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  • Raphael Joins the Cast of Soulcalibur: Lost Swords

    …Here’s a treat for players who are still working their way through Bandai Namco’s Soulcalibur: Lost Swords. The series’ enigmatic vampire swordsman Raphael will be joining the cast of the free-to-play singleplayer fighting game later this month. The trailer below provides a quick look at his abilities. Raphael, as well as the previous new addition…

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  • Listen up Scrubs, Your EVO 2014 Primer Is Here!

    … In a real fisticuffs contest, many of these players and combatants would stand little chance, but with an arcade stick or controller in their hands–preference is debatable–size, or strength matter little. No, the only things that speak to your fighting game skills are your god like hand eye co-ordination, reaction speed, mental capacity…

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  • SoulCalibur- Lost Swords resurrects Cervantes

    … that the update will be adding the immortal pirate Cervantes to the Lost Swords roster. Cervantes is most known for releasing the powerful evil Soul Edge upon the world.   Players have from June 12 to June 25 to unlock Cervantes and leave a trail of terror across the Atlantic. Lost Swords is currently available on the PS3, for more information you can visit Lost Swords‘ website here. …

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  • Soul Calibur: Lost Swords Dropped Multiplayer For “Pay-To-Win” Model

    … What originally started as Soul Edge in arcades, Soul Calibur has grown into one of the most popular weapon-based sagas in the fighting game genre. The series includes a diverse cast of fighters who have grown to by synonymous with the franchise. Whether it’s Ivy and her signature “Valentine” chain-sword, or Seong Mi-na and her long-range Guan…

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  • Soul Calibur : Lost Swords Officially Released

    … Namco Bandai has officially released Soul Calibur : Lost Swords PlayStation 3 for the Americas region. Latest entries from Soul Calibur is one part of a project to Namco Bandai titles free-to-play. Gamers can choose your favorite Soul Calibur character in this game to fight. Lost Swords offers a crafting system and the discovery of items…

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