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  • Why Wii U Was The Only Option (The Late Adopter’s Opinion)

    … a decent-sized flatscreen TV for a few years and resorted to watching movies on my laptop. Next-gen consoles were about to hit the market and I really, really wanted to play The Last of Us and GTA V, but buying a PS3 on its way out just seemed like a waste of money. So then. Xbox One? PS4? Even with Microsoft’s one-eighty on its Kinect/DRM/used game…

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  • Week in Tech: AMD On The Up, NVIDIA Game Streaming

    …It’s a funny old world when losing $20 million is a cause for moderate rejoicing. But then $20 million’s worth of bleeding is a hell of a lot better than $146 million. I speak, of course, of the never ending saga (going-on soap opera) that is AMD’s fortunes. Thing is, we are all of us much better off if AMD remains in the game and at the very least…

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