Shadowrun Returns

  • Shadowrun: Dragonfall Director’s Cut Now Available

    …One of the coolest Kickstarter games to land on digital e-tailer shelves is a little something-something from Harebrained Schemes called Shadowrun Returns. The original Kickstarter game was okay as far as content goes, but it had a lot of breadth for what it could potentially achieve. Things drastically opened up when Harebrained released…

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  • Guard Your e-Wallets, The Steam Summer Sale 2014 Is Not Taking Prisoners

    … is Gravity Badgers. This is a pretty cool 2D title which is going at 75% off. The game description reads as: “Step into the space suit of valiant gravity badger Captain T Bayback as he ventures into the deadly depths of deep space to save his friends, family and the universe itself from the threat of the deadly Evil Honey Badgers, aka the Hellsett.”. Check it out over here:…

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  • Genre/Divergence – Turn-based tactics

    … a tactics videogame based off their popular Warmachine system. Table top RPG Shadowrun, which had some well loved outings on the SNES and Megadrive, has also made a comeback to videogames in the form of Shadowrun Returns by Harebrained Schemes. The game uses a movement system similar to XCOM: Enemy Unknown, but with some original twists provided…

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