• Destiny update producing “Stinkbug” errors for many player

    Published at Attack of the Fanboy - 987 readers

    Destiny received an update today, one that seemingly prepared the game for the upcoming Iron Banner events, removed Quick Scoping, and alleged to aleviate connection issues. Unfortunately, the update has produced a new error that many players are encountering, stopping them from connecting to the Destiny servers altogether.

  • #GamerGate: IGN Contributor Has Public Meltdown Following Game Journo Pro Leaks

    Published at One Angry Gamer - 261 readers

    Things have began to crumble in the oligarchy; the ivory tower is not what it used to be. One of the freelance contributing writers for IGN Tech (or perhaps, former contributor?) went wild on Twitter recently, completely going off the handle following the leaked e-mails from the private group called the Game Journalist Professionals.

  • #GamerGate: Intel Pulls Ad Support From GamaSutra Over ‘Gamers Are Dead’ Article

    One Angry Gamer - - 201 readers - Scott Nichols, a former Kraft media rep, really knew what he was talking about when he unwittingly gave #GamerGate the kind of ammo that we’re seeing being used to bring down the sites guilty of perpetuating the toxic scarring of game culture. Today, Intel has confirmed to multiple sources that they are pulling ad support for GamaSutra. And folks, this is just the beginning.
  • PSN Friends List Issues Reported, Bungie Aware of Destiny PS4 & PS3 Sign-In Problems

    PlayStation LifeStyle - - 74 readers - Over the last ten minutes or so, Reddit and Twitter have been flooded with reports of PSN friends lists disappearing and an error message saying, “The connection to the server has been terminated.” As well, Bungie Help tweeted out that they’re aware of people experiencing sign-in issues with Destiny: We’re aware of and investigating issues preventing some of our players fr ...
  • #GamerGate: ISIS Spambot Offers Unlikely Support To #StopGamerGate Hashtag

    One Angry Gamer - - 77 readers - I’m sure there’s a good reason Devin Faraci from Badass Digest has more respect for ISIS than the people of #GamerGate, it’s probably because the people he’s allied with who are against the #GamerGate consumer revolt have now shown themselves to have literal ties to ISIS propaganda. A new hashtag has cropped up called #StopGamerGate.
  • #GamerGate: Mercedes-Benz Pulls Ad Support From Gawker Media

    One Angry Gamer - - 59 readers - One of the benefits of #GamerGate is seeing how a collective group of people from all walks of life can come together for a common goal. In this case the goal is to root out and stomp on the corruption that has run rampant in today’s gaming journalism ring. One way of getting things to change is utilizing a consumer movement called “Operation Disrespectful Nod”.

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  • Gaming PR: Alienware landing at PAX 2014

    … and Daemons DLC and Gauntlet Helm – Exclusive In-game: Champion’s Casque. The Alpha will be available in Australia from 21 November and priced from $699. Available on and selected JB Hi Fi stores. For more details, visit Alienware 13 laptop The Alienware 13 is the best of both world – a high performance gaming experience…

    3 readers - Gaming Admiral - Attack On Gaming - Landing -
  • Pinterest Acquires Media Partnership Manager of Google

    … that the company is definitely aiming to grab the attention of people on all scales as well as communicate with various organizations (both small and big). When it comes to their web site, Pinterest is quite different from both Facebook and Twitter. This site is not supposed to share news, but it is used as a tool for different companies…

    2 readers - The Gamer Headlines -
  • Fan Creates Live-Action Uncharted: Ambush Movie, Watch It Now

    … to read subtitles. In case you want to see how the short compares to the game’s cut-scene, you can watch the original here. What do you think of the live-action fan flick? And are you looking forward to Sony’s full fledged Uncharted movie? [Source: Martin Sofiedal (YouTube) via Neil Druckmann (Twitter)] The post Fan Creates Live-Action Uncharted: Ambush Movie, Watch It Now appeared first on PlayStation LifeStyle. …

    2 readers - Alex Co - PlayStation LifeStyle - Uncharted -
  • Wildstar Dev, Carbine Studios, Faces Layoffs

    …. Although no official numbers have been released, it is rumored that up to 60 employees are being let go, including Chief Client Engineer Bitwise, who bid his farewell via Twitter. My amazing time at Carbine has come to an end. I can't adequately express my appreciation to the company and players. Thank you! #byefornow — Bitwise (@CRB_Bitwise…

    5 readers - Steven Wong - Shacknews - WildStar -

  • Jet Set Radio will be disappearing from Google Play soon

    … Details Published on Thursday, 23 October 2014 13:03 Written by AndrewH Twitter SEGA is gearing up to pull Jet Set Radio from Google Play in the very near future. This won't be a permanent disappearance of the game but there is also no exact date announced yet as to when it will return to Google Play once it is gone. So what…

    2 readers - DroidGamers - Jet Set Radio -

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