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  • Pokemon ORAS huge datamine leak reveals all Mega Evos and moves

    Published at The Gamer Headlines - 82 readers

    According to a leak by Kaphotics of Project Pokemon, who is known for datamining Super Smash Bros. for 3DS, possibly all of Pokemon ORAS‘ mega evolutions and their associated moves have been leaked. This follows the previous insider leak regarding Pokemon ORAS – which was revealed by a lengthy post on Pokemon ORAS‘ subreddit by purported Nintendo employee, Throwaway7315517 (an ...

  • Shadow of Mordor Review Round-up: High scores across the board

    Published at The Gamer Headlines - 45 readers

    Reviews for Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment and Monolith Productions’ Lord of the Rings-inspired open-world, action RPG, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor are starting to pour in from a variety of gaming publications. Scores for the game are fairly high across the board (with the exception of one site).

  • Destiny Vault of Glass glitch lets players beat Atheon in 2 minutes

    The Gamer Headlines - - 40 readers - Bungie’s Destiny has had a lot on its plate since its release last month, including, but not limited to unlimited loot caves, server blackouts, and controversy regarding on-disc downloadable content. However, looking past all that, Destiny is a fairly competent shooter that is made exponentially enjoyable when playing cooperatively with friends online.
  • Gamestop PowerUp Rewards credit card to receive “Day 1 Edition”

    The Gamer Headlines - - 41 readers - GameStop is apparently offering a “Day 1 Edition” of their recently announced PowerUp Rewards credit card. Yes, people can now pre-order a credit card in order to receive a bonus/incentive. For those unfamiliar with GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards credit card, which as an APR of 26.99%, you can read the company’s description of it below: “The new GameStop PowerUp Rewards Credit Card ...
  • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End new concept art scans revealed

    The Gamer Headlines - - 19 readers - Naughty Dog, developer of the beloved, Sony PlayStation exclusive Uncharted franchise (and upcoming Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End), has released an artbook, The Art of Naughty Dog. The artbook in question compiles various concept, design, environment (et cetera) art in celebration of the studio’s 30th anniversary.

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  • I Cannot Play Horror Games, But I Wish I Could

    … everywhere. From the moment the alien first shows up, though, I was done. The first time you escape the beast, as you agonisingly wait for a tram to arrive while you look over your shoulder, the music building, the tension unbearable, I hit the quit button and probably won't be back. Not because of some dry sense of subjectivity, where I processed…

    2 readers - Luke Plunkett - Kotaku -
  • New NXT WWE 2K15 Screenshots Show Corey Graves

    … 2K Games has released some new WWE 2K15 screenshots that take a look at the numerous NXT Superstars that are in the game. The screenshots mainly focus on Corey Graves. Graves has been on NXT for many years and it’s good to see him have his video game debut in WWE 2K15. His character model looks very realistic as they have animated all of his…

    3 readers - Damian Seeto - Attack of the Fanboy - WWE 2K15 -
  • EA's Corporate Speak Is Meaningless, Court Agrees

    … Today a federal court ruled to dismiss a class-action lawsuit filed against EA for lying about Battlefield 4, a video game that came out and didn't really work for some people. The plaintiffs can appeal—though it doesn't seem like they'll eke much more out of this. What's really interesting about the lawsuit, though, is how a federal court…

    2 readers - Jason Schreier - Kotaku -

  • Battlefield 4: Update On Shareholders Who Sued EA

    … Jorgensen were the two named defendants in the case but luckily for them Judge Susan Illston of U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California has ruled in their favor. Reported by Courthouse News, Ilston described Wilson and Jorgensen’s statements as “puffery” and “a vague statement of corporate optimism”. She also says that despite…

    2 readers - Jasmine Henry - Game Rant - Battlefield 4 - Battlefield -
  • Twitch Plays Smash Bros. Is Perfectly Chaotic

    … of people tried to play a single Pokemon game. Right now, the channel is letting players control Smash Bros. for the 3DS—and the results are glorious. Think about it. Smash Bros. matches have so many variables—the number of players, the items, the stages—that regardless of what the player is doing, whatever happens on-screen is always interesting…

    4 readers - Patricia Hernandez - Kotaku -
  • Reserve a Copy for Urbance and Hover Game at KickStarter

    … game in the Urbance transmedia story world. Like Urbance, Hover: Revolt of Gamers, a futuristic free-roaming/parkour game, started in KickStarter as well, but it was successfully funded back in May. Having to be impressed by the same two video games (Jet Set Radio and Mirror’s Edge), Steambot and Midgar Studio, shared many similarities like…

    2 readers - Jalane Farrington - The Gamer Headlines -
  • The Evil Within: The Kotaku Review

    Before The Evil Within came out, I knew that I had to steel myself to be scared by it. But I'd also been nagged by the idea that I should be scared for it, too. As in fearful on its behalf. It's one of those games that's so heavily freighted by genre and pedigree that expectations were massive. The Evil Within tries its best to deliver in proportion to those anticipations.

    3 readers - Evan Narcisse - Kotaku - The Evil Within -

  • Devil's Dare Now Out On Steam, 20% Off

    … if you can sit through the entirety of their intentionally awkward launch trailer. The four playable characters hark back to heroes of Video Games Past. These overt references possess unique abilities inspired by the characters they parody, such as Kingston, who possesses a golden axe, calling down a bunch of lightning like that one video game…

    2 readers - Taylor Killian - Co-Optimus -
  • Grab Yourself a Duke Mk.44 at MCM Comic Con London!

    … machine to printing custom orders, and that is what they will be doing this weekend! (printing custom orders I mean, not repairing your broken machines) This Friday sees the first day of the annual London MCM Comic Con, a 3 day event of everything from games, tv, film, comic, cosplay, the whole shebang! And n3rdabl3’s very own Rowan, and myself…

    2 readers - n3rdabl3 -
  • Always Nintendo Chats With OMOCAT

    … exceeded my expectations. I’m still in shock about it actually! Trace: What made you decide to announce stretch goals for handhelds instead of consoles like Wii U or PS4? OMOCAT: I just like handheld games. I’m not sure if there’s much to elaborate with that. A handheld game allows for a more personal experience, and also I really enjoy playing…

    4 readers - Trace Wysaske - Always Nintendo -

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