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  • West Coast Warzone Returning to Southern California in September

    … While SoCal Regionals currently rules the roost in Southern California, the region was also home to another major event: West Coast Warzone. Though short-lived, this tournament series provided a ton of memorable moments, including the high-stakes Marvel vs. Capcom 2 exhibition between Daniel “Clockw0rk” Maniago (now sponsored by Brokentier…

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  • Smash @ Xanadu feat. Project M Streaming Live

    … The folks over at VG Bootcamp recently went live with another installment of Smash @ Xanadu from Xanadu Games in Baltimore, Maryland. These weekly broadcasts provide a great look at the region’s Smash community, and tonight’s installment will feature competition in the latest version of Project M (a fan-modded version of Super Smash Bros. Brawl…

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  • “I cannot give in to this power!” – John Choi Faces MCZ|Daigo Umehara at Evo 2014

    … wealth of shoto knowledge to work in order to make his way through pools and into the later stages of the tournament. So what are you to do if you weren’t able to make the trip to Las Vegas to see this set in person? Well, much like he always does, Arturo Sanchez of Team Spooky was on hand to record the match and provide the greater community the opportunity to witness this ridiculous match. You’ll find his footage below, so feel free to check it out and let us know what you think. Source: Team Spooky After Hours …

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