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  • A Historical Overview of Video Game Music: Past and Present

    … What would popular music be without Elvis and The Beatles? What would The Lion King be without “The Circle of Life,” or Titanic without “My Heart Will Go On?” Music impacts most people daily, and it is safe to assume that the world would not be the same without music. Why, then, do the songs and music in video games hardly receive the same…

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  • Game Music Live – Yumi Kawamura x Lotus Juice

    … As part of our series on Japanese game music bands, allow me to introduce Yumi Kawamura x Lotus Juice, a duo most famous for working together on the Persona 3 soundtrack. If you’d like to see Yumi Kawamura x Lotus Juice perform in the West, let them know in the comments section below! Please introduce yourselves. Yumi: We’re Yumi Kawamura…

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