A smartphone, or smart phone, is a mobile phone with more advanced computing capability and connectivity than basic feature phones.Early smartphones typically combined the features of a mobile phone with those of another popular consumer device, such as a personal digital assistant (PDA), a media player, a digital camera, or a GPS navigation unit. Modern smartphones include all of those features plus the features of a touchscreen computer, including web browsing, Wi-Fi, and 3rd-party apps.Currently, about 90% of handset sales worldwide are for devices powered by Google's Android and Apple's iOS mobile operating systems.
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    • Some of Your Favorite Logitech Gear is Heavily Discounted, Today Only

      Logitech makes some of our favorite computing gear, and Amazon is discounting a massive collection of it in today's Gold Box deal. Several of these items were nominated as some of your favorite gaming keyboards, desktop keyboards, gaming mice, gaming headsets, PC gamepads, and computer speakers, so you really can't go wrong.

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    • Five Best Android Phones: 2014 Edition

      There's no shortage of great Android phones on the market if you're looking to switch, buy your first, or upgrade. Even so, there are certainly some phones that stand above others, either because they have great specs, include good software, get fast updates, or are just a joy to use. Here are five of them, based on your nominations.

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  • The Nokia Name Lives on as the Company Plans to Licence its Brand

    … Soon we might be seeing Nokia fridges, TVs, and Microwaves as Nokia has today announced plans to license its name to third party manufacturers. Since selling its mobile and devices division to Microsoft, the Finnish company agreed to not use the Nokia name on Smartphones until the end of 2016, and on feature phones for another ten years…

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  • What Makes Google Hangouts, The Ultimate Messenger?

    … and Google Play. Google Hangouts, is supported by Android version 2.3 or later versions. If you are using Apple’s smartphone, then you need to have at least iOS 6.1 version, on your device. You need to have a Google account in order to use Google Hangouts. It signifies your brand loyalty. You also need to have a Google Chrome search engine. Google…

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  • Izle leads Game Connection Development Award winners

    … Arcade) – Development Award and European Games Booster Award Darklings – Mild Mania LTD., Turkey (Smartphones; Tablets) Perfect Circles – Illusion Group&Riccardo Boccuzzi, Italy (Smartphones; Tablets) Schein – Zeppelin Studio, Austria (PC) STORY TELLING Izle – Area Effect, France (PC; PSN; Xbox Live Arcade) The Town of Lights –, Italy (PC…

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  • Don't Use Real Rabbits as Your Smartphone Case

    … Earlier this month, a Twitter user in Japan uploaded a photo of a "bunny smartphone case." The image was retweeted over 37,000 times and, of course, has spawned a meme. Of course! Here is the pic that started it all. [Photo: ryooneokrock1] But hey, these are real animals. And they have feelings. They're not smartphone cases. Though, maybe…

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  • Will Samsung Have A Bendable Smartphone

    … The smartphone is a common necessity and an accessory for most people today. The number of smartphones in the market has drastically increased as each year companies are producing as much as people are looking for the next big thing. One of the companies leading the pack is Samsung, the tech giant from China. Samsung offers the market mid-range…

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  • Sony’s SmartWatch 3 Appears on US Google Play Store

    … own Moto 360 will be the big dog that’ll tackle the oncoming advance of Apple’s fabled Smartwatch (if punters decide to pick up Smartwatches at all that is). Sony announced the SmartWatch at IFA last month, announcing that the Smartwatch will feature the same waterproof technology that is a measure of most its Smartphones to date. The SmartWatch 3 will be Sony’s first addition to the Android Wear lineup, it will feature a 1.2GHz quad-core ARM A7 chip, with 4GB internal memory and 512MB of RAM. …

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  • Flagship Smartphones: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs HTC One M8

    … Earlier in September, Samsung took the stage in the IFA event in Berlin and introduced the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which is the successor of the Note 3 that was launched last year. With the release expected anytime this month, many smartphone buyers will find themselves having a hard time choosing among the most popular devices today like the LG G3…

    Jaycee De Guzman/ The Gamer Headlines- 4 readers -
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