• Whoa, a new infinite 1-up trick for Super Mario...

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    Whoa, a new infinite 1-up trick for Super Mario Bros. ⊟ It’s E3 week, so expect lots of news from the bleeding edge of video game technology, like this amazing 1-up trick in Super Mario Bros., by S Haya (via Famicom no Neta). I can’t imagine the combination of virtuoso-le...

  • YouTuber Discovers New Infinite Lives Glitch In Super Mario Bros

    Published at My Nintendo News - 12 readers

    A new glitch has been discovered in Super Mario Bros nearly thirty years after the game’s release. While glitches are found in abundance within retro games, many of them have supposedly already been discovered, along with the YouTuber who claimed the lowest possible score in ...

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  • New Glitch Found In Super Mario Bros After Nearly 30 Years

    … Wow. News like this makes me happy. Even though Super Mario Bros. has been out in the wild for over 30 years, players are still finding and documenting new glitches and exploitations. A video from earlier this month shows how one player found a new glitch to earn infinite lives, that is, assuming that he’s playing the original game on an original…

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