• Sick Kid Put In Video Game, Will Dunk All Over You

      Matt Simon, a teenage basketball fan, is currently battling a "debilitating disease". Not that you'd know this, since he also just hit the free agent pool in NBA2K15, meaning anyone with the game can now have him go face-to-face with (or put him in the same lineup as) LeBron James. As Bleacher Reports...

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  • Nathan Drake, (Maybe) The Greatest Rock-Climber in Video Games

    … Ondra. Ondra is, by most measures, the world's greatest climber and has an uncanny ability to do difficult moves quickly and efficiently despite having less strength than many of his peers. Drake obviously has raw power, he throws dynamically almost constantly, but he also climbs quickly. Very quickly. You can see this in the GIF to the left…

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  • Sony Drops FIFA Sponsorship

    … on completing structural reforms this fiscal year". However, according to the Daily Mail, Sony is unhappy with accusations of corruption surrounding World Cup voting and internal FIFA elections. In June, Sony reportedly said the claims needed to "be investigated appropriately" and that FIFA should observe "its principles of integrity, ethics…

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  • Pro Evo Plays Better Than FIFA, But That's Not Enough

    … Pro Evolution Soccer 2015's motto is "The Pitch Is Ours". It's a rallying cry to purists, fans of the sport who want their game to play like the real thing, not just look like it. It's also accurate: in almost every respect, Konami's game plays better than EAs. But that doesn't matter. For the past few years, I've done a fairly extensive…

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  • Football Manager 2015 – Review (PC)

    … what’s gone before and will definitely keep fans more than happy for another year and making it a worthwhile purchase. The post Football Manager 2015 – Review (PC) appeared first on Mature Gaming. Related posts: Football Manager Handheld 2012 out now Football Manager 2013 – Review (PC) Review: Football Manager 2014 …

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  • WWE 2K15 PS4/XOne: Devs Questions and Answers

    … 2K and Yuke’s held a WWE 2K15 Q & A for the upcoming November 18 release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Below is a cliff notes version of information. Paint Tool is removed and will be replaced with a brand new better mode. MyCareer is a single player experience, same with Universe. PS4/XB1 will see a brand new main menu. Ambrose…

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  • NBA 2K15 Face Scan Feature Is Terrifying

    … NBA 2K15 Face Scan Feature Is Terrifying By: Jon Christensen on October 7th, 2014 at 4:33 pm One of the cooler additions to NBA 2K15 is its feature to allow gamers to scan their face into the game… when it works. While the technology is nothing new in the video game world (I remember 2003′s Tony Hawk’s Underground doing it), it’s still a neat…

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  • NBA 2K15's Face Technology Fails Miserably, Creates Monsters

    … NBA 2K15's face-scanning tech sure looked fancy when shown off last month. But now that it's out, it's making creatures that shouldn't exist in this world. Or any other. The latest entry in 2K Sports' hoops series came out today and people are having a go with the technology that uses connected cameras to scan faces for character creation…

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  • EGX 2014: Mortal Kombat X

    … You’ve probably been able to tell from my other articles on Mortal Kombat X that I’m really quite excited for it. That was before I had a chance to get my hands on a build of the game so was making my judgement on the various videos and other promos floating around the web. That all changed at EGX where I was not only able to spend a decent…

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  • Hand-To-Balls: Front Page Sports Football

    … of the game. The Colonel once claimed that Football was not only “the best turn-based tactical game of the Reconstruction Era” but would continue to be the most important game of its type until “those Gollop boys get to work in the rootin’ tootin’ 1980s”. Front Page Sports Football is a veteran franchise that has been missing in the wilderness for some time…

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  • Mortal Human Pulls Off Video Game-Like Bike Stunt

    CLICK for the best action from the event: Szymon Godziek landed the first ever Tsunami Flip on a mountain bike in contest at the best trick showdown at Red Bull District Ride 2014. The massive jump provided the perfect airtime for Godziek to go HUGE, making history in the process.

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  • Darth Vader: NBA Superstar?

    Twitter: Instagram: Subscribe!!!!!!! Thanks for watching! Disclaimer: I do not own the music used in here. Music © ORF, Deutsche Grammophon. Sound Effects by Royalty Free Music by http://audiomicro.

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