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  • How Far Would You Go To Make Half Life 3 A Reality?

    …Half Life 3 has been wanted for a over decade now after the release of Half Life 2 came out in 2004. How far would you go to make the game become a reality? A dedicated group of fans are actually organizing a campaign to convince Valve to actually make Half Life 3. The catch is that the campaign has been set up on Indiegogo and it’s asking fans…

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  • These 8- and 16-bit EWI videogame remixes are outstanding

    … own Darren Nakamura said that it "looks like this guy is blowing into a Super Scope 6 to make this music." That's about right. Peter Smith is quite good with the EWI, so much so that he has a YouTube channel dedicated to his video game music covers. Soundole VGM Covers is packed with great selections, all of which are using the EWI's native sound…

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  • Musical Roundup #1

    …; something that is much more listenable within your pre-existing itunes collection, so you’ll actually want to give it a go without feeling like your listening to “videogame” music. This sucker here is great for exactly that reason, take a listen. Epic Game Music has been doing this for many other classics as well, not just the video above. He’s…

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  • Like music in video games?

    …Like music in video games? Check out Beep, an in-production documentary about the history of video game sound. The filmmakers are currently raising money on Kickstarter, and the project sounds pretty cool. More info here. Read more...…

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  • SEGA Nerds on Location: Video Games Live

    … was… Tommy Tallarico. Whah? Don’t know who he is? Well, not only is he the guy responsible for launching Video Games Live, but he also has quite the résumé in composing video game music, including several titles which appeared on SEGA consoles such as Cool Spot (Genesis), Earthworm Jim (Genesis/SEGA CD), Spider-Man (Dreamcast), and this sweet little…

    The Requiem - SEGA Nerds -
  • A Historical Overview of Video Game Music: Past and Present

    …What would popular music be without Elvis and The Beatles? What would The Lion King be without “The Circle of Life,” or Titanic without “My Heart Will Go On?” Music impacts most people daily, and it is safe to assume that the world would not be the same without music. Why, then, do the songs and music in video games hardly receive the same…

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  • Game Music Live – Yumi Kawamura x Lotus Juice

    …As part of our series on Japanese game music bands, allow me to introduce Yumi Kawamura x Lotus Juice, a duo most famous for working together on the Persona 3 soundtrack. If you’d like to see Yumi Kawamura x Lotus Juice perform in the West, let them know in the comments section below! Please introduce yourselves. Yumi: We’re Yumi Kawamura x Lotus…

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