• Rich Business: thatgamecompany Secures $7 Million

    …Seven miiiiiiillion dollars. That's quite a lot of money for a small independent game company like thatgamecompany to be playing with. Apparently, they managed to raise the money through investment; Read more of Rich Business: thatgamecompany Secures $7 Million on n3rdabl3.…

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  • Thatgamecompany Raises $7 Million for Upcoming Project

    …Thatgamecompany, the developer behind the critically-acclaimed Sony exclusives flOw, Flower and Journey, has announced on its official website that the studio has “entered the next phase of development” on an upcoming self-published project. Thatgamecompany is “proud to share the news” that the studio has acquired the necessary funding to enter…

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  • Thatgamecompany secures $7 million for next project

    …Today we’re learning that development studio, Thatgamecompany, has secured over $7 million for their next video game project. Thatgamecompany has brought popular video game titles such as flOw, Flower and Journey and we can’t wait to see just what the development team has in-store next. From their blog post, we do know that the upcoming game…

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  • Fold Your Own Origami Journey Traveler While Listening to the Piano Soundtrack

    …Who’s up for some video game arts and crafts time? Well then this will be right up your alley! Matt Nava, former thatgamecompany Art Director and now the Creative Director at Giant Squid, has designed an origami Traveler from the game Journey and, best of all, drawn up a complete diagram showing fold-by-fold instructions so you too can create your…

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  • Jenova Chen and the human psyche

    …In an interview with Mashable, thatgamecompany’s Jenova Chen discusses his hopes for video games becoming a more respected medium. He feels that a lack of diversity in game design and genre is preventing games from reaching enough people. More importantly, they are not affecting these audiences in a way that is memorable or moving: “There is more…

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