• PSN Down Worldwide for Unspecified Reason

    Published at PlayStation LifeStyle - 83 readers

    If you can’t log on to Sony’s PlayStation Network, don’t worry, it’s not your internet or console that’s the problem. It seems PSN is down as of the moment; and there’s no planned maintenance scheduled today in case you’re wondering. Unfortunately, though, the PSN outage is being experienced worldwide as we speak.

  • EGX Hands-On: Driveclub

    Published at Brutal Gamer - 31 readers

    Another look at the delayed driving game to see what’s changed. Those of you who’ve been regular readers of this site for a while might remember that we got our first glimpse of Driveclub back at last year’s EGX show, and while we thought it was decent enough, we weren’t exactly blown away by it. What was originally slated to be a PS4 launch title was delayed just a few weeks af ...

  • PlanetSide 2 dev codes out ability to tea-bag, calls it sexual assault

    The Gamer Headlines - - 28 readers - PlanetSide 2, a popular free-to-play online first-person shooter for the PC, has seen some interesting developments in the past couple of days. Sony Online Entertainment, developer of the aforementioned PlanetSide 2, has apparently coded out the ability to “tea-bag” dead enemies in the game, going so far to compare it to a sexual assault offense.
  • PSN Is Down Right Now Again

    Attack of the Fanboy - - 10 readers - This seems to be a common occurrence at the PSN is down for many gamers currently right now. There is supposed to be scheduled maintenance for the PSN this coming Monday, but not during the weekend. There is little to no information on the topic right now, but a lot of users around the world are having problems with the PSN right now.

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  • The Unfinished Swan Lands on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita Next Week

    … In a PlayStation Blog post earlier this week Giant Sparrow, the developers behind the 2012 indie hit, The Unfinished Swan announced that the game will be landing on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on October 28, bringing the PlayStation 3 title to Sony’s handheld and latest-gen console for the first time. A little more than two years after the games…

    2 readers - Aaron Richardson - n3rdabl3 -

  • New Strategy Action Game Lost Sea Announced

    … in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The game is currently stated for a 2015 release. What do you think of Lost Sea? Let me know in the comments section below. The post New Strategy Action Game Lost Sea Announced appeared first on The Gamer Headlines. …

    2 readers - Zak Murkin - The Gamer Headlines -
  • PS4 Share Play Walkthrough

    … PS4 Share Play Walkthrough Posted in PS4, Sony on October 25, 2014 | Comments: PS4’s system software update, version 2.00, will be available on 10/28. One of the new features included in the update is Share Play and we are very excited about this new feature. See how it works in the video above and let us know what you think. Enjoy. Like this: Like Loading... …

    2 readers - Myvideogamenews -
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Opening Cinematic

    … The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Opening Cinematic Posted in Microsoft, PS4, Sony, XBOX One on October 24, 2014 | Comments: Here is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Opening Cinematic for your viewing pleasure. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an upcoming action RPG set in a lavish, open world environment – an open world, in fact, bigger than any other in modern…

    2 readers - Myvideogamenews - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - The Witcher -
  • How You'll Share Your PS4 Games With Friends Who Don't Own Them

    … to be in the same room. Even better, you can let your friends be "player two" in the game you're playing, even if they don't own the game. Sony does note that both players will need PlayStation Plus, however. Still, it's a neat feature overall, right? Sony's coming closer to delivering on one of their PS4 promises and, soon, you'll be able to virtually hand off the games in your PS4… Read moreRead on …

    2 readers - Patricia Hernandez - Kotaku - & Friends -
  • PS4 Firmware 2.0 Releases Next Week With USB Music Support

    … Ever since its release in November of 2013, Sony has been diligent in addressing the issues and concerns levied by the community. From missing features to ones that aren’t quite as efficient as they could be, the lasting appeal of the PS4 unsurprisingly relies heavily on these improvements. While the eagerly anticipated firmware update 2.0 has…

    2 readers - Ryan Blanchard - Game Rant -
  • The Last of Us Game of the Year Edition Announced

    … Earlier this year, Sony and Naughty Dog re-released an upgraded edition of their hit The Last of Us to the PlayStation 4, complete with revamped graphics and all available DLC. So now it stands to reason that it get a Game of the Year edition on the PlayStation 3, as tends to happen with all hits in such situations. Naughty Dog recently…

    1 readers - Gaming Precision - The Last of Us -

  • PS4 2.0 Update Release Date Announced

    … PS4 2.0 Update Release Date Announced 24 October, 2014 The PS4′s much vaunted 2.0 system update finally has a release date. The PS4′s 2.0 firmware update, dubbed Masamune, will be available to download from 28 October. PS4′s next software update, Masamune, will be available on 10/28. Includes Share Play, USB Music player, and more…

    4 readers - PLAY Magazine -
  • PS4 Software Update Goes Live Next Week

    … PS4 Software Update Goes Live Next Week Posted in PS4, Sony on October 23, 2014 | Comments: Sony has announced that their PS4 software update ‘Masamune’ (2.0) will be available this Tuesday, October 28th. The update includes SharePlay, USB Music player + more. We will look forward to next week Sony. Like this: Like Loading... …

    1 readers - Myvideogamenews -

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