• This Is Why Players Love EVE Online

    Start your 14-day free trial at Created using player-submitted voice comms, "This is EVE" showcases the game's true multiplayer experience. Battle cries, calls to action, cheers of victory, ...

    Mike Fahey/ Kotaku- 3 readers -
  • Kan-Ra Kicks Ice, Takes Souls in Killer Instinct Reveal Trailer

    … Microsoft Studios has just given us our first look at Killer Instinct’s next fighter, Kan-Ra, in action courtesy of a special reveal trailer. A Babylonian sorcerer cursed with an eternal rot, Kan-Ra will be bringing his magical arsenal to Iron Galaxy Studios’ season of content next week. While not a mummy in the strictest sense of the word…

    Ian Walker/ Shoryuken- 4 readers -

  • Get 15 free DLC packs with the ONE PIECE: Unlimited World Red Prestige Edition

    …Help Luffy save his crew and look good doing it with the ONE PIECE: Unlimited World Red Prestige Edition From today ONE PIECE fans will be able to continue their adventures with Pato in the Forgotten Island with the new ONE PIECE: Unlimited World Red Prestige Edition, which comes with 15 DLC’s. The 15 free DLC’s will give players a total of 14 new…

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  • Raidou Makes His Cybernetic Comeback in Dead or Alive 5 Last Round

    … at the end of that game, he now makes his return, rebuilt as a cyborg killing machine by series antagonist Victor Donovan. Check out the trailer below and share your thoughts on Raidou’s return in the comments. In addition to the trailer, Tecmo KOEI also released the following screenshots of Raidou. Dead or Alive 5 Last Round launches on February 16 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. Source: Team NINJA Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit Google Email …

    Shoryuken- 3 readers -
  • To Azimuth is an adventure game about small town mysteries, possibly aliens

    … There's an eeriness that lurks in some small towns across America, even without anything truly fantastical going on behind the scenes. To Azimuth, described as an "alien abduction mystery," captures this uncanny stillness with subtlety and grace even before anything paranormal begins to creep in from the corners. It has the muted tones… 3 readers -
  • Late To The Party Is A Spy RPG From Makers Of Unrest

    … By Graham Smith on November 17th, 2014 at 6:00 pm. Now, the party don’t start ’til I walk in, but Late to the Party has started its Kickstarter campaign. I’ll break it down, it’s a Cold War espionage RPG from the makers of Unrest, with a similarly flexible story. Tick tock, on the clock there’s 18 days to go for the Kickstarter. But the party…

    Graham Smith/ Rock, Paper, Shotgun- 3 readers -
  • The Marvellous Miss Take Sneaks Onto Steam Next Week

    … hitting some high-end boutiques for a formal suit and flagrantly stylish new hat. Take a look at this new trailer and tell me she doesn’t nail “thief chic”. Best part of that whole trailer? I’m pretty sure this is the first stealth game to ever emulate how I would react to being caught mid-crime. Sprinting with your arms waving about? The height of video game stealth realism. …

    Rock, Paper, Shotgun- 4 readers -
  • Read Only Memories: Cyberpunk Adventure Gets A Demo

    … a demo, a new trailer and a release date, and all are worth venturing below to learn more about. I had a play and the demo begins with you in your apartment and needing to write a review of a pair of headphones. The game won’t let you file copy before testing the headphones thoroughly. In the game, that means using the sci-fi tech to ‘listen…

    Graham Smith/ Rock, Paper, Shotgun- 3 readers -
  • Escape Dead Island Launches Next Week, Launch Trailer Released

    … to find out what happened on Banoi (the location of the original Dead Island game). The game will have you doing different things including ‘photographing evidence’ and ‘gathering clues’. You can check out the official Escape Dead Island launch trailer below. Escape Dead Island seemingly takes on a much slower and serious pace to the other Dead…

    Zak Murkin/ The Gamer Headlines- 4 readers -
  • Totally Fantasy War: Empyrean Rule Announced

    … the last few years making Facebook and online RTS games for other studios. You build your army of humans, goblins, undead, and various other fantasy staples before being dropped into a large persistent open world to pit your armies against each other. I like that in concept, the idea of potential persistent infamy if I’m good enough always catches…

    Rock, Paper, Shotgun- 3 readers -

  • Sega Showdown Game Modes Trailer

    … this trailer, what are your impressions of Showdown so far? I'm a lifelong fan of video games and I have been operating my own arcade, The Game Grid Arcade in West Valley City, Utah for the past six years. I joined Arcade Heroes in 2007 and took ownership of the site in 2010. Twitter - …

    Arcade Heroes- 2 readers -
  • In Case You Missed All Those Other Far Cry 4 Trailers

    … all the way down. Despite the usual fears and reserved judgement, Far Cry is the point where my cynicism for annual sequels gets overwhelmed by my enthusiasm for open-worlds and hurling myself from clifftops. Far Cry 3 was, themes and plot and missions aside, a wonderful playground to mess around inside. That so soon afterwards there’s now another…

    Graham Smith/ Rock, Paper, Shotgun- 2 readers -
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