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  • Pokemon ORAS huge datamine leak reveals all Mega Evos and moves

    Published at The Gamer Headlines - 115 readers

    According to a leak by Kaphotics of Project Pokemon, who is known for datamining Super Smash Bros. for 3DS, possibly all of Pokemon ORAS‘ mega evolutions and their associated moves have been leaked. This follows the previous insider leak regarding Pokemon ORAS – which was revealed by a lengthy post on Pokemon ORAS‘ subreddit by purported Nintendo employee, Throwaway7315517 (an ...

  • #GamerGate: ‘This Has The Appearance Of A Conflict Of Interest’ Says Game Informer Editor

    Published at One Angry Gamer - 22 readers

    Conflict of interests is where a lot of people have issues with the current landscape of video game journalism. There are several people involved with the gaming industry that span a leap across one field to another. One of the discussions in the Game Journo Pros private e-mail list centered around a conflict of interests regarding those who write about the gaming industry an ...

  • Destiny Vault of Glass glitch lets players beat Atheon in 2 minutes

    The Gamer Headlines - - 40 readers - Bungie’s Destiny has had a lot on its plate since its release last month, including, but not limited to unlimited loot caves, server blackouts, and controversy regarding on-disc downloadable content. However, looking past all that, Destiny is a fairly competent shooter that is made exponentially enjoyable when playing cooperatively with friends online.
  • The Evil Within PC unofficial FOV fix: A how-to guide

    The Gamer Headlines - - 25 readers - With the release of Shinji Mikami’s The Evil Within on a multitude of platforms earlier this week, the highly anticipated game’s reception has been mixed at best. Some hate it, while others love it, however one detail that cannot be denied is that the PC version of The Evil Within is host to a large number of issues.
  • Naughty Dog artbook reveals new Jak and Daxter 4 concept art

    The Gamer Headlines - - 16 readers - As previously reported, Naughty Dog, developer of the PlayStation exclusive Uncharted franchise, has released an artbook, The Art of Naughty Dog. The artbook in question compiles various concept, design, environment (et cetera) art from various Naughty Dog games in celebration of the studio’s 30th anniversary.

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  • This War of Mine – New Gameplay Trailer Released

    … This War of Mine – New Gameplay Trailer Released by Isaiah on October 31, 2014 Here we have a new gameplay trailer ‘The Things That Take Us Back’ from 11 bit studios’ upcoming war survival video game ‘This War of Mine’. Coming on November 14th, This War of Mine is a dark survival game where the player controls a team of civilians… - This War of Mine -
  • Tom Savini’s Summer Camp Coming Soon To PS4, PC, Xbox One

    … of the most popular movie genres from the 80s was horror-slashers. So guess what’s coming next? If you guessed that horror-movie special effects guru and B-movie legend Tom Savini would be creating a video game for PC, PS4 and Xbox One based on the horror-slashers from the 1980s then you would be totally wrong… no, I’m kidding. You would be totally right…

    3 readers - William Usher - One Angry Gamer - Summer Camp -
  • GameStart 2014 Versus City Retro Gaming Booth Gallery

    … that was on display. [Show as slideshow] Hopefully, next year’s GameStart has more retro consoles and items for those “long in the tooth” gamers, and those who just appreciate video game nostalgia. The post GameStart 2014 Versus City Retro Gaming Booth Gallery appeared first on PlayStation LifeStyle. …

    2 readers - PlayStation LifeStyle -
  • WWE 2K15 Entrance For Daniel Bryan And More

    … 2K Games has now uploaded what the entrances look like for the PS4/Xbox One versions of WWE 2K15 for Daniel Bryan and more. The other two WWE 2K15 entrances included in the video are The Usos and Corey Graves. The Daniel Bryan character model has improved from the first trailer that was released from the game. His beard looks highly accurate…

    2 readers - Damian Seeto - Attack of the Fanboy - WWE 2K15 -

  • Battlecry Trailer Showcases Bloody Melee Combat

    … BattleCry Studios’ 32-player online brawler, Battlecry, spawned a new trailer yesterday that showed some pretty awesome and gory combat. Battlecry is a free-to-play online brawler developed by BattleCry Studios and is being published by Bethesda Softworks. It features brutal PvP competitive combat between two factions, each with five different…

    2 readers - Brad Austin - Gamers Sphere - Battlecry -
  • John Carpenter's Halloween Theme, Played by GTA Car Horns

    … Some movie music will keep on giving you the chills, long after the credits rolling. The haunting piano riff from John Carpenter's classic horror movie Halloween makes it one of those tunes. But, when it's a bunch of video game car horns bleating it out? It's actually kind of funny. YouTube channel 8-Bit Bastard gathered a bunch…

    4 readers - Evan Narcisse - Kotaku - Halloween -
  • Why I Rarely Choose Multiplayer in Games

    … Video games have always been a personal experience to me. Yes, of course I’ve enjoyed mutliplayer in games such as Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros., but for me, the real video game experience comes when I play by myself. Think of video games like living by yourself, or being at home by yourself. You can do what you want. Nobody is there…

    2 readers - Always Nintendo -
  • Indie Quickie: #killallzombies

    … Ladder–blocked off in the menu behind “Coming Soon” posters, which does give off an incomplete vibe, especially when the price tag is set above $10. The good news is that these additional modes as well as other future content will be updated into the game for free, so you don’t need to be concerned about getting suckered into the DLC money trap…

    1 readers - Matt Litten - - #killallzombies -
  • Let's Talk About JRPGs

    … Here at Kotaku, we don't spend nearly enough time talking about JRPGs. I mean, sure, we have a column every week dedicated to JRPGs, and we're usually pretty good about covering RPG news from Japan, and I do my best to cover JRPGs as much as humanly possible. But, still. There's just so much to discuss. Persona Q comes out in a few weeks…

    1 readers - Jason Schreier - Kotaku -

  • Walmart will have 2DS for $79 on November 3

    … Walmart will have 2DS for $79 on November 3 Posted under 3DS, News October 31, 2014 by Brian (@NE_Brian) We still have about a month to go before the holiday shopping season, but retailers are getting started early with deals – including video game offers. Walmart, for example, has a few deals running on November 3 that would normally…

    3 readers - Nintendo Everything -
  • Going ahead dauntlessly: A Ghosts 'n Goblins timeline

    …. It was one of the first instances of such a message popping up in a video game and it was also the source of intense rage for anyone that made it this far in the 80s. The true ending for Ghosts 'n Goblins is a rewarding achievement, but only few have the patience to achieve it. And then there's Daniel "Kareshi" Brown. He currently holds the world record…

    1 readers - Ozzie Mejia - Shacknews - Ghosts 'n Goblins -

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