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  • SEGA Humble Mobile Bundle Now Available

    …Android OS gamers can contribute to charity and get some great SEGA mobile games right now by taking advantage of the Humble SEGA Mobile Bundle. Six games are currently part of the bundle and all are DRM-free. Gamers who donate any amount get Sonic 4: Episode I, Chu Chu Rocket and Virtua Tennis Challenge. If you donate more than the average…

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  • One on One with the Requiem: Zeus

    … bad. Sonic was in it and everything. Dr. Robotnik was there, too, and one of the zombies from The House of the Dead. Hell, even the yellow Cyborg Justice robot was in it. You know who else was in it? Your buddy Neff! How does it feel for your old nemesis to be landing starring roles alongside so many other video game greats? Was your agent…

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  • Rivals Confirmed for Sonic Boom

    …Amidst the hullabaloo of Gamescom 2014 last week, SEGA confirmed on their blog that both Shadow and Metal Sonic will appear in the new Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric on Wii U. Eagle-eyed fans might have already noticed glimpses of Metal Sonic in earlier promotional videos, but this is the first news on Shadow being a part of the game. For a game…

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  • SEGA Nerds on Location: Video Games Live

    … of the original Sonic the Hedgehog, complete with the choir singing “SEGA!” to kick it off. I got a bit loud at that point. The poor, nice lady next to me actually covered her ears. There were several other SEGA franchises represented in the screenshot montage during intermission, even one from Alex Kidd in Miracle World, so SEGA fans be assured…

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  • Half of Sonic’s lifetime sales have been in the US, 35% in Europe

    … Peter Warman, CEO of video game research firm Newzoo, shared an overview of Sonic’s lifetime sales in different territories with Fortune. The Blue Blur is most popular in the United States, which is where about half of the total sales have originated from. Europe makes up another 35 percent, with the remaining 15 percent of […] The post Half…

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  • What Sonic & All-Stars Racing could learn from Mario Kart

    … “Feeling inadequate, fat-boy? I see your ‘ultimate weapon’ is a spiky, blue thing…” Recently, we looked at how Nintendo sucks and Nintendo could learn from the innovations of the Sonic & All-Stars Racing series to make their Mario Kart series even better. While Sumo Digital is currently working on the upcoming Forza Horizon 2 for Xbox…

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  • Sonic Jump Fever jumps to iOS, Android devices

    … SEGA’s latest free-to-play mobile game, Sonic Jump Fever, has finally released today on iOS and Android devices. Sonic Jump Fever, a vertical jumping game where you race against the clock to collect rings and score as many points you can, is based on the previously released Sonic Jump. When you unleash Fever Mode, your character will move…

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  • Interview: Roger Craig Smith

    … It’s not everyday you get to speak to the voice (or at least one of the many voices) behind Sonic the Hedgehog, but we were lucky enough to sit down with the pretty much legendary (and all round bloody nice chap) Roger Craig Smith! For those of you saying: “Who?!”  – well if you’ve played any major AAA games in the last 10 years or so…

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  • SEGA Master System Brawl lets 8-bit characters battle it out

    … Kidd, Joe Musashi, Tom-Tom, Opa-Opa, Psycho Fox and Steve from My Hero. While not yet added, Bonaf has said he hopes to add Sonic the Hedgehog, JJ from Zillion and Dynamite Dux. You can read more about SEGA Master System Brawl in the SEGA 8 Bit forums. …

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  • Mega-Bit Kickstarter campaign brings Genesis carts to life

    … The Sonic the Hedgehog Mega-Bit figure features the “Not for Resale” label, just like the one that was packed in with your Genesis so long ago. If you ever stared at the loose SEGA Genesis cartridges sitting on your shelf and wish they had a bit more life to them, don’t worry because So Analog has your back. They’ve just launched an awesome…

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