• PSN Down Worldwide for Unspecified Reason

    Published at PlayStation LifeStyle - 83 readers

    If you can’t log on to Sony’s PlayStation Network, don’t worry, it’s not your internet or console that’s the problem. It seems PSN is down as of the moment; and there’s no planned maintenance scheduled today in case you’re wondering. Unfortunately, though, the PSN outage is being experienced worldwide as we speak.

  • EGX Hands-On: Driveclub

    Published at Brutal Gamer - 31 readers

    Another look at the delayed driving game to see what’s changed. Those of you who’ve been regular readers of this site for a while might remember that we got our first glimpse of Driveclub back at last year’s EGX show, and while we thought it was decent enough, we weren’t exactly blown away by it. What was originally slated to be a PS4 launch title was delayed just a few weeks af ...

  • PlanetSide 2 dev codes out ability to tea-bag, calls it sexual assault

    The Gamer Headlines - - 28 readers - PlanetSide 2, a popular free-to-play online first-person shooter for the PC, has seen some interesting developments in the past couple of days. Sony Online Entertainment, developer of the aforementioned PlanetSide 2, has apparently coded out the ability to “tea-bag” dead enemies in the game, going so far to compare it to a sexual assault offense.
  • PSN Is Down Right Now Again

    Attack of the Fanboy - - 10 readers - This seems to be a common occurrence at the PSN is down for many gamers currently right now. There is supposed to be scheduled maintenance for the PSN this coming Monday, but not during the weekend. There is little to no information on the topic right now, but a lot of users around the world are having problems with the PSN right now.

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  • Assassin’s Creed Unity “Time Anomaly” Trailer

    … Assassin’s Creed Unity “Time Anomaly” Trailer Posted in Microsoft, PS4, Sony, XBOX One on October 30, 2014 | Comments: Assassin’s Creed Unity is the next-gen evolution of the blockbuster franchise powered by an all new engine. From the storming of the Bastille to the execution of King Louis XVI, experience Paris during the French Revolution…

    Myvideogamenews - Anomaly -
  • Shadow Of The Eternals Is Alive And Well, Here’s A Video

    … We all assumed it had been canceled, but IGN has uploaded a new trailer for the spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness, Shadow of the Eternals. It looks as though the game is now being produced by Quantum Entanglement Entertainment. Hopefully it’s still coming to the Wii U as originally intended. We should find out soon. Thanks, gamerprince1999 and Jester Filed under: Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony Tagged: shadow of the eternals, video, wii u…

    4 readers - My Nintendo News - Shadow of the Eternals -

  • Here’s The Top Fifteen Highest Rated Games Of The Year So Far Via Metacritic

    …) – 93 03. Traps n’ Gemstones (iOS) – 93 02. VVVVVV (iOS) – 95 01. The Last of Us Remastered (PS4) – 95 09. Dark Souls II (PC) – 91 08. Bayonetta 2 (WIIU) – 91 07. Kentucky Route Zero – Act III (PC) – 91 06. Rayman Legends (XONE) – 91 05. Fez (VITA) – 91 04. Dark Souls II (X360) – 91 03. Shovel Knight (3DS) – 92 02. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (iOS) – 93 01. The Last of Us Remastered (PS4) – 95 Thanks, Cammy Filed under: Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony Tagged: 2014, best of, metacritic…

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  • Sony Gives a Major Update on Driveclub PS Plus Edition

    … Sony has given gamers a major update in regards to connection issues with Driveclub as well as the PS Plus edition of the game that has yet to be released. A post on the official Driveclub Facebook page reveals a message written by Shuhei Yoshida that gives an update on certain issues the title currently has as well as the status on the PS Plus…

    1 readers - Chris Cortes - The Gamer Headlines - Driveclub -
  • PS4 Update Includes Uploading Videos to YouTube

    … chat, and the like. To see the totality of upgrades and changes made by Masamune, you can see the fully video released by Sony here. Source: VG247 Did you enjoy this article? If so, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. It would be great if you subscribed to our RSS feed or signed up for email updates to get more goodness. There’s…

    Gaming Precision -
  • PS4, PS3, PS Vita November PS Plus Lineup Detailed

    … PS4, PS3, PS Vita November PS Plus Lineup Detailed Posted in PS Vita, PS4, Sony on October 30, 2014 | Comments: The PS Plus Lineup for November has been revealed ahead of schedule. The titles that you will be able to download next month are as follows: The PS Plus games for PS4 in November are The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, as previously…

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  • YouTube Now Supports 60FPS

    … Most of the video game trailers we watch nowadays have been uploaded through YouTube so it’s great to finally hear that 60fps videos are now supported. That means that a number of Wii U games such as Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario 3D World will look as smooth as butter on YouTube. To be able to watch the videos in 60fps you will need to use Google Chrome and set the videos to HD. 60fpsvideovideo gamesyoutube Post navigation Wii U and Nintendo 3DS news …

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  • Experience The Unfinished Swan Official Trailer

    … Experience The Unfinished Swan Official Trailer Posted in PS4, Sony on October 29, 2014 | Comments: Experience The Unfinished Swan with this official trailer for PS4 and PS Vita. The indie title that made its debut on the PS3 received positive reviews when it was released and now it makes its way to the PS4 and PS Vita. The Unfinished Swan…

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  • Analysts Say They Expect A Decline In Call Of Duty Sales

    … that a Call of Duty title has skipped the Wii U. “Advanced Warfare is now pacing almost 40 percent behind last year’s Ghosts and almost 70 percent behind 2012’s Black Ops 2,” the analysts note. “We continue to believe CoD will be down meaningfully vs. last year. With the franchise facing two consecutive significant year on year declines in sales, we think it is prudent to assume it has peaked.” Thanks to all those who sent this in Filed under: Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony Tagged: analysts, call of duty, sales…

    My Nintendo News - Call of Duty -
  • The Uncharted HD rumor mill is cranking again

    … Uncharted HD on the PS4 is looking less and less like vapor. Making the leap to PS4 soon? Showing off the PS4′s new YouTube capabilities (yes, the console just got YouTube functionality now), Sony released a video of someone playing a game and then uploading a video clip of said game to said online video platform. What game? Uncharted 3…

    Brutal Gamer - Uncharted -
  • Report: Uncharted PS4 Collection Accidentally Leaked by Sony

    …, the EU PlayStation Blog accidentally revealed Uncharted 3 being uploaded to YouTube via the PS4 app. The only thing is, Uncharted 3 isn’t available — or even announced for the PS4 — just yet. Of course there’s the possibility that the image came from the streaming platform, PS Now — if it’s even allowed; but that seeing as Sony is touting its…

    7 readers - Alex Co - PlayStation LifeStyle - Uncharted -

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