• NBA Live 15 Demo Will be Releasing October 28th

    … Upcoming basketball game NBA Live 15 will be getting a demo release very soon. Many gamers are skeptical if the game will be any good, and following a three-week delay to the games release, gamers will be able to find out for themselves when the demo launches on the games North American release date of October 28th. If you’re an EA Access member…

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  • New Football Manager merchandise and TV Spot

    …New Football Manager merchandise and TV Spot Posted by: kopke October 13, 2014 Leave a comment SEGA’s Sports Interactive released a new batch of Football Manager T-Shirts on their online store for £17.99. So we got 6 new designs and a new FM15 TV Spot! So take a visit to the Football Manager Store to get them! football manager Merchandise SEGA sports T-Shirts 2014-10-13 kopke+ Share ! tweet…

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  • NBA 2K15 Face Scan Feature Is Terrifying

    … NBA 2K15 Face Scan Feature Is Terrifying By: Jon Christensen on October 7th, 2014 at 4:33 pm One of the cooler additions to NBA 2K15 is its feature to allow gamers to scan their face into the game… when it works. While the technology is nothing new in the video game world (I remember 2003′s Tony Hawk’s Underground doing it), it’s still…

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  • NBA 2K15's Face Technology Fails Miserably, Creates Monsters

    … NBA 2K15's face-scanning tech sure looked fancy when shown off last month. But now that it's out, it's making creatures that shouldn't exist in this world. Or any other. The latest entry in 2K Sports' hoops series came out today and people are having a go with the technology that uses connected cameras to scan faces for character creation…

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  • EGX 2014: Mortal Kombat X

    … throughout and every hit had real weight to it, landing with satisfying thuds every time. NetherRealm have also ramped up the brutality too, with the x-ray specials and finishers benefitting from the increased power of the PlayStation 4 version we were playing. Rest assured they hold absolutely nothing back and don’t shy away from every minute, gory…

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  • Mortal Human Pulls Off Video Game-Like Bike Stunt

    …This kind of thing shouldn't be possible in real life. It's the kind of silly thing you can only do in a video game like Trials. Right? My time with Trials Evolution got me thinking a lot about human perfectibility. It's…Read moreRead on Nunh-unh. This is mountain bike rider Szymon Godziek successfully pulling off the "tsunami flip", a trick…

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  • Darth Vader: NBA Superstar?

    … Who could have guessed that in between choking dudes and fighting his kids Darth Vader would find the time to be a video game baller. This clip, by MkEliteWorksX, shows exactly why PC gamers get so interested in major sports games appearing on the platform: mods. Not only does Vader make an appearance in this game - played on a giant Star Wars-branded court - but so too do Chewie, Yoda and Darth Maul, among others. …

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