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  • High Level Starcraft II Play Starts Here

    … StarCraft II might be off the radar nowadays, but that doesn't mean the pros stopped getting better and better at the game. One highlight was a recent match between two Koreans, Parting and Byul, where the Protoss veteran basically destroyed the Zerg with perfect control of only a few units. Read more... …

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  • Tired of watching fighting games live?

    … Tired of watching fighting games live? Watch StarCraft II live instead! We're on Day Two of Red Bull Battle Grounds Atlanta, a StarCraft II event I was planning on attending back before I took over weekends. Let's hope the competitors are better at planning than I am. Read more... …

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  • StarCraft Pro Foiled By His Biggest Foe Yet: A Champagne Bottle

    … You might think the grand finals are the hardest part of any eSport tournament, but for some players that's not the case. Korean StarCraft II player TaeJa, who—after winning 17 tough matches at Dreamhack—got defeated by the champagne bottle. He was simply unable to open it. Read more... …

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  • Someone Turned Starcraft II Into Diablo II

    … StarCraft II's Galaxy Editor is really powerful. We've seen FPS mini-games, hockey with Protoss zealots, but things go wild when someone starts to remake Diablo II using it—in HD, no less. Read more... …

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  • Booth Falls On Pro Gamer's Head, But He Still Wins

    … Pro StarCraft II player Koh "GuMiho" Byung Jae was playing in Korea the other day when he suffered a pretty drastic technical mishap: the booth he was sitting behind collapsed, hitting him in the head and sending his monitor flying into his face. Read more... …

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  • Someone Turned Starcraft II Into a Turn-Based RPG

    … I have to admit, it still makes me excited when I see modders pushing the limits of StarCraft II's Galaxy Editor, an editor which is basically designed to make new maps or mini-games. Modder Greythepirate took it to the next level and pushed live 'Rogue Star', a tactical turn-based RPG. Read more... …

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  • Blizzard takes on StarCraft II hackers

    …, or authority,” says Blizzard The lawsuit filed on April 19 in California specifically targets those responsible for the ValiantChaos MapHack, a StarCraft II hack that allows users a number of advantages and is quite difficult to detect. Blizzard is seeking damages, any profits made from the hack, an injunction against further business, and legal fees…

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  • Blizzard Sues StarCraft II Hackers For Cheating

    … tournaments with the likes of Dreamhack, IEM – Intel Extreme Masters, MLG – Major League Gaming, GOMTV GSL – Global StarCraft II League and WCS – World Championship Series, have all featured the most recent versions of StarCraft during their respective times. In some cases, the winnings for the top player can exceed well over $200,000. It was revealed…

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  • What Losing In StarCraft Really Feels Like

    … It's always a sad thing in StarCraft II when our perfect build and strategy is blown into pieces in seconds by the other player. Here's channelman with a really funny clip showing the differences how these moments look in reality and how they look and feel for the players on the losing side. Read more... …

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  • Inside The Darkest Moment of One of the World's Best Pro Gaming Teams

    … They're living the dream of playing video games while millions of people around the world watch. But, money and fans aside, high-stakes competitive eSports comes with its own unique ups-and-downs. What's that like? A new documentary takes viewers along for a look inside a year with one of the biggest Starcraft 2 teams in the world. Read more... …

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