• You Can Grab 89 Star Wars Comics for $15

    …The Humble Bundle has been branching out from just games for a bit now, but today they have 12 comics available if you pay at least $15. You're reading Numbers, a blog on Kotaku that examines games and culture through the lens of math and statistics. To contact the author of this post, write to or find him on Twitter…

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  • This Is What Star Citizen's Planets Will Look Like

    … that money's going. Somebody needs to get the President, Mitt Romney and the Joint Chiefs of Staff in a room and show…Read moreRead on If you want to see all Roberts' presentation, then two hours of deep-dive Citizen chatter await in the archived Twitch video below. The demo presentation starts at about 1:58:00. Having had little to do for months but walk around their hangars, backers of Star Citizen are finally getting their hands on some dogfighting with… Read moreRead on …

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  • Verde Station: In Conversation

    … By RPS on October 3rd, 2014 at 8:00 pm. Space is the place, they say, and walking is the thing. Duelboot launched Verde Station on Steam Early Access last week, and Pip and Alice have separately explored it, poking around and admiring flora all alone in a space station where something’s a bit off. Then they got together for, well…

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