Stardock Corporation is a software development company founded in 1991 and incorporated in 1993 as Stardock Systems. Stardock initially developed for the OS/2 platform, but was forced to switch to Windows due to the collapse of the OS/2 software market between 1997 and 1998. The company is best known for computer programs that allow a user to modify or extend a graphical user interface as well as personal computer games, particularly strategy games such as Galactic Civilizations, Galactic Civilizations II, Sins of a Solar Empire and Elemental: War of Magic.
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  • Diplomatic Opportunity: Gal Civ 3 Beta 2 Adds Lots

    … By Graham Smith on October 17th, 2014 at 3:00 pm. When Brendan looked at Galactic Civilization 3‘s beta back in August, he deemed it not ready for consumption. It’s a 4X series that’s beloved for the anecdotes it creates for players through its personality-driven AI and the ability to conquer galaxies not just with superior numbers but by, say…

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  • Sorcerer King: Stardock’s Surprise New 4X Strategy

    … announced and released Sorcerer King. It’s a 4X strategy, as you might expect and hope from Stardock, with the twist of pitting players against a Left 4 Dead-ish AI director. Rather than fighting similar AI civilisations doing similar things, it’s an asymmetric war against the mighty Sorcerer King. Building cities, strengthening armies, grabbing…

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  • Sorcerer King is a 4X game set in an already-conquered world

    … this path, it's going to give me these crafting items and I need these crafting items in order to construct a Ring of Dodge' or 'If I choose this, I'm going to get a fireball spell' or 'If I choose this, it'll lower the doomsday counter' or 'If I choose this, it'll gain me favor with one of the minor faction.' Each game, you may choose a different thing…

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  • Stardock “Retail is Dead”

    … Stardock has revealed its sixth annual customer report and is astonished to see how fast gamers are moving from physical retail copies of their games and starting to get them digitally to a point in which less than 10% of its customers are getting retail copies of games. According to Stardock’s sixth annual customer report, only 6…

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  • Galactic Civilization 3′s Early Access Ships Ship Builder

    … Gal Civ 3 launched into Early Access in late March, but at the time the game was missing much of what made the 4X strategy game special, including diplomacy, colony management and ship building. Stardock are beginning to change that, and yesterday launched an update that added the freeform ship builder to the game. There’s a long, 40-minute…

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