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  • One Backpack, Two Super Mario Levels

    …When you play video games as an adult, you have a lot of moments when you find yourself wishing you could be a kid again. Like this morning, when I came across a reversible Super Mario-themed backpack I would have worn until the straps fell off and my teacher asked me: "Shouldn't you have graduated at this point?" Read more...…

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  • Super Mario Kart Now Available On Wii U Virtual Console

    … The original Super NES game that started it all; Super Mario Kart, is now available on the US Wii U Virtual Console at a price of $7.99, taking up just 69.4MB. Typically, the eShop is updated each Thursday, so this is seemingly a one-off surprise, one that should be welcomed with open arms as the game is absolutely worth playing if you haven’t…

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  • SDCC 2014: Bandai brings on Luigi and Injustice SHFiguarts

    … Your Super Mario is about to get some brotherly accompaniment. There was some awesome-looking Injustice stuff on display at the Bandai booth on the show floor at SDCC (as you can see below), but it was the single addition to their blossoming Mario line that grabbed the lion’s share of the attention. Luigi is headed towards plastic…

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  • Bowser Gets His Own Converse Sneakers In Japan

    … Converse will launch two new Super Mario-themed sneakers for no less than ¥20,000 (roughly $200) in late August in Japan, with Bowser and Mario on them. The stars in Super Mario games match Converse's 'All Star' brand after all. Read more... …

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  • Mario Maker Revealed At E3 2014

    … to switch between the NES graphics and the more modern New Super Mario Bros. U – this allows to see the evolution of the series in terms of visuals and could potentially introduce the younger audience to the NES era of Mario. A video (see below) has been uploaded alongside the announcement, showcasing the game in action. The user alters the size…

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  • E3 ’14: Mario Maker on the way from Nintendo?

    … If a shot taken on the as yet unopened E3 show floor is anything to be believed, you’ll soon be able to pump out your own Super Mario Bros levels. There isn’t all that much to be gleaned off the photo to be honest. Shot by a mysterious source and published by Nintendo-centric site Nintendo Enthusiast, it’s nonetheless extremely interesting…

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  • Mercedes Benz DLC Coming To Mario Kart 8 In Japan

    … A strange, yet entertaining video (see below) has been uploaded on the official YouTube channel of Mercedes Benz Japan showcasing the Mercedes Benz GLA as well as an announcement regarding how players will be able to drive the car in Nintendo’s upcoming Mario Kart 8. Although the advertisement is Japanese, the possibility of the DLC coming…

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  • Prescription For Sleep Now Available

    … the likes of ‘Lifestream’ from Final Fantasy VII, ‘Dier, Dier Docks’ from Super Mario 64, ‘Lost Painting’ from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and many others – the entire list can be viewed on the official Prescription For Sleep website. It currently costs a minimum of $10 and is only available to download with no physical copy foreseeable…

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