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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox Exclusivity “Has a Duration,” Game is Cross-Gen

    PlayStation LifeStyle - - 16 readers - Following all the craziness yesterday where it appeared as though Rise of the Tomb Raider was going to be an Xbox One exclusive when it launches holiday 2015, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer spoke with Eurogamer, confirming that “yes, the deal has a duration [on Xbox]. I didn’t buy it. I don’t own the franchise.” Exactly how long that deal lasts, Spencer wouldn’t say: No [I can't tell you].
  • Final Fantasy 14 Launches Two-Week Free Trials

    Rock, Paper, Shotgun - - 15 readers - Final Fantasy 14 is pretty good since rebooting under the subtitle A Realm Reborn, They tell me. It’s got quests, They say, and monsters and numbers and treasure and all that MMORPG stuff, and colours too. Something like that, anyway ...

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  • Final Fantasy Explorers Japanese release date set

    …Final Fantasy Explorers will launch for 3DS on December 18 in Japan, this week’s Jump reveals. Additionally, the magazine introduces two new jobs. The Time Mage is meant to support allies with assist magic, while the Ninja is meant to make use of its speed for quick attacks. If you missed it, Paladin and Hunter […] Read Final Fantasy Explorers…

    1 readers - Gematsu - Final Fantasy Explorers - Final Fantasy -

  • Here's What a Live-Action Square Enix TV Show Looks Like

    …You know that Square Enix games have a certain look. The outfits, the weapons, and the hair all look very Square Enix-y. So if you thought a live-action TV based on a Square Enix game would look like, well, Square Enix, then you'd be right. Read more...…

    Kotaku -
  • Moon Hunters: Square Enix Collective Hits Kickstarter Next Week

    …Square Enix Collective and Kitfox Games (creators of Shattered Planet) announced today that pixel-art, mythology-building RPG Moon Hunters will begin crowd funding on Kickstarter August 26. Moon Hunters first came to light earlier this year on the Square Enix Collective site, since that time, Kitfox released the critically-acclaimed rogue-like…

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  • Final Fantasy Explorers adds Paladin and Hunter jobs

    …The Paladin and Hunter will be playable job classes in Final Fantasy Explorers, this week’s Famitsu reveals. Additionally, the magazine reveals that the summons beast Shiva will appear as an enemy blocking the player’s path. A release date for Final Fantasy Explorers is still to be announced. Thanks, Famitsu. Read Final Fantasy Explorers adds…

    2 readers - Gematsu - Final Fantasy Explorers - Final Fantasy -

  • Kingdom Hearts 3: No More Genie

    … to contribute his talents in time. If not, fans can argue that professional voice actors can easily imitate his vocals and recordings to ease the process. However, the infamous developing and publishing studio, Square Enix, must consider having to go through this process again when adding this blue character to other future titles. Perhaps, Square Enix has…

    4 readers - The Gamer Headlines - In the Kingdom - Kingdom Hearts -
  • JRPG Characters Look So Good As 2D Sprites

    … Daniel "Abysswolf" Oliver's pixel art reminds me of the Metal Slug games, especially Barret's look in the Final Fantasy VII piece above. But he's mostly into JRPGs and recently, he remade the cast of a couple of classic games as detailed, colorful 2D sprites. Read more…

    Kotaku -

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