Super Mario

  • Oh boy, looks like there might be another Super Mario movie happening

    … animated film looks like it’s not anywhere close to being finalized. Sony Studios producer Avi Arad, who you probably know from the Sony-made Spider-Man movies, has gone on record and denied that any sort of deal was final in any way. Though he did add that this was just the beginning for talks and Sony Pictures Animation president of production…

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  • Let's Rank Super Mario Platformers, From Worst to Best

    … squeeze. Regardless of the bizarre plot, the game was decent, but not up to snuff when compared to other Mario romps. What was the deal with those bouncy balls, anyway? At least the theme was catchy as hell. 15. New Super Mario Bros. 2 I still can't get over the fact that someone at Nintendo thought, "Let's make a game where the main focus…

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  • Dorkly – Band of Brothers (Super Mario-Style) NSFW

    … Warning: The following video may contain content inappropriate for younger audiences or some work environments. The video is provided for entertainment purposes and should be viewed at your own risk. Related posts: Dorkly – Mario’s Horrifying Discovery (NSFW) Dorkly – If Super Mario Bros. Had a Hostage Negotiator (NSFW) Dorkly – Mario Dumps Pauline (NSFW) Dorkly – Mario Meets With His Agent (NSFW) …

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  • Saturday Radar: GamesRadar’s best for the week of 11/10/14

    … with that in mind, of course I’m going to recommend you hit that link below and check this one out. But even if you aren’t all that into ‘em, there are more than enough good, solid suggestions on here to get your list started… or you know, to buys for someone else. I guess. My picks would be that Super Mario action figure and the Udon and Dark…

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  • Super Smash Bros (3DS) Review

    …, down plus your special attack and Mario will pull out his F.L.U.D.D. pack (from Super Mario Sunshine) to blast his opponent – that sort of thing. It’s definitely something that takes some getting used to, but it’s also really quite good and works flawlessly once you get the hang of it, which fortunately doesn’t take all that long. Would I rather…

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  • DidYouKnowGaming – GameCube Feat. SpaceHamster

    Subscribe for more gaming trivia! - Check out lots more trivia at our website, you can also follow us at the links below. Like us o ...

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  • Germany - Nintendo wins six awards at Frankfurter Büchermesse

    …GIGA-Maus 2014: Kinderpreis (Children's award): Mario Kart 8 Bestes Spiel (Best Game): Super Mario 3D World Bestes Spiel für Kinder ab 10 (Best Game for Children from 10): The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Bestes Programm für Künstlerische Fächer (Best Programm for Artistic Fields): Pokémon Art Academy Deutscher Kindersoftwarepreis TOMMI: Bestes Konsolen-Spiel 2014 (Best Console Game 2014): Mario Kart 8 Bestes Konsolen-Spiel 2014, zweiter Platz (Best Console Game 2014, Second Place): Super Mario 3D World Link …

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  • Video: Teens React To NES

    MIKE TYSON'S PUNCH-OUT!! (Teens React: Retro Gaming): Subscribe to TheFineBros Channel! New videos Sun/Thu/Sat: Follow Maisie Williams! (Arya Stark on the TV show "Game of Thrones"!) Watch all main React episodes (Kids/Teens/Elders/YouTubers): http://goo.

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  • Best Buy Offering Up 2 Great 3DS Game Sales This Week

    … a classic in the Super Mario franchise. Both sales are good until the end of the week. Are you planning on picking up either of these? Let us know in the comments below. We call him Mr. Testosterone. He calls himself the reincarnation of Scary Larry. Watch his dance moves in his weekly video series, Week in Review. Share with others …

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