Thatgamecompany, stylized as thatgamecompany, is an American independent video game development studio co-founded by University of Southern California students Kellee Santiago and Jenova Chen. The studio was formerly a developer for Sony Computer Entertainment, contracted to create three downloadable games for the PlayStation 3's PlayStation Network service, and has since secured independent funding. The first of their games is a remake of Chen's award-winning Flash title Flow, with enhanced visuals and sound, added multiplayer modes and compatibility with the PlayStation 3's motion sensitive controller. The title was released on the PlayStation Store in 2007.
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  • How GTA V Threatens To Own Two Holidays In a Row

    … North employee has been hijacked, barring all axon terminals but those that deal in considering a particular challenge’s “how.” The issue of “why” no longer is one, and is answered before it is ever asked. Sure, Rockstar and Take-Two have press releases and PR, but that’s parent-company stuff — North, all things considered, tends to keep to itself…

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  • Thatgamecompany secures $7 million for next project

    … Today we’re learning that development studio, Thatgamecompany, has secured over $7 million for their next video game project. Thatgamecompany has brought popular video game titles such as flOw, Flower and Journey and we can’t wait to see just what the development team has in-store next. From their blog post, we do know that the upcoming game…

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  • Jenova Chen and the human psyche

    … In an interview with Mashable, thatgamecompany’s Jenova Chen discusses his hopes for video games becoming a more respected medium. He feels that a lack of diversity in game design and genre is preventing games from reaching enough people. More importantly, they are not affecting these audiences in a way that is memorable or moving: “There is more…

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