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  • Is SEGA Searching For a New Sidekick For a Future Sonic Game?

    … It appears SEGA may be on the hunt for a sidekick for a new Sonic game they’re working on behind the scenes fronted by a new worldwide campaign titled The Search for Sonic’s Sidekick. In slides discovered by The Sonic Stadium at ad agency DDB Tribal artist Michael Nagy’s website there are images of an online mobile game SEGA will use…

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  • 10 Great Video Game Easter Egg Collections

    … Happy Easter, everybody! I'm guessing not many people will be choosing to read the Internet today instead of testing the limits of human chocolate consumption, but just in case, here are some amazing video-game-themed Easter eggs I found on the Internet. Some of them even come with instructions. Read more…

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  • Dorkly – Power-Up Mix-Up

    … Related posts: Dorkly – Mario’s Mushroom Mix-up Dorkly – Link’s Wish (NSFW) Dorkly – Smash Bros. Fatalities (NSFW) Dorkly – Bowser’s Weekend With The Kids…

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  • Sonic Spotted During London Marathon TV Coverage

    … Last week we brought you news of Lewis Griffiths’ efforts to take part in this years London Marathon, well… he’s there’s, and he’s been spotted on TV too. During a race side interview with The Ultimate Warrior. Sonic was able to just edge into shot as he overtook the famous wrestler. Based on various tweets and other comments on social media…

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