Tribute is one of the new generation of ticket issuing systems introduced to ticket offices by British Rail during the mid-1990s, prior to the privatisation of the network. PC-based, it is one of several systems trialled with the aim of replacing the aging APTIS system. The original systems was developed by British Rail Business Systems, and was first installed at London St Pancras on January 21, 1994. By April 2005, around 250 terminals were in use Following privatisation, development and support was provided to the train operating companies (TOCs) by SchlumbergerSema, until they were bought by Atos in 2004.
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      Legend of Pokémon ⊟ My heart skipped a beat during that half-second between me seeing this and then realizing it’s just a fan-made mock-up (from @ksw_mgmg, via @BlueApollon). With all the Zelda series crossovers lately, though, who knows, maybe Hylian Pokémon trainers could happen one day. I m ...

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    • Earthbound Rap Mashup Is Appropriately Odd

      Earthbound might be old enough to warrant the moniker "cult classic" at this point, but Nintendo's beloved SNES-era RPG has still managed to win over new fans ever since it came to the Wii U last year. One such player fell in love with the game so wholly that he's now honored it with—what else?—a rap mashup tribute.

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    • Comments of the Week

      Zoom "He got drawn in by the hate." - EvilWaterman Starting with a bad pun right away, eh? This does(n't) bode well. "Finally!! Now vote with your wallet people!! I know most of us would have preferred a physical release, but this is certainly better than nothing! If enough people buy it, the chances are bigger for a physical release next time around.

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  • Harmony of Heroes gets a Release Date

    We are happy to announce the release details for Harmony of Heroes! Harmony of Heroes is a non-profit Super Smash Bros arrangement album, releasing digitally on October 4th free of charge from our website. For the latest updates, be sure to check out our social media pages. Website: ...

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