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  • Dying Light Has A Tasty Competitive Side

    Published at Worlds Factory

    Dying Light is in its final development stages, at long last. We’ve reported on the game last year as well, with a positive first impression, and this time we were able to try the cooperative mode along with a fellow colleague of the press. The first thing I noticed is that the game seemed polished already, which is probably a result of the delay – Dying Light was originally sch ...

  • Chief handheld developer Satoru Okada has retired from Nintendo

    Published at Wii U

    Yesterday it was confirmed by Per Erik Voskuil, author of Before Mario that one of Nintendo’s chief developers for both software and handhelds has retired from the company. Satoru Okada doesn’t have the same recognition as Shigeru Miyamoto when it comes to gamers, but he’s responsible for the direction of several franchises, including Metroid, Kid Icarus, and Super Mario Land.

  • A few interesting words from Nintendo’s former handheld designer

    Nintendo Everything - - 2 readers - Satoru Okada was a pretty important figure at Nintendo. He played a big role in the creation of the company’s earliest handheld systems, which continued until his retirement back in 2012. Okada was recently interviewed by the Japanese publication “Shooting Gameside”. Here are a few of the more interesting excerpt that specifically pertains to Nintendo: —Since you’ve particip ...
  • A look at the making of 1080 Snowboarding

    GoNintendo - - 1 readers - Here's some interesting tidbits about 1080 Snowboarding that you might not know... - 1080 was made in 9 months by just 2 programmers, Brits who had been brought over with Argonaut to work on Star Fox for the SNES. - The game was the last Nintend ...

The latest about Shigeru Miyamoto

  • A few interesting words from Nintendo’s former handheld designer

    … think that rather than making everyone work long hours and wringing the life out of your employees, results should be emphasized, and those who achieve should be rewarded with a higher salary. The above translation comes from “shmuplations”. In addition to the Satoru Okada interview, the site translated a 1993 Star Fox interview with Shigeru Miyamoto, 1985 interview with Yukio Kaneoka (early Nintendo sound engineer), and a 1986 “Famicom Crisis” roundtable interview. Around the Web…

    2 readers - Nintendo Everything -
  • Dying Light Has A Tasty Competitive Side

    …. In a twist clearly inspired by the growing trend of asymmetrical multiplayer (more specifically, inspired by Dark Souls), gamers who preorder the game will be able to access a PvP mode called Be The Zombie and then invade other players’ games. This human controlled zombie is very fast and agile, seemingly able to leap from building to building while…

    2 readers - Alessio Palumbo - Worlds Factory - Dying Light -

  • Chief handheld developer Satoru Okada has retired from Nintendo

    … Icarus, and Super Mario Land. Alongside Gunpei Yokoi, Okada is considered to be one of the creators of the original Game Boy, which launched the handheld gaming platform into success after success and what we now have as the Nintendo 3DS. Aside from directing projects and helping out in the handheld division, Okada served as the general manager…

    2 readers - Ashley King - Wii U -
  • Heroes Never Lose Kickstarter update - Wii U status

    …Fresh from the meeting with Spearhead, we received a call from Nintendo of America! No, not a personification of the incorporation, but a nice gentleman called Richard who told us that he loved what he saw and that by the powers vested in him by Shigeru Miyamoto himself, he was remotely knighting us into licensed Wii U developers! When we regained…

    1 readers - GoNintendo - No Heroes -
  • Looking Back at Nintendo’s 125 Year Legacy

    … Today, September 23, is Nintendo’s 125th anniversary of existence. Yes, the Japanese video game juggernaut we have all come to love was founded as Nintendo Kopai on September 23, 1889 by Fausajiro Yamauchi in Kyoto, Japan. At the time, the company specialized in production and marketing of Hanafuda playing cards, which translates to “Flower Cards…

    1 readers - Maxime Chiasson - The Gamer Headlines -
  • Happy 125th Birthday, Nintendo!

    … numerous failed arcade titles, Nintendo finally struck gold when a young designer named Shigeru Miyamoto, under the supervision of Yokoi, created Donkey Kong. From that point on Nintendo has dedicated itself mainly to video games (though it does actually still produce Hanafuda cards to this day), with a list of classic series that other…

    1 readers - CVG -
  • Nano Gems#3: Nintendo’s Recently Overlooked Artifacts

    …! The film, to be clear, is a set of three short stories which make up “Pikmin Short Movies.” “The Night Juicer,” in which Captain Olimar makes his favorite juice; “Treasures in a Bottle,” in which Pikmin meet a strange treasure; and “Occupational Hazards,” an adventure at a construction site. Nintendo’s distinguished Shigeru Miyamoto unveil…

    2 readers - Always Nintendo -
  • Discussion: What Will Bandai Namco Announce At The New York Comic Con?

    … sources out there will provide some credible evidence as to things that are coming to our industry. We have enough information now on a new project by Bandai Namco Amusements to warrant a discussion, so here we go. The main piece of information comes from a tweet today from a BNA employee: New #arcade game announcement from #BANDAI #NAMCO coming soon…

    6 readers - Arcade Heroes - New York -

  • Miyamoto’s Pikmin Short Film to Debut in October

    … James Casson On September 14, 2014 Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto has produced an animated short based on the Pikmin series of games, and will be debuting the film next month at the 27th Tokyo International Film Festival. Titled simply “Pikmin Short Movies”, the film comprises three episodes: ‘The Night Juicer,’ which…

    1 readers - James Casson - Pure Nintendo - Pikmin -
  • Pikmin 3 Short Films By Miyamoto Set to Debut

    … So apparently, back when Pikmin 3 was set to launch on the Wii U, 3 short films about the franchise by Shigeru Miyamoto were meant to debut alongside the title. It goes without saying that this plan did not become a reality, and the Pikmin short films essentially dropped off of the media’s radar. That is, until now. Miyamoto’s Pikmin short film…

    1 readers - Griffin Cost - The Gamer Headlines - Pikmin 3 - Pikmin -

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