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Video game music refers to the soundtrack or background music accompanying video games. Originally limited to simple melodies by early sound synthesizer technology, video game music has grown to include the same breadth and complexity associated with television and movie soundtracks. While simple synthesizer pieces are still common, game music now can include full orchestral pieces and licensed popular music. Video games can now also generate or alter their soundtrack based on the player's current actions or situation, such as indicating missed actions in rhythm games.
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    • Best Music Score of 2014 - Article

      Music is one of the most important aspects of a game's presentation. Music can incite excitement, fear, and a sense of determination; a good soundtrack has the ability to make a title immediately more enjoyable. Music is also one of the most underrated aspects of modern video games, and those who create some of our favorite video game tunes deserve more recognition.

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    • Naughty Dog Art Director Discusses 30 Years Of Innovation

      Naughty Dog Art Director Discusses 30 Years Of Innovation After the impressive gameplay demo at PlayStation Experience (PSX), gamers are looking forward to Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End from developer Naughty Dog. The studio is celebrating 30 years of innovation with a new hardcover art book, which makes for a great collectible even after Christmas.

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  • GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - Kondo shares a desire to remix Zelda music

    … a couple weeks back. We talked about all sorts of things, which we covered on one of our recent GoNintendo Podcasts. We'll be sharing various tidbits from that interview during the Christmas week, and I'm kicking things off with one of my favorite moments. Koji Kondo has worked on an insane amount of video game music over the years, crafting songs…

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  • Festive game music: The ultimate Christmas playlist

    … Twas the night before Christmas when all through CVG, not a creature was stirring (without optional creature DLC). Ahem. As Team CVG prepares itself for extreme overeating and game binging during the holidays, we've prepared a festive video game music playlist to get you in the mood for the days ahead. Enjoy, and please do drop your own suggestions in the comments below. …

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  • The Best Video Game Music Of 2014

    … games can be, and choosing the best from among them was a pleasure. I selected the winners with assistance from the rest of the Kotaku staff, and I've listed them in no particular order. I've included the best or most iconic track here (or just my personal favorite) as the "showstopper," with a worthy second track linked as an encore. Whenever…

    Kirk Hamilton/ Kotaku- 21 readers -
  • Nothing Says JRPG Like a Toyota Hybrid

    … Japanese role-playing game? Urban eco-car? I don't see the similarity, either, but hey, somebody at Toyota did. The Nagoya-based automaker has rolled out a new series of ads for the Prius C (aka the Aqua in Japan). The spots have video game music, such as this one: That's "Voyage of Adventure" from Dragon Quest III. Because driving a Prius…

    Brian Ashcraft/ Kotaku- 2 readers -
  • I Can't Get Enough Video Game Banjo Music

    … Banjo Guy Ollie's quest to cover video game's greatest music has only just now reached the "Still Alive" stage, but then his choice of instrument isn't exactly cutting-edge. Don't worry, he's got a whole bunch of video game music under his banjo strap. I'm a huge fan of banjo music that goes beyond the "dueling" stage. It's a wonderfully…

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  • Giving Thanks: Video Game Music

    … there were still limits to the technology, this allowed composers to make pieces that could range from a simple four piece rock band to a full size orchestra. While the classic NES sounds are a bit more memorable to me, the SNES ultimately has some of my favorite soundtracks in games to date. Super Mario World and Super Castlevania IV are embedded…

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  • The Quiet Return of the Composer

    … from the various failed projects of last year, and put them into an album called Nonsensicals IV. It is free to download, as should all my music be. Do not feel obligated to pay for anything because it's "Pay what you want". I encourage downloading for free. I use pay what you want in case someone wants to throw money my way and also it helps Bandcamp…

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  • Indie Tools: Scarlet Moon Artists

    … for their games. There are currently nine composers from Japan, Korea, and the USA on their roster. Their past works include Final Fantasy XII, Secret of Mana, the 1986 Transformers movie, and Ragnarok Online, among many others. Jayson Napolitano of Scarlet Moon Productions has answered some questions about the Scarlet Moon Artists service for us…

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  • PN Featured Musical Artist: Richaad Bichler

    … pretty frequently. KD: Have you always played video game covers or is that something you started doing recently? RB: I started learning, arranging and uploading video game covers in early 2013. Most of what I listened to and learned growing up was progressive and technical metal, so Video Game music just made sense since it simultaneously lends…

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  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection Co-Op Review

    … content. Halo: The Master Chief Collection contains four games - Halo 1: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3, and Halo 4. While the latter two games existed on Xbox 360, they've both been beefed up for the Xbox One with silky smooth 60FPS frame rates and some graphical tweaks here and there. Halo 1 also has been beefed up from…

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  • Weekend NintyBeats [7th November '14]

    … Music plays such a huge part within Nintendo games to make them truly remarkable and memorable. To show our appreciation and love of the music, every Friday we shall share a selection of tracks from various Nintendo games, new and old. This weekend, we will have a few pieces of music from some recognisable franchises to start of the regular…

    Leon Fletcher/ NintyBuzz- 3 readers -

  • The Awesome Culture of Chiptunes

    … Festival in New York City by Chiptune label 8bitpeoples. The annual festival eventually toured to Europe, Asia and Australia before wrapping its final date in Tokyo in 2012. While attendees to such organized underground events had undoubtedly played video games at some point in their lives, the mainstream success of Kernkraft 400 proved that you…

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