook, or G…

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  • Forgotten Racers of SEGA’s Past: SEGA Touring Car Championship

    … at least from the mid-’80s to the ’90s), and some great touring car racing. It was the perfect combination. The interesting thing about SEGA Touring Car was that it actually got a home port back in 1997 for the SEGA Saturn. It was a decent effort, though something was lost in the control department. The graphics and presentation were great…

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  • Reztron announces Saturn 20th Anniversary celebration for November

    … REZtron Ltd., announced that they will be hosting yet another games console Anniversary themed event. This time the pop-up Retrotainment bar will be focusing on the 20th anniversary of one of the most underrated consoles, the SEGA Saturn… The Saturn was released in Japan on November 22nd 1994 as the successor to the successful Mega Drive…

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  • SEGA Horror Fest review: Enemy Zero

    … Continuing this year’s Horror Fest on SEGA Nerds, I have opted to review what I still consider to be the scariest video game of all time – but one that is often horribly overlooked: Enemy Zero for the SEGA Saturn. I’ve played the beginning over and over and either die (I’ll get to the dying in a bit) or I get too scared and stop playing. So far…

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  • Talking Video Games, Playstation Vs Xbox, And More With The Band Darklight

    … the interview guys! Okay …. First question right off the bat …. XBOX or Playstation? Little Ben: Playstation …. I still have my PS2 FreakShow: I say Playstation bur honestly I will get whatever system that has the games I want on it … I prefer PC though …. I still have my SuperNintendo, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, Turbo Graffix 16, and my N64. Xavier…

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  • Yellow Bulldog and SEGA release a ton of epic merch!

    … Yellow Bulldog will release a bunch of new Official SEGA Licensed merchandise on Decemeber 17th this year. The batch includes SEGA Console hardcover notebooks for £4.99 (Mega Drive, Saturn, Dreamcast, and Game Gear), and some X-Mas Sonic gear like pretty socks for £9.99, or a cool Green Hill Zone Xmas sweater for £29.99. Pre-orders are ready…

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  • SEGA Deals Update for October 03, 2014

    …) The Typing of the Dead: Overkill Shakespeare DLC ($1.02) Crazy Taxi ($7.99) Amazon Sonic Generations (3DS, $14.95) There they are! If you didn’t save any money this week, well, more money for mellowcreme pumpkins, I suppose! The visually striking Abyss Odyssey is one of this week’s Xbox Live “Deals with Gold” …

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  • The illustrated history of FIFA games

    … of the entire FIFA series, from the Mega Drive original to the brand spanking new FIFA 15 and every street, management and official tournament spin-off in between. If you want to own the definitive FIFA collection, you're looking at a total of 59 games. Consider this your checklist. FIFA International Soccer (1993) (Mega Drive, SNES, Mega CD, PC, Amiga…

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  • [TGS 2014] SEGA Hard Girls Main Stage report!

    … The SEGA Hard Girls producer, Zhongshan Masahiro, anime Voice Actresses: Shiori Izawa (Mega Drive), Takayama Yuko (Master System), Aizawa Mai (SC-3000), and the Girl Unit Pop band took the TGS 2014 Main Stage on Saturday. The event started with Girl Unit singing the anime Opening Theme “SMILE ON YOU”. The voice cast shared some…

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  • SEGA Deals Update for September 19, 2014

    …) Nintendo 3DS eShop (Sale begins 9/22) Shin Megami Tensei IV (price TBA) Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars (price TBA) More Atlus titles TBA Gamers Gate Total War Series (Varies, Up to 75% off, ends on the 21st!) Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed ($19.95) Aliens: Colonial Marines + Season Pass ($49.99) Golden Axe ($2.99) The Typing…

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