Todd Mcfarlane

  • Retro-Review: The Avengers #288-304

    …. towards people like Jim Lee and Todd McFarlane. It’s not hard to imagine, at a time when the X-Men were at the height of their popularity, that the Avengers were kind of an after-thought in the Marvel offices. That would explain the general malaise one gets from reading these issues. Was John Byrne able to turn it around when he came on the book? Find out next time!×120.jpg…

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  • SDCC 2014: McFarlane revolutionizes building block toys

    … Building block toys are nothing new, but what Todd McFarlane’s toy company is doing with them certainly is. Surrounded by press, Todd McFarlane describes his company’s newest creations McFarlane had teased that the next big thing was going to be small, and he wasn’t kidding. The veteran toy-maker and comic book creator/artist officially…

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