• Ronda Rousey Says She Would Rather Die Than Tap Out

    …There is a reason why Ronda Rousey has never lost and it’s because she refuses to. The UFC women’s bantamweight champion said that her toughest fight so far was against Liz Carmouche. “With Liz Carmouche, I thought I could die for sure,” Rousey explained during an appearance on ‘Jim Rome on Showtime.’ “I blocked a choke so she turned…

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  • DVD Review: Penny Dreadful (The Complete First Season)

    Bringing people back from the dead is the key element to horror. These tales of creatures rising from the grave include zombies, vampires, mummies or Frankenstein’s monsters. Showtime’s Penny Dreadful featured two cast members that rose from the great beyond. Timothy Dalton hadn’t been too high profile since departing the role of James Bond.

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  • Call Of Duty: Ghosts: Nemesis

    … that were a nice perk of the previous packs to give players what they want, action. Showtime Is a run and gun map set in a kill or be killed arena. Teams battle in the arena and backstage in a close quarters fragfest. I love to walk around with an armed explosive in game daring people to take me out, and then racking up the kills by wading into groups…

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  • Showtime Announces That Season 7 Of Nurse Jackie Will Be Its Final Run

    …That is all she wrote for Nurse Jackie. Today Showtime announced that the show’s upcoming seventh season — which is set to premiere in 2015 — will also be its final run and that the series will end upon its conclusion. “Edie is one of our finest actresses,” said David Nevins, President, Showtime Networks, in a release. “We are so honored to have…

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