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  • My Journey Into ‘Destiny’ – First Impressions of Bungie’s New Epic

    Published at Game Rant - 14 readers

    Activision and developer Bungie offered a welcome end to the summer video game lull with the release of what may be the most-talked-about new game of the year: Destiny. It released Tuesday in a very unusual way from an industry perspective, and even two days later there are barely any reviews of the game.

  • Grand Theft Auto V PS4 details revealed at closed-doors presentation

    The Gamer Headlines - - 24 readers - At the recent GameStop Manager’s Conference in Aneheim, California, Rockstar Games conducted a closed-door presentation of the PlayStation 4 version of Grand Theft Auto V. Rockstar reportedly showed approximately 45 minutes of the current-gen iteration of GTA V. A NeoGAF user, The Shogun, was in attendance at the conference, and was present at the Grand Theft Auto V PS4 demonstration.
  • Super Smash Bros. for Wii U release date revealed!

    The Gamer Headlines - - 14 readers - A Twitter user, BluesDriveBuster, has recently posted an image online of a Fred Meyer game reservation card that reveals that Super Smash Bros. for Wii U will release on November 21st, 2014. See the tweet and read more details after the break. Super Smash Bros for Wii U Release Date Revealed Official smash WiiU release. pic.twitter.
  • Nintendo announces three colorful new looks for 3DS XL

    Nintendo Everything - - 13 readers - Super Smash Bros., Persona Q, NES Models Announced at GameStop EXPO 2014 REDMOND, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Nintendo’s 3D portable video game system will be getting three cool new looks for the holiday season. Nintendo announced the three special-edition Nintendo 3DS XL systems during the GameStop EXPO in Anaheim, California.

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  • Leona’s Tricky Adventure update

    … clinical website. After reading it I asked myself a question; “What attracts most people towards the indie scene?” Let’s look at some of the other developers Hucast introduces themselves simply as the one stop Dreamcast Indie Store, Senile Team is Proudly forgetting decades of video game history, Water Melon is the Magical Game Factory. All developers…

    SEGA Nerds -
  • Ultraworld Is Ultrapretty Wandering Inside A Computer

    … helping a video game character come to terms with existence. Sort of. In the style of the genre it’s a story to be explored and to say much more would spoil the experience. Having played the first twenty minutes, I do have some mechanical thoughts though and there’s a supremely pretty trailer below. Ultraworld has more specific objectives than its peers…

    Ben Barrett - Rock, Paper, Shotgun -
  • Oculus Rift Alternative “Totem” Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

    … in the comments down below! Kurt Wendler (78) Hello, my name is Kurt Wendler and I'm a Creative Writing Major at the University of Redlands. As an avid gamer, it's my main passion to write about video game related news and be on top of the latest technology. I hope to bring the news quickly, efficiently, and also with a little bit of flare. If you'd like to contact me, follow me on twitter at @KurtDoubleU. The post Oculus Rift Alternative “Totem” Launches Crowdfunding Campaign appeared first on The Gamer Headlines.…

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  • ‘WWE 2K15′ Release Gets Shoved Back on PS4 and Xbox One

    …This year is set to offer wrestling fans a very different type of wrestling video game. Pairing developer Visual Concepts with longtime franchise studio Yuke’s, 2K Games has completely revamped the entirety of its WWE license in the hopes of creating a much more true-to-life experience on past and current-gen consoles. Such a shakeup to a tried…

    Game Rant -

  • I Don't Think I've Ever Seen Such A Glossy Mega Man

    …During E3 2014, video game collectible makers First 4 Figures announced they'd be making a line of statues featuring everyone's favorite killer robot boy. Now the first Megaman statue has been revealed, and it sure is shiny. They call the piece Running Mega Man (Megaman), and it certainly is that. It's got a very Astro Boy sort of vibe…

    Kotaku - Mega Man -
  • Assassin’s Creed Rogue may be coming to PC says Ubisoft

    … not? Let us know in the comments section below! As always, stay tuned to for the latest in video game and technology news. Source: Erwin Murillo Erwin Murillo is a graduate of Union University. He has a Bachelor's of Science degree (Summa Cum Laude) in Exercise Science and Wellness/Sports Medicine, and is currently…

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  • Killzone developer’s new PS4 exclusive game images leaked

    … thoughts on the leaked images? Are you excited for a new game from Guerrilla Games, or would you rather have a successor to Killzone: Shadow Fall? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments section below! As always, stay tuned to for the latest in video game and technology news. Credit/Image source: Erwin Murillo…

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  • Destiny: One Week Later

    … or was just an underwhelming video game in general. With reviews scoring all over the place from various established outlets, it’s very hard to come to a set conclusion as to what Destiny has accomplished. There is no denying its commercial success being the most pre-ordered new IP in history and selling over $500 million worldwide, but there is a serious…

    4 readers - The Gamer Headlines - Destiny -
  • Why Do They Fear Indie Gaming?

    …In September’s issue of Game Informer, the “esteemed” publication seems to be initiating its own quiet assassination concurrent with the #GamerGate wars of Twitter. While they do not seem to have leap on the “fuck all gamers” bandwagon with most major games reporting outlets, they do seem to be digging beneath the walls that separate major gaming…

    Gamers Sphere - The Fear -
  • Divinity: Original Sin's First Free DLC Has a Cute Nod to Smash Bros.

    …, and, unfortunately, both can only be recruited in a new game. A common line of thinking among modern video game fans goes something like this: Games have gotten…Read moreRead on But for those who don't want to start over, there's improvements to be found on the bugfixing side of the update. Perhaps most importantly, in co-op, you can now properly listen…

    Kotaku - Divinity -
  • Destiny's Vault of Glass raid opens today

    … video game franchise in history, and claimed Destiny sales to retailers of $500 million on day one. The first Destiny expansion, The Dark Below, will be released in December. It's included with the game's second major add-on pack, House of Wolves, in a Destiny expansion pass. Related News Fresh playlist available this weekend, new raid opens next week…

    CVG -

  • Gaming History: The ones that started it all

    …Video games have a very interesting history behind them, including scary coincidences, market crashes, and sales that are mind-blowing in size. This running series attempts to document most of these in an interesting way. There are arguable accounts to the first video game, and most of these have to do with classification (how is a video game…

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  • 1001 Future: The Waste Land

    …The Waste Land is an action-adventure title, developed by Fledermaus and published by Digital Tribe Games. It’s set in a fantasy world where the King has to travel across his land to restore the balance of good and evil. ROUND-UP: Developer: Fledermaus Publisher: Digital Tribe Games Release: September 2014 Platforms available: PC Platform reviewed…

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